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Golf Shooter

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  • Improve your game

    If you want to improve your golf swing, there are several factors involved that cannot easily be seen with the naked eye. A video analyses can help you more easily identify flaws in your set up, swing path, club face, impact position and even help analyze physical limitations that are keeping you from making your best swing. The ROKFORM Golf Shooter allows you to quickly get video feedback on the range and even on the course. Simply push the Golf Shooter into the turf, twist or magnetically attached your ROKFORM case to the Golf Shooter and shoot your video. Share the video with your coach or perform your own DIY swing improvements and you will be on your way to a more efficient swing and having more fun on the course. Did you know that most golf coaches use an iPhone or other Smartphone to film students during golf lessons? It’s true, modern smartphone cameras are good enough that professional coaches use them on the course and on the range every day. The next time you watch a PGA Tour® event you will see coaches and caddies on the range behind their players holding an iPhone, Galaxy or other smartphone, taking golf swing video…if only they had a Golf Shooter!

    • Improve your game with video analyses
    • Quick set up, allows for on the course and on the range use
    • Lightweight, fits into bag as your 15th club
    • Includes 2x ROKFORM alignment sticks to ensure perfect alignment
    • Built in bottle opener for the 19th hole
    • CNC Machined aluminum head allow for twist lock or magnetic phone mounting
    • Stiff Graphite shaft is lightweight and stiff, so it won’t wobble in the wind
    • Felt Lined PU Leather head cover protects Golf shooter and won’t scratch your clubs
    • Aluminum tip easily pierces through the turf for fast easy set up
    • Graphite shaft with specially designed aluminum tip ¼-20 threaded end
    • Detachable twist lock and magnetic screw on head with bottle opener
    • Soft PU Leather embroidered head cover
    • 2x Composite alignment sticks
    • 1x Instruction manual
  • Why do you need it?
    • If you want to improve your game, one of the fastest and easiest ways to do it is with a video analysis. Video allows for you or your golf coach to more easily pick out areas for improvement in your golf swing that otherwise are nearly impossible to see at full speed without a recording. For less than the price of a lesson, the Golf Shooter allows you to record and analyze your own swing on the range or on the course.
    How does it work?
    1. Remove the golf shooter and golf shooter head cover from your bag
    2. Peirce the tip into the turf behind you
    3. Twist and lock or magnetically mount your ROKFORM case onto the Golf shooter
    4. Record your swing
    5. Analyze and improve
    Does the GOLF SHOOTER work without a ROKFORM case?
    • If you do not have a ROKFORM case that has a magnet or a twist lock, you can try our universal adapter that will attach to almost any phone or case.
    What are the alignment sticks for?
    • The alignment sticks can help you practice more effectively and also help you align the camera with the golf shooter, so you are filming directly down the target line. You can also use the alignment sticks when not filming to ensure proper aim while practicing. Alignment sticks are one of the most commonly used training aids and you will see almost every professional player using them in some way during their practice sessions.
    What is the GOLF SHOOTER Made out of?
    • We use several materials to create the GOLF SHOOTER to make it a premium addition to your golf bag. The head is made from CNC Machined aluminum and includes an N52 Neodymium magnet behind a soft rubber grip on one side and our ROKLOCK twist lock on the other. The ends of the shaft are made from CNC Machined aluminum with a 1/4-20 thread on the top and an aluminum tip to pierce the grass. The shaft is an extra-stiff graphite, and the head cover is made from soft lined PU leather, aka artificial leather.
    Can I use a regular camera on the GOLF SHOOTER?
    • Yes. The end of the GOLF SHOOTER shaft has a ¼-20 thread which is the standard tri-pod camera thread. Almost all cameras including DSLR cameras use a ¼-20 thread for tri-pod mounting.
    What phones does this work with? Will it fit in my Golf Bag?
    • Yes, the GOLF SHOOTER easily slips into your golf bag. Its slim profile and light 11oz. weight are hardly noticeable in the bag. The headcover keeps it from getting scratched and scratching the other clubs in your bag.
    Will it sway in the wind?
    • No. Unlike other swing video tools that use an alignment stick that is flimsy and easily sways and moves around, the GOLF SHOOTER uses a real extra-stiff driver shaft that will not sway and move.
    Can I use the GOLF SHOOTER on a golf mat?
    • The GOLF SHOOTER is designed to pierce real grass. Some customers however are able to keep the GOLF SHOOTER in their bag and position it for filming while in the bag. This is not how it was designed but it does work.
    Can I shoot in landscape mode?
    • Yes, you can use the magnet side or the twist lock side to shoot in landscape or portrait mode.
    What are the dimensions?
    • The total assembled length is 48.8 inches. The shaft itself is 43.9” and the GOLF SHOOTER head is 4.9” tall.
    How much does it weigh?
    • Total assembled weight including head cover is 11.3oz.
    Why does it have a bottle opener?
    • Why not? We had some room, so we machined one in there. You never know when it will come in handy.
    What swing analyses Apps do you recommend?
    • There are many golf swing analyses apps available and each one has its own benefits. Here are a few to try for yourself from the Apple app store. Swing Profile Golf Analyzer (Over 600 reviews and 4.7 star), V1 Golf (over 800 reviews 4.4 star) Technique Golf by OnForm (Over 500 reviews 4.4 star)
    Why does it cost more to ship than a phone case?
    • The GOLF SHOOTER considered an oversize package since it comes in a long 48” tube. In order to make the best possible product, we use a full-size real driver shaft that does not collapse. The shipping costs is the same as if you were to ship a normal golf club. We think the long-term premium performance and benefit is worth the one-time added freight cost.
    How strong is the magnet?
    • The magnet in the GOLF SHOOTER is a very strong N52 Neodymium, which is the highest grade available. The magnet is rated at 12lbs. of pull when connected to the phone case.
    What is your warranty?
    • We have a two-year warranty and a 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. Our 5-Star Customer Service Team, based at our headquarters in Orange County, California, is always ready to help. If it's a warranty replacement, spare part, question, or anything in between, our goal is to make every customer a customer for life. If you are the original purchaser of our product and have a problem, call us, and we will fix it. Give us a try and see or run on over and visit us in our showroom! Our toll-free phone number is 1-855-765-3676.

