The Stronger MagSafe® Upgrade


What is MAGMAX™?

MAGMAX™ was created to ensure your phone and MagSafe® accessories stay put, no matter where you’re using them. The secure magnetic hold of our MAGMAX™ products helps reduce the risk of device damage from accidental drops or detachment, keeping your phone secure, safe, & sound.

The Next Generation of Magnetic Phone Accessories 

MAGMAX™ Magnets

Experience 2-10x more security when attaching your phone to MagSafe® accessories to your phone case.


Simplify your life. Attach your phone to any magnetic surface for hands-free use. ROKFORM MAGMAX™ accessories make multitasking a breeze, allowing you to focus on the parts of life that matter most.

Universal Compatibility

MAGMAX™ accessories and phone mounts are compatible with all MagSafe® phone cases. Upgrade your magnetic experience.