Universal Ball Adapter Phone Mount
Universal Ball Adapter Phone Mount
Universal Ball Adapter Phone Mount
Universal Ball Adapter Phone Mount
Universal Ball Adapter Phone Mount
Universal Ball Adapter Phone Mount
Universal Ball Adapter Phone Mount
Universal Ball Adapter Phone Mount
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セール価格$49.99 USD
SKU: 337101

Ball mount phone holder adapter Only. Requires a Rokform RokLock™ compatible phone case (Rugged or Crystal series) and RAM® mount, sold separately.

- Low profile, compact design
- Designed in USA
- Easy angle adjustment

アダプターのみ。別売りのRokform RokLock™ 対応フォンケース(Rugged of Crystal シリーズ)とRAM® マウントが必要です。

Rokform Universal Ball Adapter Phone Mountは、RAM® 1インチボールマウントに対応するようデザインされています。CNCアルミニウム削り出しのボディ、ロック、レバーアームを採用し、長持ちする耐久性を実現。オールブラックの仕上げは、バイクの操作系に完璧に溶け込み、携帯電話を縦向きでも横向きでも素早く簡単に固定できます。1インチのラバーコーティングボールは、完璧な視野角と確実なホールドを簡単に調整できる。取り外し可能なストラップが付属しており、バイクの上でも外でも安全性を高めることができます。

  • アルミニウム製ロック・レバー - 安全性が高く、日光にさらされてももろくなったり壊れたりしません。
  • 携帯電話を素早く固定 - 特許取得済みのRoklockツイストロック・システムにより、ひねるだけで着脱可能。
  • ユニバーサルボールアダプターフォンマウント - すべてのROKFORMツイストロックケースと1インチRAM® ソケットマウントに対応。
  • セーフティストラップ - 安全性と利便性を高めるために付属しています。
  • ユニバーサル・フィット - Rokformケースをより多くの場所で使用できます。



Secure Mounting

Our compact cell phone ball mount adapter attaches to your Rokform case via RokLock™ tech - a twist lock mounting feature exclusive to our brand. Designed for adventure and bumps in your journey so you don't have to worry about dropping your phone. Whether you're showing off your bike bunny hop or popping a wheelie on your motorcycle - our ball phone mount adapter keeps your phone locked in place.

Compatibility with RAM® Mounts

Made specifically for a combination of the RAM® 1” ball mount system and all Rokform RokLock™ twist lock cases. This mashup builds into a ball phone mount that simply can't be beat. When you're on the road or trail, you're looking for stability and peace of mind when it comes to your phone. This RAM® and Rokform blend provides that assurance you need. Focus on your tricks, angle your phone, and enjoy the ride.

Geared for Adventure

Durability is key when it comes to accessories for your ride. Our ball mount phone holder adapter boasts an aluminum body that's lightweight and tough. The universal ball mount is a 1" TPU coated ball mount adapter that's non-slip and adjusts easily. Not to mention the aluminum lock lever for extra security - it won't take any sun damage and won't get brittle over time.

As Sleek as Your Bike

We're adamant on designing our products in house - our ball joint phone mount adapter is no exception. The sleek all black design sinks into your bike's aesthetic. Just 64.95mm wide and 44.79mm high, our ball phone mount's low profile keeps your gear looking fresh and refined. We've also added our tough lanyard for extra security without cluttering your controls.

警告:がんと生殖への害 -https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov


This product listing is just for the Universal Ball Phone Mount. You will have to purchase your case separately. Any of our Rokform cases will work with this mount!

Our ball phone mount adapter comes with a warranty to ensure the best Rokform experience. You get 2-year protection against any defects in workmanship or material, as well as a 60-day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with your Rokform purchase. We stand behind our mounts and all our products with one of the best warranties in the industry.

The Safety Lanyard attaches to both the device (or its case) and the ball mount phone holder adapter. This gives you an extra layer of security, as the lanyard prevents the device from falling in the (very) unlikely case it becomes dislodged from the mount. Rokform designs its products to be used in rough conditions, and provides you with everything you need to keep your phone safe on a bumpy ride.

The ball joint phone mount adapter is specifically designed for motorcycles, and its installation mechanism is not intended for use on bicycles. Our motorcycle mounts are built for higher speed and vibrations, and to keep your device safely mounted to a motorcycle. Bike riders should check out our line of bicycle phone mounts.

To ensure your ball mount phone holder adapter stays in top condition, you should provide regular cleaning with a damp cloth, with special attention to the lock lever and twist lock system. Avoid exposing the mount to harsh chemicals that can lead to corrosion or sticky buildup. A simple wipedown is all it takes to keep our Ball Phone Mount working smoothly.

Our ball mount cell phone holder adapter is optimized for devices that fit Rokform RokLock™-compatible cases. Tablets or other phones may not be suitable due to size and weight considerations. Motorcycles pose unique challenges to mount designers due to vibrations and speed. For your device and personal safety, we recommend using only Rokform mounts with our phone holder.

Yes, Rokform offers a 60-day 100% Money Back Guarantee on the ball mount phone holder adapter. If at any time during that period you change your mind about the product, you can return it for a full refund. We're confident that you'll find our mount offers everything we promise and more. And after that period expires, we still give you a 2-year warranty against any defects in materials or workmanship.