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Dual Magnet Vent Mount

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We've upgraded our Dual Magnet Vent Mount with a bigger face and grip area, so your phone stays secure no matter how rough the ride gets.

At Rokform, we're always striving to do better. Our upgraded Dual Magnet Vent Mount has everything you've come to expect from Rokform products and more. It's specially designed to work perfectly with your ROKFORM magnetic iPhone or Galaxy case, but can be used by any device with a case.

New Upgraded Mount: The Dual Magnet Super Grip Vent Mount now holds your phone tighter thanks to its larger mount area. 
Super Grip: Specially designed vent clip provides a solid hold without smudging or scratching your vent.
Compatibility: Fits over almost any vent. Our mount works with any Rokform magnetic case or MagSafe Compatible iPhone or case.
Anti-Slip: Specially designed silicone face allows stable non-slip mounting, so there's no more sliding or constant adjustment.
Machined Aluminum: A specially designed bezel holds the front grip securely in place so it won't peel off.
Magnetic Tech: Our powerful N52 Neodymium magnet holds your phone tightly and doesn't interfere with GPS, credit cards, Wi-Fi, Apple Pay, Bluetooth, camera, or data transfer

Quick and Easy Setup

Attaching or removing your new mount from the vent is easy! We design our products with busy people in mind. You simply slide the mount onto the vent, supporting the vent with your fingers as you push gently down.

Enhanced Safety

Rokform's anti-slip magnetic face holds your device in place through bumpy rides and sharp turns. This means you don't have to worry about distractions and can keep your focus on the road. You get the perfect view of your phone. All of your important information stays right in plain view while keeping your hands free.

Universal Compatibility

We know that many people today have multiple smartphones. The Dual Magnet Vent Mount works with iPhones, Androids with a MagSafe case, or any magnetic case-equipped device. You can switch between your different devices easily.

Durable Construction

Our vent mount is built to last with a CNC machined aluminum body that stands up to punishment. To keep your phone protected from drops and spills, we use the highest grade N52 Neodymium magnets to hold your phone tight. Not only does our dual magnet vent mount stand up to daily wear and tear, it'll also hold your phone fast over the roughest roads and get you through the toughest trails unscathed.

Magnetic Precision

We use precision engineering to ensure a direct magnet-to-magnet connection. The Dual Magnet Vent Mount is built to make a fast, easy, and reliable connection to your phone so it stays securely in place. But we've also carefully installed our magnets so they pose no threat to electronic components, GPS, or credit cards.

⚠️ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Support the vent with your fingers as you gently slide the mount on the vent. Slide it all the way in, making sure the mount bottoms out on the vent. If the vent mount is not pushed all the way in, it can come off the vent when removing your phone. Make sure you don't force the installation or push hard, or you might damage your vent.

If you want to take your phone off the vent, remove it with a rolling motion to the left or right. Be sure not to pull it straight out, or you could cause your vent mount to come off with the phone. If this happens, simply re-install the vent mount and next time remove the phone with a rolling motion right or left.

It’s not big or heavy, but our Dual Magnet Vent Mount gets the job done. Our mount is unobtrusive and sleek – you won’t even know it’s there unless you have a device attached to it.

The specifications of our mount is 65.3mm (2.57”) wide, 36.4mm (1.43”) high, 8mm (.31”) thick, and 2.6 oz heavy.

Yes! The Dual Magnet Vent Mount works with any magnetic case or with all MagSafe compatible iPhones. So long as your device has a magnetic surface on the back, you can attach it to our Dual Magnet Vent.

No. The powerful neodymium magnets are designed to hold your phone firmly in place, but they won't interfere with GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera, or data transfer. We carefully design our mounts to protect your phone from drops and to protect your data from corruption or deletion.

Our vent mount was designed with smartphones in mind. For larger devices like tablets, check the weight and size compatibility.

Your car's vent is safe with a Rokform mount. We use TPU and silicone rubber to protect your vent from getting marked or scratched. When installing or removing the mount, be sure to support the vent with your fingers as you wiggle the mount on or off with a gentle side-by-side motion. Otherwise you could damage your vent's fragile plastic fins.