The Stronger MagSafe® Upgrade


What is MAGMAX?

MAGMAX was created to ensure your phone and MagSafe® accessories stay put, no matter where you’re using them. The secure magnetic hold of our MAGMAX products helps reduce the risk of device damage from accidental drops or detachment, keeping your phone secure, safe, & sound.

The Next Generation of Magnetic Phone Accessories 

MAGMAX Magnets

Experience 2-10x more security when attaching your phone to MagSafe® accessories to your phone case.


Simplify your life. Attach your phone to any magnetic surface for hands-free use. ROKFORM MAGMAX accessories make multitasking a breeze, allowing you to focus on the parts of life that matter most.

Universal Compatibility

MAGMAX accessories and phone mounts are compatible with all MagSafe® phone cases. Upgrade your magnetic experience.