G-ROK Portable Wireless Golf Speaker


  • The ultimate easy to use golf speaker. A portable wireless golf speaker that instantly sticks to cart and other metal surfaces. This rugged iPX7 Waterproof & Dustproof wireless portable speaker is perfect to take on and off the course. The G-ROK will provide you with a 24-hour battery life, 30 Foot range of wireless quality sound and one heck of a powerful magnetic hold to your cart. This speaker is a must-have for all golfers!

    • Easy to use Magnetic Mounting
    • iPX7 waterproof and dustproof
    • Rugged drop resistant construction (5 ft)
    • 24 hours of play time
    • Built-in speaker phone
    • Wireless up to 30 ft
    • Optional Micro SD Card stores up to 5,000 songs
    • G-ROK Speaker with built in Twist Lock and Magnets
    • Removable Aluminum Hook (for storing or hanging on golf bag)
    • Aux cable for connecting to non-wireless devices
    • USB power cord
    • Instruction manual
  • For detailed technical specifications please click here

    For a digital copy of the Instruction Manual please click here

    Why make a speaker for GOLF?

    There are a million wireless speakers out there, but we could not find any built specifically for instantly mounting on our golf cart. As avid players who like music on the course, we wanted to create a golf speaker that was easy to use without complicated clamps or straps that break and get lost. Moreover, golf is hard enough to have to worry about where to put your speaker and cupholders are for drinks, not speakers.

    Do people get mad when you play music on the course?

    99% of the time NO at an acceptable volume level. The unwritten course etiquette when playing with a group you don’t know is to ask if they mind music. In hundreds of rounds of golf, we have run into 1 person who said don’t play music. He was probably just having a bad day. Most people will already have their own music and will probably ask you where you got your G-ROK speaker! We always like to be considerate of others, the music is for the 2 people in our cart, not the people on the other fairway.

    How strong are the magnets?

    Ridiculously strong, we use N52 Neodymium magnets which are the highest-grade magnet currently available. Most people’s eyes light up when they attach the G-ROK to a cart, its STRONG! Each magnet is rated for 38 pounds of pull and the grippy back keeps the speaker from sliding. Once this speaker is stuck to the Golf Cart vertically so that both magnets are engaged, it is not moving, even over the biggest bumps.

    How long does the battery last on a charge?

    About 24 hours at up to 60% volume (very loud for the course) 4.5 hours at max volume (way too loud for the course)

    How long does it take to charge the battery?

    About 4 hours if it’s completely dead.

    What is the size of the battery in mAH?


    Can I connect with another G-ROK Speaker?

    Yes, you can connect 2 speakers wirelessly

    Can I connect the G-ROK to other wireless speakers?

    No, only another G-ROK speaker

    Can you use an aux cable to connect multiple speakers?

    No but they connect wirelessly

    How many G-ROK speakers can I connect together?

    Maximum of 2

    How do I unpair 2 G-ROK speakers?

    Press the M button on one of the speakers

    Can you use an aux cable to connect multiple speakers?

    No. You can connect 2 G-ROK speakers with their own built in wireless connection

    Is the G-ROK Waterproof?

    Yes, the G-ROK is waterproof but only with the waterproof seal closed. It is rated IPX7 which means it can be submerged in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. Be sure to have the seal securely closed before exposing it to water.

    What does IPX7 mean?

    IPX7 is a water resistance rating that says the G-ROK can be submerged in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes and is fully dust proof with the seal completely sealed and closed. The G-ROK rating was given with the seal completely closed. When the seal is OPEN the G-ROK is NOT water or dust resistant.

    Can I take my G-ROK to the beach or in a swimming pool?

    Yes, you can but it was designed for the rigors of golf and not the beach or the swimming pool. If you do use it at the beach or pool and it gets dirty or wet from salt water or chlorine be sure to rinse it with fresh water with the seal closed and let it completely dry before charging. The micro-USB charging cable included with the G-ROK is not waterproof. Never charge your speaker if the micro-USB port, charging cable or connectors are wet, dirty or damaged. Always charge your speaker with a clean, dry micro-USB connector. If you think your cable or connector has been compromised in any way by water or other contaminants, do not use it to charge your speaker. Contact us for a replacement cable. 855-765-3676.

    Does the speaker float?

    Yes, but it is only waterproof with the seal closed.

    If it gets sandy or dusty can I clean it?

    Yes. With the seal completely sealed it can be hosed off with water and even completely submerged.

    What happens when I am playing music and a call comes in?

    The phone will ring over the speaker and you can answer iby pushing the M button to use the built-in speakerphone or on your phone like a normal call. You can also reject the call on your phone or by pushing the M button for 2 seconds.

    What is the wireless range of the speaker?

    30 feet

    Is there an App for my G-ROK?

    The G-ROK is perfectly optimized for use without needing an app. Simply control your G-ROK from your phone or from the G-ROK itself.

    Is there a way to update the software on my G-ROK?

    The G-ROK was created with the best features available so you will not need a software update to make it better.

    With 2 speakers connected do you get stereo sound?


    Can I use the G-ROK speaker to charge my phone?


    Does this speaker have NFC?


    How do you Factory reset the speaker?

    Hold down the power button for 10 seconds

    What is the max Volume dBA?

    Too loud for the course, we recommend 30-50% volume on the course.

    Will it work with any phone?

    Yes, it works with Android or iOS, we have not found a phone yet that does not work.

    Does it work with a TV?