Using video to view your golf swing is one of the easiest ways to identify areas for improvement in your swing or limitations with your body. With the cameras in today’s Apple iPhone’s and Samsung Galaxy’s you can get clear clean video and even great slow motion. The Golf Shooter allows you to get a steady shot of your swing on or off the course which is perfect for sending to your golf coach or when using a golf swing video analysis app on your phone. For less than the cost of a golf lesson the Golf Shooter will provide you with immediate feedback to help you improve your golf swing and golf game.

Simple to use. Just pierce the Golf Shooter into the turf and stick or twist your phone onto the Golf Shooter in portrait or landscape for instant golf swing video feedback. Unlike clumsy plastic clamps or claws that can crack and break to hold your phone the Golf Shooters solid construction and integrated mounting system lets you get perfect golf swing video quickly and easily with your ROKFORM case.


Slim and lightweight the Golf Shooter easily slips into your bag and is hardly noticeable at only 11oz. The soft lined PU leather headcover protects the Golf Shooter and your clubs. The Golf Shooter is the perfect training aid for beginners and professionals and everyone in between.


Alignment sticks or aiming sticks aid in the perfect camera angle and your position to the target. The perfect swing with bad aim is a still bad shot, alignment sticks make sure you are practicing correctly and aiming at the target. PRO TIP: Make sure you are parallel to your alignment stick and always point it toward the target. You can use the second stick laid perpendicular for consistent ball position or angled parallel to visualize your swing path.

Okay so bottles on the golf course are a no-no, but we had room on the Golf Shooter for a bottle opener so why not? It may come through in a pinch when you least expect it.


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