Rugged Cases


Rugged Seriesケースは超強力で、あなたのアクティブなライフスタイルに対応します。 各ケースは軍用規格を超える衝撃保護を提供し、すべてのRokformマウントアクセサリーと互換性があります。

45 製品
頑丈なiPhone 15 Pro Maxケース
頑丈なiPhone 15 Pro Maxケース
セール価格$69.99 USD
iPhone 15 Pro ラギッドケース
iPhone 15 Pro ラギッドケース
セール価格$69.99 USD
iPhone 15 Plus ラギッドケース
iPhone 15 Plus ラギッドケース
セール価格$69.99 USD
iPhone 15 ラギッドケース
iPhone 15 ラギッドケース
セール価格$69.99 USD
Samsung Galaxy S23 ULTRA 5G Rugged Case
Samsung Galaxy S23+ 5G Rugged Case
Samsung Galaxy S23 5G Rugged Case
Just Arrived!
Google Pixel 8 Pro ラギッドケース
Samsung Galaxy S24 ULTRA Rugged Case
Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus Rugged Case
Samsung Galaxy S24 Rugged Case
iPhone 14 Pro Max Rugged Case, MagSafe® Compatible
iPhone 14 Pro Rugged Case, MagSafe® Compatible
iPhone 14 Pro ラギッドケース
セール価格$69.99 USD
iPhone 14 Plus Rugged Case, MagSafe® Compatible
iPhone 14 Plus ラギッドケース
セール価格$69.99 USD
iPhone 14 Rugged Case, MagSafe® Compatible
iPhone 14 ラギッドケース
セール価格$69.99 USD
Rugged iPhone 13 Pro Max Case
iPhone 13 Pro Rugged Case
ラギッドケース - iPhone 13 Pro
セール価格$59.99 USD
iPhone 13 Rugged Case
ラギッドケース - iPhone 13
セール価格$59.99 USD
iPhone 13 Mini Rugged Case
ラギッドケース - iPhone 13 Mini
セール価格$59.99 USD
iPhone 12 Pro Max Rugged Case
iPhone 12/12 Pro Rugged Case
iPhone 12 Mini Rugged Case
ラギッドケース - iPhone 12 Mini
セール価格$49.99 USD
iPhone 11 Pro Max Rugged Case
iPhone 11 Pro Rugged Case
ラギッドケース - iPhone 11 Pro
セール価格$39.99 USD



Exclusive Rokform twist-lock technology that keeps your phone in place. No drops, no budging! Simple twist on tech that seamlessly connects to Rokform accessories.


Rokform rugged cases take durability further by exceeding military grade standards. Up to 6ft drops are covered and premium quality materials keep your phone secure.


Mount your phone anywhere! With 2-3x the magnetic power, our extra strength magnets allow you to prop your phone to any magnetic surface. Hands-free can be that easy!


Military Tough Rugged Cases

Rokform rugged phone cases are designed in the USA and built with premium materials to give you military-grade drop protection against falls, drops, and slips in the most challenging situations. We stand behind our cases with a 2-year limited warranty and 30-day no questions asked return policy.

Unparalleled Durability

We use premium quality polycarbonate, the lightweight but impact-resistant material used in police armor and shields, to give your phone military grade protection. Shock-absorbing TPU provides 6-foot drop protection from all angles. Our 360-degree protection shields your screen, camera, and corners against cracks, dents, and scratches. Police and military personnel rely on Rokform heavy duty phone cases to keep their phones safe on the job.

True Magnetic Power

Our N52 Neodymium magnets are the strongest available in rugged cell phone cases. They give you 2-3x the magnetic gripping power you find in most heavy duty cases, but they won't damage your credit cards or your battery. Newer models are also MagSafe® compatible for fast wireless charging. You can attach your phone to any magnetic surface and enjoy hands-free usage without fears of falls or slips.

Classic Yet Trendy

Military-grade protection doesn't have to be bulky and uncomfortable. Our tough phone cases are slim and lightweight, so they fit easily in your pocket and your hand. Anti-slip texturing and TPU cushioning provide a comfortable grip, and our precision engineering gives you full access to all buttons - all while protecting your screen without impairing touchscreen functions.

Exclusive Tech

RokLock™ technology holds your phone securely in place when mounted to cars, bikes, motorcycles, scooters, or other Rokform mounts. You twist your phone on the mount to keep it attached for hands-free usage even through bumpy rides and sudden stops. And when you reach your destination, a simple twist in the opposite direction releases your phone from the mount. Like the swiss army knife of heavy duty phone cases!

A Course Favorite

Golfers love our tough phone cases. Powerful magnets affix your phone to a golf cart or any magnetic surface for hands-free GPS yardage, swing video footage, and messaging. It's so much more convenient than storing your phone in a cup container or shirt pocket. Not to mention that Rokform rugged phone cases will protect your phone against falls on the course or in the clubhouse.


We make our Rugged heavy duty cases with high-impact polycarbonate. You get protection designed and tested to handle multiple 6ft drops from different angles. And our powerful N52 Neodymium magnets -- the strongest available -- give you 2-3x the holding power you get in lesser cases. Police and active duty military personnel rely on Rokform for protection and security.

First responders need tough phone cases, and they don't come tougher than Rokform's Rugged line. Our RokLock™ mounting system holds fast in the roughest rides, and our polycarbonate and TPU design shields your corners, screen, and camera. Military personnel, nurses, and first responders are also eligible for our Rokform discount program on all eligible purchases.

Our Rugged cell phone cases use Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) to absorb shocks and cushion your phone against harm. The shell is made with durable, scratch-resistant, lightweight polycarbonate that protects without adding unwanted weight or bulk. And our world-class design ensures full protection to your vulnerable screen, corners, and camera.

You don't need a thick case to keep your phone safe from harm. Rokform's Rugged phone cases are slim and lightweight, yet offer 6ft drop protection no matter what angle your phone falls at. Instead of relying on bulk and thickness, our phone cases rely on high-quality materials. We use a mix of TPU and polycarbonate for flexibility and durability.

Heavy duty cases are definitely worth it. Your new phone is a big investment, and repairs are expensive and time-consuming. A Rokform case can help shield your phone from damage and save you money and hassle. Our cases also feature our RokLock™ system, which allows for secure mounting to your bike, motorcycle, windshield, and more.

We would hope so! At Rokform, our rugged phone cases provide users with 6ft drop protection and unparalleled durability. We can't speak to other cases that are offered, but there's a good reason why our heavy duty cell phone cases are used by Military and First Responder personnel! They rely on the premium quality our rugged cases are made with as well as the slim and sleek design that fits in your pocket. The magnetic power our cases boast also comes in handy for those on duty with the ability to mount their Rokform cases to any magnetic surface.

We build our heavy duty phone cases for people who need the best protection available. Many of our customers have demanding outdoor jobs or lead physically demanding lifestyles. Whether you're a mountain biker, a first responder, or just someone who wants to keep their phone safe, you can count on Rokform even in the roughest conditions.