AirTag Holder
AirTag Holder

AirTag Holder

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An AirTag Holder as tough as your case! Designed to keep your tracker secure where you need it most:
• Easy open, self-locking
• Premium made from tough polycarbonate shell
• Sleek black design

AirTags are trending and for good reason. Tracking your most valuable items is a no-brainer when traveling or for those easily misplaced items like your keys. As with all of our products, we've designed our AirTag holder with ruggedness top of mind. Made from premium materials you've come to expect from our team - your Rokform AirTag case is, well, air-tight!

One of the biggest complaints users have made with your everyday AirTag keychain is how excruciatingly annoying and painful it is to insert and remove their tracker from an AirTag case. We've solved that problem with our super easy twist and self-lock design. Stays put when you need it to, lets go when you want it to.

  • Premium Quality: Made with a tough polycarbonate shell so it can take hits and drops.
  • Sleek Design: An open face so you can visually see your AirTag and raised edges for some curve appeal.
  • Easy to Use: Not stubborn to lock and unlock. Easy to open, but locks up tight.

Tough Tracking

Think about it. When you attach an AirTag case to your luggage, it's not an easy time for either. Your stuff is being bounced around and thrown about to no end. Let's say you place an AirTag keychain on your key ring - how often do you toss those about? You need an AirTag case that can handle the heat. Ours are made with a tough polycarbonate shell to keep your tracking smooth and intact.

Keychain Ready

Americans spend approximately 5 minutes and 20 seconds looking for lost items each week - over 28% of the time, those are keys. That's a real fact from PR Newswire! So, an AirTag keychain can save you quite a bit of time and frustration. Our AirTag holder is keychain ready. It's easy to use, it looks good, and it's tough as nails!

Sleek Appeal

It's not about being fancy - an AirTag keychain should blend into your items. That's why we went with the classic black design, it looks good without making a huge statement. The Rokform AirTag case is about long-lasting functionality - made from a premium polycarbonate outer shell. So yea, our AirTag holder can be likened to a well-tailored suit for AirTags.

Track Anything

What do you tend to lose the most that holds a lot of value or use to you? We've talked about keys, luggage, but what about your backpack? Or your toddler's backpack? A purse, maybe? You can place your Rokform AirTag case on anything with a loop. It'll come in handy when you're camping, traveling, or for those everyday items that seem to have a mind of their own!

Easy Unlock & Unlock Feature

We're talking about a little AirTag case at battle with your long nails, bulky fingers... The last thing you want to do is get into a rage war over trying to open your AirTag Keychain. We've crafted an AirTag holder that stays locked when you need it to - and let's go when you want it to. Easy to open with a self-locking design - no challenge acceptance required.

⚠️ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov


With an AirTag keychain holder, you'll always know exactly where your keys are. Think of the time you waste looking for your keychain. Rokform's AirTag Holder protects your AirTag with an impact-resistant polycarbonate shell. And while our holder stays securely closed when locked, it opens easily to save you frustration when you need to change your AirTag.

Using our AirTag holder clip couldn't be easier! Simply open the case, put your AirTag inside, and close it again. Our AirTag holder fits any keyring loop so you can track your case using Apple's Find My network of over 1.8 billion Apple devices. Simply check your iPhone and you know exactly where your AirTagged items are at any given time.

We built our AirTag key holder with keychains in mind. Simply attach our holder to your keychain loop and you'll always be able to find your keys with your iPhone. But you can also attach our AirTag holder to anything that has a loop, so you can also use it to track suitcases, backpacks, or other valuable items as well.

Our Apple AirTag holder will not affect your AirTag's signal reception. AirTags use the FindMy network of Apple devices This network is made up of hundreds of millions of Apple devices that send their encrypted location to iCloud. This information is then used to triangulate your AirTag's location and provide it to you in your Find My app.

We make our Apple AirTag holder with rugged polycarbonate. Police and military personnel use polycarbonate helmets and shields for crowd control, and we use polycarbonate for our tough Rokform phone cases. Our holder will protect your AirTag from bumps and scrapes in your luggage rack and in your pocket. At Rokform, we make our products with active lifestyles in mind.

You can hook your AirTag holder to any object with a loop. Follow the instructions on how to put an AirTag in our holder and close it. Now you can attach it to your valuable item and you will always know where it is. And when it is time to replace your AirTag, our holder opens easily so you can make the swap with no hassle.

With your order, you receive two Rokform AirTag holders. You can use one as an AirTag keychain holder. Attach the other holder for AirTag to something you want to keep track of, like your laptop case. Add your AirTags to your Find My app and you will always know where your precious possessions are located at any moment.