iPhone 13 Cases

Fall is just around the corner, which means soon, we will see new iPhones! We are very excited to see what features the new iPhones will have. Our R&D team has been hard at work on a new lineup of Rokform cases for these new phones. We're not ready to reveal the final design of our new cases just yet but sign up for our iPhone 13 interest list above to receive updates on our all-new cases.

iPhone 13 Rumors We Have Heard

A buttonless phone?

Apple Insider recently spotted a patent application that suggests Apple may be looking to remove buttons and instead of looking at creating "capacitive sensing input devices." The rumor is that these buttons will appear when in use and disappear when they aren't being used. This rumor is in line with rumors that a fingerprint scanner that lives below the glass of the iPhone 13 screen could be making its debut on the iPhone 13. Although Corina Garcia from Front Page Tech has recently said Apple has scrapped this from their iPhone 13 production models.

Apple's expecting to see an increase in phone sales

In a recent article published by Bloomberg, Apple has asked suppliers to increase production by 20% over their 2020 iPhone models even though we are only expected to see incremental upgrades from this year's model.

A smaller front notch?

One of the highly anticipated changes to this year's iPhone will be a smaller front notch to better match some of the designs of the other phones on the market.

An LTPO display?

At least one of the versions is rumored to feature a low-temperature polycrystalline oxide display, similar to the one on the Apple Watch 6. These displays allow the screen's refresh rate to change based on the content, which will help extend battery life.

New features from the iPhone 13 camera?

The iPhone 13 is rumored to see upgrades to the camera, specifically improved optical zoom. These camera upgrades will improve video quality. We will most likely also see improvements to the Pro models ultrawide cameras.

A portless iPhone

Since the introduction of wireless charging, we have heard rumors of a portless iPhone. While this may be something we see on a future iPhone, many think we won't see this until Apple's MagSafe ecosystem is more mature.