Magnetic Power Bank

Magnetic Power Bank

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Tired of lugging around bulky chargers and hunting for outlets? Meet the ROKFORM MagSafe® Magnetic Power Bank —a game-changing device that effortlessly attaches to the back of your phone, keeping you powered up wherever life takes you.

• Magnetic phone hold with powerful magnets
• Ultralight, compact and portable design
• Works with any Rokform MagSafe® compatible case

Our mission is to revolutionize the way people experience energy— transforming it from a limited resource to an empowering asset. We believe that staying connected shouldn’t be a chore but a seamless part of living adventurous lives. We're committed to providing reliable, fast, and flexible wireless power bank solutions that stick by you—literally—making each moment spent waiting for a charge one you actually enjoy. With ROKFORM’s MagSafe® Power Bank, you’re not just charging your device; you’re supercharging your life. Because life doesn't stop, and neither should you.

Fast charging: With our MagSafe® battery pack, you get up to 7.5W of fast wireless charging without being tethered to a charging cable
Extra-strength magnets: We use neodymium N52 magnets, the strongest available, for holding your phone securely to our battery pack.
Ultra slim: Our slim portable wireless charger slides easily into your pocket so you can carry it with you anywhere.
Lightweight aluminum body: The lightweight MagSafe® Magnetic Power Bank is made with durable aluminum to protect it from damage without weighing you down in the field or trail.
Works with any MagSafe®-compatible case: You can use the MagSafe® battery pack with any of our tough, durable Rokform cases.

Charging ability:

iPhone 13 - 0.8 charges
iPhone 13 Pro Max - 0.6 charges
iPhone 14 - 0.8 charges
iPhone 14 Pro Max - 0.6 charges