    Yes, if your TV is wireless compatible. Any wireless compatible device for that matter or if it has a 3.5mm auxiliary jack (cable included)

    Can the speaker provide audio for a video, such as watching a movie on a tablet?

    Yes, as long as its paired with the G-ROK speaker

    Is it shockproof?

    YES, tested from 5 feet on hard and soft surfaces.

    Can I use headphones?

    Yes, it has a headphone jack.

    Can you use an SD Card?

    Yes, you can purchase an optional Micro SD Card of up to 32G (about 5,000 songs) Micro SD cards are available on our website for purchase. (link) We recommend the SanDisk 32GB MicroSDHC Ultra Memory Card. There are many other options out there, but this is the one we recommend.

    How do I switch from playing music from my phone to using the SD card?

    Simply push the M button

    What color does it come in?


    Is this a stereo speaker?


    Does it turn off automatically after I stop listening:

    Yes. It automatically turns off after 15 minutes of not being used.

    Will it play while charging?


    Can you activate with your voice?


    Will it work with Alexa?


    Are there skip / repeat buttons on the speaker?

    Yes. You can skip songs, pause, repeat, volume control etc. You can also control from your phone.

    What is the actual weight and dimensions of the speaker?

    Total Speaker weight = 502grams (17.7oz) Speaker Dimensions = 78mm x 44mm x 165mm (3.07” x 1.73” x 6.5”)

    What is the weight and dimensions of the box it comes in?

    Total Packaged weight = 759 grams (26.7oz.) Box Dimensions = 119mm x 80mm x 202mm (4.68” x 3.15” x 7.95”)

    What kind of magnets are in the speaker and why are they so strong?

    The G-ROK has 2x 31.75mm x 6.35mm (1.25” x .25”) N52 Neodymium Magnets. This is the highest grade of magnet available and each one is rated at 38lbs. of pull.

    Can I customize the speaker?

    Yes, we offer Custom Logo Printing for all types of events, businesses, gifts and more. Please call to order or get more information. Toll Free 855-765-3676 or e-mail to info@rokform.com

    What is the warranty?

    1-year Limited warranty 60-day money back guarantee


What's in The Box?

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
G-ROK Portable Wireless Golf Speaker and bicycle

I had 2 high end speakers for my bike before purchasing the G-ROK Portable Wireless Golf Speaker. It is far superior to my high end cycling speakers. My cycling rides last usually 3 to 5 hours and the G-ROK Portable Wireless Golf Speaker make riding a pleasure. It should be called the G-ROK Portable Wireless Cycling Speaker. Love it.

Best little speaker I've ever had

This little thing CRANKS! Right out of the gate I was impressed by the magnets on the back. The sound is pretty crisp and clear, and the fact that the music will pause and take an phone call is even better. I've been told by people I've spoken too that my voice is pretty clear and it easily cancels out background noise on my end of the line. I cant wait to test this out on my Rokform handlebar mount on my supermoto that I usually use for my phone, and see how it handles.. Well worth the purchase! Instagram - @spyderbuilt

G-Rok Speaker - Rocks!!!

Great product! ordered two speakers for playing golf and it met all my expectations. The sounds was amazing and it lasted for hours and hours. Had no problem playing two rounds of golf... pretty much all day long. I liked it so much that I ordered and will be ordering more as gifts for friends and family.

This speaker is awesome. Carry it even in the car.

I’m finding that I can listen to podcasts in the kitchen while I’m making breakfast and carry this speaker out to the car an d never miss a word said. It’s small and portable, and the battery lasts forever it seems. When I pick up the grandkids at school, I can sit in the school line at the parking lot and listen with the engine of the car shut off, while all of the other moms sit in line, wasting gas while they listen to their radios. I just love this speaker.


Great speaker and have recommended it to all of my friends.

Great solution

I have an older truck without a Bluetooth hands free system. Since the truck will be replaced this summer the G-Rok is a perfect interim solution. I move it to the garage when I'm tinkering and sampling bourbon. The quality solid ans so is the sound.

Best Speaker Ive Owned

Wow, this thing is tough with a capital T. I golf a lot and had a myriad of wanna be speakers (if you will). The G-Rok is everything I need in one. Fits in my bag, tough, and has a magnet that is so strong it will stay on the cart...even during a full send. LOL. The sound quality is great and it has impressed many friends. In fact, I am going to start getting these for birthday presents/holidays for my golfing pals. No need for another (not just for golf) speaker again. (I also attach it to the fridge in the garage when I am working in the shop). Huge fan. Thanks for making a killer product.

Excellent Product

Excellent speakers. I bought 2 and they sound great. Could not be happier.
Tough and strong magnet.

Motorcycle Speakers, and much more

I bought these with the intention of putting them on my motorcycle tank (2015 Retired Police Electra Glide with no stereo) and with the Rokform Harley mount for iPhone, it’s a perfect setup that can easily be moved from bike to bike. This setup works really well. Speakers are really loud, and when they are synced together, can be heard when traveling on the freeway. My bike is bone stock, and the exhaust is stock as well, so the speakers aren’t competing with louder exhaust noise.
Not only are they great for the bike, I’ve used them as speakers inside my house and magnetized them to other surfaces I didn’t even think of before I bought them. In the shower, any metal surfaces that can magnets can stick to like shower rods work great too. I’ve also found that a lot of walls that have corner drywall joints use metal and these speaker will stick to that as well.
I don’t play golf, but I’m sure these will work great on a golf cart too 😆

Pretty awesome little speakers!

The magnets are super strong!! These things sound awesome paired together! Wouldn’t mind a little more bass tone to them is all.