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Just what I needed

Excellent job holding phone in place

Sleek, solid, and well positioned

OEM fitment, great build quality and made my previous mount (RAM) look like a dinosaur. Phone is rock solid mounted on the bike and easy to take off. Takes a bit getting used to attaching the phone, given the ultra powerful magnet getting in the way :-)

My RokDock ROCKS!!!

The day I set up my RokDock on my desk at work I’ve tons of questions about it. It’s solid, has the cool little ports for the sound to come out, the orange and gunmetal color is awesome and it looks cool... best iPhone dock I’ve ever owned and it makes my RokForm iPhone American flame case look way cooler then anyone else’s...

Heavy Duty Phone dash mount

Rock solid mount works great in the off road car.

Rok On!

Really great quality and super easy to install. Paired it with the motorcycle perch mount. Very pleased with the product and would definitely recommend. Awesome customer service and fast delivery as well!


I have wanted one since they were created. I love my copper predator on my black iPhone X. I was pleased it worked with my current magnetic mount in the car.

Awesome case

The Fuzin Pro case fits the phone perfect and looks awesome. Well worth every penny to protect the phone. And paired with the car mount works better than I expected.

Carbon Pro iPhone 8 Plus

This will be my 3rd Rokform case, this is the best one yet! Super durable and looks badass! The Carbon Fiber backplate meshes perfect with the black!

Skull Great! Looks even better! ;-)

There is precious little space in a Subaru Outback to mount a cellphone and since my state just recently changed over to absolutely NO HANDS on your phone while driving (it's about time IMHO), and since I did not want to block any of my air conditioning vents in this summers' heat, I was left with few choices.

To the rescue comes the Skull Magnet! It mounted easily, and Rok

Best case ever

Product is amazing. Never thought having a magnetic phone case would come in so handy while I’m working on air conditioners in the ceiling

In love

Rokform has done it again. Another solid product that exceeds all of my expectations. I’m in love with my Rugged Case! And let’s not forget the sweeeeet vent mount!!

Like a glove

Awesome 2 finally have something that makes things so much Easier, Looks awesome fits perfect

Best of the best

I ordered the product kit for a galaxy note 8. It is the greatest motorcycle mount I ever purchased!!!!!!
This thing is solid does not move at all even when going over railroad tracks I had in inferior mounts before very flimsy would not hold but the rokform pro kit is worth every penny .

Tough, handy, simple.

Took a 1 ton truck to break the last phone I had in one of these cases. The magnet is always coming in handy, and I like the sleek design. Nice case, fair price, good company.

Note 9 case

This is my second case from rokform and they both perform really well.


Great probuct and great customer support thank you

Rugged Case

Perfect on my bike when I’m riding

Great case, great customer service

My cases have always arrived quickly and always looked exactly as I expected them to look - no unpleasent surprises. I have the crystal case on my iphone xs for bike riding, I use the speculo clear case at work and I had the rugged case on my iphone 6 before. I have a mount on 3 bikes and I ride everyday. My phone is not going anywhere while I ride. I don’t worry about it one bit. I like the speculo case for everyday and I love that it still has the holes to put a lanyard in. They also have really helpful custmer service reps. Krista Aspiras helped me navigate all my silly questions. I am so happy I picked rokform.

STILL by far the BEST magnet case on market

Product is as expected for me given I had the same one for my Note 8. It's miles ahead of other magnet cases. I bought 3 other magnet cases in hopes that they were quality and would hold up given that Rokform hadn't designed the Note 9 case yet. TRASH. All or them couldn't handle me braking let alone a bump. Now my Rokform on the left hand, no pothole, no bump, no hard braking even budges the Rokforms superior case from its magnet. You guys make a great product that's reasonable priced and I will continue to be a loyal customer. Looking forward to trying more products for my vehicle. Can't wait. Thanks again

I love the case!

I think this is the perfect case. It covers all the bases without being too bulky.

Nice and durable as expected


Comfortable, sleek, and does its job well

Galaxy Note 8 Rugged S Case

Great case!

I love this case. The phone feels very protected and the magnet on the back is a great idea.