Black Rokform Small Bar Mount
Polished Rokform Small Bar Mount
Black Rokform Small Bar Mount
Black Rokform Small Bar Mount
Black Rokform Small Bar Mount
Polished Rokform Small Bar Mount
Polished Rokform Small Bar Mount
Polished Rokform Small Bar Mount

Small Bar Mount

Sale price$69.99 USD
SKU: 338601
Color: Black

Our sturdy small bar phone mount attaches to any bar between 10mm and 16mm. It's suitable for use on any vehicle or space where there's a small bar.

• Durable Aluminum Construction
• Easy to install with the included tool
• Works with all ROKFORM RokLock™ Cases
• Fits 4 bar sizes, 10mm-16mm (25/64”-5/8”)

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Rokform's bar phone mount securely holds your smartphone and fits universally. We make our mount from sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure it is suited for the rigors of rough travel. Our mount looks stylish, but it also provides maximum security.

  • SECURE: Our patented RokLock™ twist lock system securely holds your phone in place
  • BUILT LIKE A ROK: We make our bar phone mount from tough aircraft-grade aluminum, so it won’t crack or break like plastic mounts.
  • VERSATILE: Our bar phone mount fits bars in sizes of 10mm (25/64”), 12mm (15/32”), 14mm (9/16”) and 16mm (5/8”).
  • WORRY FREE: Your purchase is protected by our 60-day money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty

⚠️ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

How many times have you been out on the road, only to realize you missed your turn because you were fumbling with your phone for directions? With ROKFORM's phone bar mount, those days are over. Missed turns lead to missed opportunities. Our small bar mount lets you say goodbye to awkward stops and U-turns and say hello to seamless, safe, and efficient rides every time.

Won't Budge

Our RokLock™ tech not only secures your phone, it locks in peace of mind. With a simple twist, your phone locks securely into place. Our patented RokLock™ twist creates an unbreakable bond between the mount and your device. Even on the roughest, bumpiest rides, your phone stays put—no wiggles, no wobbles, and no worries.

Security Above All

Freedom and safety don't have to be mutually exclusive. Our ROKFORM small bar mount lets you embrace your adventurous spirit without compromising the security of your device. Our bar phone mount is like having a seatbelt for your smartphone. You can roam wherever your heart desires, knowing that no matter how rough the road gets your phone is secure.

Quick Installation

Installation issues are often quoted as the number one reason for buyer’s remorse. And who wants buyer’s remorse when you can have rider’s rejoice? With Rokform there's no fumbling with complicated instructions. Simply use the included wrench and snap your new mount into place in seconds. Our small bar mount was designed for people who'd rather be riding than reading assembly instructions.

Compatible with Your Ride

From 10mm to 16mm, we welcome all rides. Rokform's phone bar mount isn't your run-of-the-mill plastic holder. It's a long-lasting, aircraft-grade aluminum solution that adapts seamlessly to a wide range of bars and mirrors. Our small bar mount positions your phone at the perfect angle for easy, glance-and-go navigation and hands-free communication.


A bar phone mount can be a practical addition to your gear if you prefer to have your smartphone accessible during rides. A mount ensures your phone stays securely in place, which eliminates any distractions. It offers you the convenience of easy phone access and the security that comes from having the best phone mount available.

Your phone's safety is a priority with Rokform. Our Small Bar Mount features our patented RokLock™ secure locking mechanism to keep your device in place even over the most challenging terrain. We construct our phone bar mount with durable materials and design it to withstand the rigors of riding.

The Rokform mount is designed to be versatile and compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones. It's suitable for a wide range of devices and compatible with all Rokform cases for iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, or Google Pixels. Other phones can use our bar phone mount by attaching our Magnetic Universal Adapter.

Our small bar mount can be mounted on the rear view of any vehicle using a bar between the sizes of 10mm to 16mm (25/64" to 5/8"). If your handlebar is smaller or larger that the size mentioned, check out the other bike mounts on our page

This phone bar mount is versatile and designed to be used on various types of vehicles with handlebars. You can use it to mount your phone to bicycles, motorcycles, scooters & e-scooters, ATVs, and dirt bikes. Our patented RokLock™ system will hold your smartphone in place no matter where you take it.

The Rokform bar phone mount design provides you with easy access to the phone's charging port. You can readily connect a charging cable without having to remove the phone from the mount. Adding a new level of convenience to the riders who rely on their phone for multiple functions on the open road.

This phone bar mount is made with robust construction featuring tough aircraft-grade aluminum. It provides durability and protection against rain and dust for your phone even in the most challenging weather conditions.