iPhone 15 Pro Rugged Case
iPhone 15 Pro Rugged Case
iPhone 15 Pro Rugged Case
iPhone 15 Pro Rugged Case
iPhone 15 Pro Rugged Case
iPhone 15 Pro Rugged Case
iPhone 15 Pro Rugged Case
iPhone 15 Pro Rugged Case

iPhone 15 Pro Rugged Case

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Give your iPhone military-grade protection! The iPhone 15 Pro Rugged Case offers:

• Refined and updated for 2024
• Rugged military-grade drop protection
• Patented Twist Lock and magnetic mounting
• MAGMAX™ magnets for attachment to MagSafe® accessories.

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Are you looking for a phone case that offers more protection for your iPhone 15 Pro? Look no further than ROKFORM's all-new Rugged iPhone 15 Pro Case. We've never stopped refining and improving our products, and this latest offering boasts even more camera protection, easier-to-press buttons, and the strongest MAGMAX™ magnets available. Plus, it features our patented RokLock™ twist-lock mounting system.

  • A MAGNETIC ATTRACTION: our industrial-grade, multi-magnet arrangement offers a 3x stronger hold on all magnetic surfaces.
  • COMPATIBLE MagSafe® ACCESSORIES: Designed to work with ROKFORM magnetic charging products (*Compatibility with MagSafe® wireless charging products outside of ROKFORM may vary).
  • MILITARY-GRADE PROTECTION: Our cases pass military-grade drop test standards with flying colors. The Rugged Cases absorb shocks and drops up to 4x better than our competitors.
  • ROKLOCK™ TWIST LOCK: Use your iPhone as you’ve never imagined. Access twist lock bike mounts, motorcycle mounts, car mounts, and more!
  • SLIM BUT STURDY: 6-sided, 360° protection – while still fitting perfectly into your pocket. All the brawn, none of the bulk.
  • 60-DAY MONEY BACK AND 2-YEAR ROKFORM GUARANTEE: 2-year limited warranty and a 5-star customer service team based in Irvine, California.

The new Rugged iPhone 15 Pro Case is compatible with all Rokform twist-lock and magnetic mounts, and it also provides secure mounting on cars, bikes, motorcycles, golf carts, and any magnetic surface. It's the perfect solution for anyone needing extra phone protection. Try it out today and see why it's the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to phone cases.

Attaches to Virtually Any Surface Instantly

The iPhone 15 Pro Rugged case has three strategically placed magnet systems that will hold your phone to any magnetic surface. You can also use them with our magnetic mounts, which provide secure mounting on cars, bikes, motorcycles, golf carts, or any magnetic surface. We use N52 Neodymium magnets, the highest grade of magnet available, to provide 3x the holding power of competing magnetic cases.

Military-Grade Protection

Our iPhone 15 Pro shockproof case offers protection for your screen, corners, and camera against falls of up to 6 feet. Many police officers and active military personnel rely on Rokform cases to protect their phones while they are on duty, so we build our cases with their needs -- and yours -- in mind.

Rugged, Slim, & Stylish

High-quality light but impact-resistant polycarbonate makes our iPhone 15 Pro case shockproof. Our Rugged case is tough enough to withstand damage, but doesn't feel heavy in your pocket or hand. We design our cases to offer stylish protection with less bulk and weight, but also make them ultra-strong and ready for the rigors of your active lifestyle.

Ideal for the Golf Course

We got you covered both on and off the course. Our phone cases have been chosen by golfing pros since 2012. The powerful magnets in our iPhone 15 Rugged case hold your phone securely to your golf cart, so you can use GPS, change playlists, and get video of your swings. And if you drop your phone, our 6-sided 360-degree polycarbonate protection will shield it from damage.

Customer Reviews

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Victor C.

This is my 3rd Rockform case. (3rd phone).

Extremely durable cases and also very handy if you have a steel bar/bench etc, to stick them on.

I personally have the mount on both of my bikes.

To me they offer the best solution to mount the phone to any handle bar (with the appropriate mount of course) and the added functionality of being able to stick them in any metal surface.

The case also allows you wirelessly charge charge your iPhone as it comes with mag safe.

Also the quality of the packaging is absolutely top notch. You can tell they mean business by just looking at the packaging. You get what you paid for. Excellent product.