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Best case ever

Product is amazing. Never thought having a magnetic phone case would come in so handy while I’m working on air conditioners in the ceiling

In love

Rokform has done it again. Another solid product that exceeds all of my expectations. I’m in love with my Rugged Case! And let’s not forget the sweeeeet vent mount!!

Like a glove

Awesome 2 finally have something that makes things so much Easier, Looks awesome fits perfect

Best of the best

I ordered the product kit for a galaxy note 8. It is the greatest motorcycle mount I ever purchased!!!!!!
This thing is solid does not move at all even when going over railroad tracks I had in inferior mounts before very flimsy would not hold but the rokform pro kit is worth every penny .

ROKform locking kit

The new locking kit was receive a described. I only needed 1 but received a package of 3 with screws. Fantastic! Cost was very reasonable.

The best!

I recently bought a Fuzion Pro Case for my iPhone 8, but this review applies to the Fuzion Pro Case for any of the iPhones. I bought the Fuzion Pro when the iPhone 6 first came out, so I feel that I've gained enough experience to write a good review. I recently passed that iPhone 6 to my son. I dropped that phone hundreds of times in the years that I owned it. Concrete, hardwood floors, tile, etc. The only thing that suffered from those drops were the tempered glass screen protectors and the case (cosmetically). The combination of the Fuzion Pro case with a tempered glass screen protector, form an indestructible unit. There is not one real world drop that this case could not handle. From that perspective alone, the case is worth it. The numerous mounting options also makes this case the most versatile. The vent mount is excellent and will hold the phone straight up or sideways with no movement as will the RokLock car mount. Finally, the belt holster is very well designed, adds even more protection, and is easy to use one handed after becoming familiar with it. Do yourself a favor and invest in a quality case/system from Rokform. They are truly an investment that will save you money and most importantly, precious time! The fit and finish on all the products are excellent and very well engineered. My original Fuzion Pro case on my iPhone 6 is still going strong and I was able to pass down that phone to my son 4 plus years later! If that's not value, I don't know what is.


5 stars as always! Keep up the amazing job Rokform!!!
Sturdy, zero slip, and no worries. At 80 mph I have no fear of losing my phone. Worth every penny if you’re looking for a phone mount that’ll never let you down. Would be nice to see a weather resident case and wireless charger build into the mount, but that’s asking for a lot.

Outstanding Quality

Amazing quality, well done design (it matches my car) and this case is not only slimming but durable. So happy I swung into their HQ and picked one up.

Love it

Love the case, looking forward to the other products. Thanks to Daily Driving Exotics for the recommendation.


Rugged Case - iPhone X

Great case - looks awesome

I have been getting a lot of comments on the case. It feels good in my hands and confident that I won’t drop it.


sehr gute Qualität


Great case, HIGHLY recommended

Excellent case

Fits perfect. Sturdy and protective

Awesome case

Rugged case - S8+
If Chuck Norris was a phone case this would be it.
That pretty much sums it up.

The Best Mount Ever

I use in both of my cars every day. I have bought several more for my friends.


Galaxy S7 Crystal Case


Just like Every rokform product I have used this is awesome. Well designed, looks good, high quality materials, it exceeded my expectations in every way. Love their bike mounts, their flat mounts and now this.

Love Rokform!!!

I heard about Rokform from the Lex and Terry Morning Radio Show over 5 years ago. I tell everyone that I know, to buy a Rokform Case. They make great products and they have the best customer service. I own several different cases and accessories and love every single one of them. They are worth price. I will always have a Rokform case on my phone.

Five star product

I like my new case. Love the vent magnet. Exceeded my expectations.

If Chuck Norris was a phone case.....this would be it

looks good, not too big, magnet works like a boss, the rocklock attachments seem like a great idea but i haven't had a chance to use them, and the case will take everything you throw at it....or everything you throw it at like....well.... Chuck Norris.


Works great with my motorcycle.

Fantastic AGAIN!!

This is the second case I’ve bought and I LOVE it! I also splurged and got the glass screen protector WORTH THE $$$. I’ve bought cheaper ones on amazon and THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! Once again exceptional customer service everything arrived just as described and on time THANK YOU- I have recommended you to everyone that admires/comments on my great case


I am very happy with accessory for my I phon X from Rockfform