Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand
Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand
Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand
Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand
Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand
Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand
Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand

Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand

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A charging stand made to go wherever you go.

• Powerful magnetic hold to phone
• Lightweight, compact and portable
• Works with any MagSafe compatible phone or case
• Adjustable stand provides perfect viewing angle, portrait or landscape.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary? Your phone deserves a throne – and that’s exactly what this offers. Our all-new wireless charger stand delivers 7.5W of power to your phone, for a steady and convenient experience while charging. All Rokform MAGMAX™ capable cases work with the Wireless Charging Stand, making them the ultimate duo. 

  • Up to 7.5W of power transfer for a steady charge. 
  • MAGMAX™ Magnets: Double the magnetic grip for an extra strength hold. 
  • MagSafe® Compatible: Works with any MagSafe® compatible device. 
  • Flexible Viewing Angles: Ideal for watching videos, recipes, and more. 
  • Continuity Camera Mount: Mount easily to your laptop screen for video calls. 
  • The ROKFORM Guarantee: 1-Year/ 60-day Money Back Guarantee

⚠️ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Convenient Charging

Welcome to a world where charging is as simple as setting your phone down. We designed our charge stand to align with the needs of our daily lives - and we move fast! Our accessories are made to add convenience, style, durability, and strength to your devices.

Snap to Power. Pivot to Perfect.

This magnetic charging stand is double adjustable, allowing for a multitude of angles so you can find that perfect viewing spot wherever you are. No more glare struggles. No more neck craning. Whether you’re FaceTiming grandma or navigating a complicated recipe, our kickstand has you covered. This was a common pain point created by your typical wireless charging stand. Wireless charging should provide freedom, not limit it, so a pivoting MagSafe® wireless charger stand is essential. Adding the ability to get creative when creating videos or just scrolling through your wirelessly charging phone was a must for us at Rokform!

Effortless Charging. Limitless Living.

Unlike flat charging pads, our wireless charging stand allows users to access their phone seamlessly – all while the device continues to charge. We’re redefining what it means to live life untethered. Now, you can grab and go without plugging and unplugging. Although wireless charging has been around for some time - it hasn't peaked, and there are a lot of low-quality wireless charging stands out there! At Rokform, we take pride in the materials used and design efforts put into all our products. With our 2-year warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee - you can rest assured our wireless charging stand for iPhone, Samsung, or any other brand is trusted and backed by a company you trust!

A Game-Changer for Your Video Calls

"We’re elevating your device’s wireless charging stand experience – and your entire communication experience. Simply position your phone atop your computer for the perfect angle, ensuring you look your best for every video conference, every selfie, and every livestream. Flexibility of use is key, and your phone is built with exceptional camera quality. Standing your phone on your desk is - as we all know - the least flattering angle for video. Got a laptop - a desktop - how about multiple monitors? Our magnetic charger stand can be easily set up to flatter your best side. Ditch the low-quality webcams, snap your Rokform wireless charging stand to your phone, and put your game face on!"

Light but Tough

An oxymoron? The last thing you want to do is bulk up your phone. Our fast wireless charging stand is just 59.9mm wide and 11.3mm thick. But how on earth can such a thin stand charger hold your phone? Well, our low-profile design is made with a polycarbonate shell - we're so confident in the quality materials used in our standing charger that we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee and two year warranty! Our products are made with exceptional quality in mind - and the Rokform magnetic wireless charging stand is no exception!


Yes! A wireless charging stand makes for easy setups with no worrying about messy cables. Now, are all wireless charging stands made equal? Absolutely not. There are cheap wireless charging stands out there, so you need to make sure you choose your charge stand from a trusted provider. Preferably one that provides a 60 day money back guarantee and 2 year warranty on all their products. Oh, wait - that's us! We create all of our cases, mounts, accessories, and yes - magnetic wireless charging stands with ease of use and quality in mind. The Rokform fast wireless charging stand offers double the magnetic grip, MagSafe® compatibility, flexible viewing angles, and a continuity camera mount.

They can if they're not MagSafe® Compatible.
We go above and beyond providing MagSafe® compatibility - bringing you a magnetic wireless charger stand that pivots, mounts, is thin and lightweight, and has continuity camera capabilities.
Pair our MagSafe® magnetic charger stand with our Rokform cases for the perfect duo in strength, durability, style, and comfortability.

Wireless charging has no disadvantages when you pick the right provider. With top quality design and execution, a wireless charger stand can bring ease of use and time saving charging capabilities to your lifestyle.
At Rokform, we take pride in how our products are designed and manufactured which is why we can provide a 60 day money back guarantee and 2 year warranty to all of our products, not just our MagSafe® wireless charger stand. Our charge stand is safe for your phone, will help you mount your phone at any angle, is light, durable, and backed by a company you can trust.

Although unlikely, in the case that you're dissatisfied with our magnetic wireless charging stand, just let us know! Our customer service team is always happy to help you apply our 60 day money back guarantee or 2 year warranty.
We're confident in the performance of our products but even more so in our ability to offer our customers the 5 star level of service we ensure!

Using a cheap wireless stand can damage your phone or battery. You need to ensure your wireless charger that's both certified and uses premium-quality materials. At Rokform, we use only the best quality materials for all of our products - our magnetic wireless charging stand included!

Our chargers are made with safety top of mind - it's perfectly safe to leave your phone charging on our wireless charging stand overnight or for an extended period of time.

With the right fast wireless charging stand, there really is no downside to wireless charging. It adds ease, convenience, and saves time in your busy lifestyle.