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Galaxy S24 Magnetic Rugged Case

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Our best-selling rugged case is refined, updated, and made for the S24.

• Rugged military-grade drop protection
• Patented Twist Lock and magnetic mounting
• MAGMAX™ built-in for attaching to accessories and any magnetic surface.

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    Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand
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    RokLock™ Sport Ring
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    Swivel Dash Mount

More protection is always a plus, but our new Galaxy S24 case does more than protect your phone from 6ft high. We've redefined our Rugged Galaxy S24 case for even more durability and sleek features. Easily mount your phone with 3x the magnetic power of the competition, without sacrificing wireless capabilities. We've turned functionality trendy with a no-slip grip S24 case that looks good protecting your new phone.

  • Powerful: 3x magnetic power for mounting
  • RokLock™ Technology: Patented twist-lock technology for secure mounting in any vehicle.
  • Slim: Stylish design at 13.9mm thick.
  • Magnetic Accessories: Works seamlessly with Rokform wireless chargers and accessories.
  • Functional: Magnets in our Rugged Samsung S24 case don't affect GPS, Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, Payments, or data transfers.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: 60-day money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty on all Rokform products.

⚠️ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Magnetic Mounting

Our Samsung S24 phone case uses MAGMAX™ N52 neodymium magnets, the most powerful available, to make sure your phone holds fast. Mount to a bar at the gym, in your kitchen while making a meal, and anywhere else with a magnetic surface. No bumps on the road will bring down a phone equipped with our S24 case! Choose between any of our available magnetic mounts for your bike, motorcycle, or car for added security on the road. Our magnetic Galaxy S24 case works well with any magnetic mount, but has an added feature when paired with our RockLok™ tech!

Military Tough

Built tough is an understatement! Brave military and first responder personnel look to Rokform for a Samsung S24 case, with good reason. We offer 6ft military-grade drop protection with enhanced corners, screen, and camera protection. The maximum protection of our S24 case has been tested in the most risky of adventures with no fail. Built and designed for adventures, yet perfect for the day to day.

Functional & Sleek

No need to choose between protection or style. The Rokform Galaxy S24 case sits slim at 13.9mm thick, 82mm wide, and 163.4mm high - hugging your phone and looking slim doing it! The grip texture and easy-press buttons create a functionality you won't find with any other Samsung S24 phone case. Included in our design is a handy lanyard slot that pairs perfectly with our Detachable Lanyard Accessory - a little added security when you're higher than 6ft up!

Golf Friendly

Make it from the #1 hole to the 18th without losing your phone or dropping it into those sticky cup holders. Golfers love the magnetic power of our Galaxy S24 Phone Case - it gives them the ability to stick their phone to their golf cart and easily access their favorite yardage app. The added drop security from our 360 degree protection means never worrying about your phone hitting the ground. All this to allow you to focus on your swing, not worry about your phone. Four!

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging with our Samsung S24 case is easy. Compatible with all Rokform charging accessories and most 3rd party products. Our S24 case also comes with a removable Magnetic RokLock™ Plug so you can charge your phone wirelessly without interference. Check out our power accessories for the best wireless charger compatibility with our Samsung S24 Rugged case.


The Rokform S24 case is the best Samsung Galaxy S24 case on the market. It's made with durable, shock-resistant, but lightweight polycarbonate - the material used in police helmets and shields - to provide you with slim, stylish protection against falls of up to 6 feet. And our 6-sixed 360-degree protection means your screen, camera, and phone corners are shielded as well.

When you buy a Rokform Galaxy S24 case, you don't have to choose between slim and durable. Rokform's Rugged S24 case is just 13.9mm thick, barely thicker than your S24. It easily fits in your pocket and mounts magnetically or via our RokLock™ technology. Tough construction and soft but firm polycarbonate/TPU build gives you military-grade protection without excess weight or bulk.

Yes! Our Samsung S24 phone case comes with a removable magnetic plug for full wireless charging compatibility. Remove the magnetic plug during charge, and put it back in when ready. Our special cutouts also give you full easy access to all buttons, so there's no fumbling or frustration when you want to change the volume or take a picture.

Our Samsung S24 case has a wireless charging compatible non-magnetic plug. It will provide up to 10w of charging power with all Rokform charging accessories and will also work with most other 3rd party products - simply remove the detachable magnetic plug and charge!

If you're not satisfied with your Rokform Samsung S24 phone case, return it to us within 60 days. We offer a 100% money back guarantee with no questions asked. You also get a 2-year warranty against any defects in materials or workmanship. We build our cases tough to protect your phone in the roughest situations, and we stand behind our products.

We use our patented RokLok™ technology on our Galaxy S24 phone case. With Rokform dash, suction, and vent mounts, you can hold your phone securely with a simple twist, and remove it just as easily. You can also attach your phone to a magnetic mount, as our N52 Neodymium magnets give you 3x more magnetic holding power than the magnets used in other phone cases.

Our Samsung Galaxy S24 case is lightweight at just 1.5 ounces, so it doesn't add a lot of weight. Its sleek design, combined with its hard polycarbonate and soft TPU build, make it easier to hold than bulkier cases. To give you a better grip, we provide a little texture for easy handling. But while it gives you a better grip, it still slides in and out of your pocket easily.