Pro Series Motorcycle Stem Phone Mount
Low Profile Motorcycle Stem Mount
Rokform Motorcycle Stem Phone Mount
Durable Motorcycle Stem Phone Mount
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Sport Bike Motorcycle Phone Mount
Rokform Motorcycle Stem Mount
Rokform Motorcycle Stem Mount
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セール価格$119.99 USD
SKU: 334401P

Our motorcycle stem phone mount is ride or die! The last stem mount you'll ever need.

FREE Vibration Dampener (V2) with purchase of a Motorcycle Mount. A $30 value!

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  • オートバイ用マウント防振ダンパー Image
    V2 | $29.99
  • スポーツバイクスポーツバイクとクリップオンバー付きバイク専用に設計。
  • SECURITY FIRST: 特許取得済みのデュアル・リテンション・ロッキング・システムと強力な内蔵マグネットにより、安全な接続を実現。
  • ステルス美学: プレミアム、超耐久性、日光による劣化なし。CNC加工6061 T6航空機グレードアルミニウム製。原始的な外観を維持するために、アルマイト処理されたブラックまたはポリッシュ仕上げのアルミニウムをご用意しています。
  • 優れた汎用性: 12mmから24mmまでのほとんどのスポーツバイクのセンターステムに適合。
  • LET'S RIDE: RokformのRuggedケースやCrystalケースとシームレスに統合し、衝撃や落下を吸収します。ミリタリーグレードの落下試験規格、MIL-STD 801G-516.6をクリア。すべてのケースは、 強力なマグネットで設計されており、アクセサリーのエコシステムを解き放ちます。
  • より多くの距離を、より少ない心配で: 2年間の限定保証と 60日間の返金保証で、安心してお使いいただけます。
  • 本社はアメリカ

    Rokform Pro Series Motorcycle Stem Mountは、Pro Seriesのラインナップに加わった最新の製品で、すでに全国のライダーから絶賛されています。この使いやすいバイク用スマホマウントホルダーは、地図、通話、メールなど、完璧な視野角の調整が可能です。シンプルなデザインで、ネジ1本と付属の工具で数分で取り付け可能。12-24mmのセンターステムにフィットする2つの調整可能なインサートで、ほとんどのスポーツバイクに簡単に装着できます。Rokformのツイストロック・ケースをPro Series Motorcycle Stem Mountにツイスト・アンド・ロックするだけで、ツイスト・アンド・ロック+マグネット・セキュリティーをお楽しみいただけます。また、便利なセーフティストラップも付属しており、バイクの上でも外でも第3レベルのセキュリティを提供します。このマウントは長持ちするように作られており、航空機グレードのCNC加工アルミニウムとステンレススチール製のハードウェアで作られています。Rokform Pro Series Motorcycle Stem Mountは、あなたが最後に購入するモーターサイクルマウントになるかもしれません!
  • 2年間の保証と60日間の返金保証がありますので、安心してお買い求めいただけます。ご不明な点がございましたら、お気軽にお問い合わせください。フレンドリーな、受賞歴のある、5つ星のカスタマーサービスチーム(1-855-765-3676)にお電話ください。彼らは知識が豊富なだけでなく、フレンドリーで楽しく、あなたからのご連絡をお待ちしております!

  • Sleek & Low Profile Design

    Holding a total height of 23.3mm from stem to mount and length of 120.3mm, our stem phone mount keeps a low profile. Easily blends into your gears with an all black and durable design. You asked for a stem mount that sits tight, is easy to install, and effectively keeps your phone in view. We designed our phone stem mount to do just that - fit in without making itself the center of attention.

    Peak Durability

    Aside from our exclusive RokLock™ tech for a secure fit, only the best materials ensure this is the last motorcycle fork stem phone mount you'll ever buy. Made with CNC Machined aluminum and stainless steel hardware that stays put with just one screw using our included tool. We've also included an integrated magnet into our stem mount for an extra secure hold and less vibration on your ride.


    A little freedom goes a long way. Adjust our phone stem mount any way you like for the perfect viewing angle. Further adjustments include 2 inserts that fit 12-24mm motorcycle center stems. You may like your phone rotated into landscape mode on one ride and portrait on another - our motorcycle stem mount can adjust to both and everything in between - without budging!

    Shock Absorbent

    The ride isn't always a smooth one and your phone stem mount will need to keep up. You'll need one of our durable cases to lock into this stem mount. Together, our stem mount and phone case provide stability both on the road and off by absorbing shocks and drops. Our integrated magnet in our motorcycle fork stem phone mount also contributes to less vibration on your trips!

    Adventure First

    Your phone shouldn't slow you down on the road. Keeping your phone in your pocket just isn't practical and using a flimsy motorcycle stem mount is an even worse idea. Our stem phone mount ensures you keep information where you need and that it stays put through the bumps, trails, and hey - even the wheelies! Adventure on!


    Installing our stem phone mount is easy and will only take a few minutes. You need one screw and a tool, both of which we provide. Our fork stem mount comes with two adjustable inserts and will fit center stems ranging between 12mm and 24mm.

    Our Rokform phone stem mount is hailed as the best on the market by client reviews. All our mounts are made with rugged machine grade aluminum that stands up to adversity. And with our RokLock™ mounting system, a twist is all it takes to keep your phone held fast on the roughest rides.

    Yes, you'll need a Rokform case to use our motorcycle stem mount. We use our patented RokLock™ twist lock technology to attach your phone securely to our stem mount. One twist and your phone stays in place even on the most challenging trails. Twist in the opposite direction and your phone is free. It's the best and most convenient mount you'll find.

    While many cheaper motorcycle mounts use unreliable plastics, Rokform mounts are built from a CNC machined aluminum body that's affixed with stainless steel hardware. They also come with powerful N52 neodymium magnets -- the strongest available -- to provide your phone with another layer of grip and hold.

    Rokform's motorcycle stem mount is fully adjustable. You can put your phone at the perfect viewing angle for maps, calls, texts, and more. And because we design our mounts with active lifestyles in mind, your screen will stay exactly where you want it throughout the ride.

    Our fork stem phone mount definitely absorbs a good bit of vibration. But for even more protection, you should check out Rokform's vibration dampener. Our vibration dampener dissipates the force and speed of vibrations that might otherwise damage your phone's vulnerable internal components.

    The best phone mount really depends on your preferences. Some riders favor a stem phone mount, while others prefer a handlebar or perch mount. Rokform offers a variety of motorcycle mounts so riders can choose the one that best suits their needs.

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