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Easiest Ways To Transfer Photos From iPhone To Android

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Whether you’re switching from an iPhone to Android or simply own both phones and want to keep them in sync, the ability to transfer photos between them is a top priority for many users. Depending on how many photos are in your current photo album, some of the methods available for transferring photos between platforms make more sense than others.

If you’re using a cloud storage solution like Google Drive, the total amount of storage needed may eventually become prohibitively expensive at some point. But, with options like a Wifi-enabled USB drive, there’s almost always a way to transfer large photo collections without racking up huge monthly storage bills.

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What is the Easiest Way to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android?

We’ve compiled a list of the different ways to transfer photos from iPhone to Android phones to help you find the best option for your needs. Let’s jump right in!

Uploading And Downloading From Google Drive

Using some form of “the cloud” is a common data transfer strategy between different operating systems. Photos are all held in that cloud storage service so, as long as each of your devices has access, it’s a straightforward way to share files. Here, we’ll focus on Google Drive and Google Photos since many users already have an account. Other popular cloud services include the likes of the Dropbox app, iCloud photos, and Microsoft OneDrive.

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There are some storage limitations to using Google Drive for people with huge photo collections. You get 15 GB of free storage to start with, which is enough for collections of around 5,000 photos (not including videos). If you're going to burn through that free 15GB quickly, Google One is the new storage subscription plan that Google offers, now with lower rates at the high-end of the capacity options. 

Google One Pricing (as of this writing):

  • 15GB: Free
  • 100GB: $1.99/mo or $19.99/yr
  • 200GB: $2.99/mo or $29.99/yr
  • 2TB: $9.99/mo or $99.99/yr

The downside to using the Google Drive app is that the process of transferring photos between phones is a bit clunky. Here's the process for transferring photos from iPhone to Android using the Google Drive app:

  • Download the Google Drive app on your iPhone

  • Sign in to Drive with your Google account

  • Tap on Add

  • Hit Upload

  • Select the photos you want to transfer 

  • Tap Upload and wait for the transfer to complete (you’ll want Wifi for this)

  • On your Android device, open Drive, which comes pre-installed on most Android phones

  • Select the images uploaded from your iPhone

  • Hit the 3-dot menu icon in the top-right corner of the screen

  • Tap Download

Syncing Through Google Photos

If maintaining picture quality is crucial, the Google Photos app offers one of the simplest ways to transfer photos between iPhones and Androids. The app comes pre-installed on most Android phones, and iPhone users can download it for free from the App Store.

ROKFORM Suction Windshield mount inside car with ROKFORM phone case

Google Photos is a common way to create and share photo albums with family members via any device. Households with several phones from different brands, however, may be used to a cluttered mess and brand-specific accessories and cables. Luckily for you, ROKFORM mounts for cars and bicycles are compatible across all iPhone and Samsung ROKFORM cases. This way, any family member can secure their own phone when using the mount, regardless of their phone brand.

Google Photos provides two easy ways to share photos between devices:

Method #1 - High Storage Use, But Less Work For Large Collections

  1. Open Google Photos app on the Android and the iPhone and log in with your Google account

  2. Set backup quality to Original if you want your photos to be transferred in full quality 

  3. Enable backup, and your photos and videos will begin to sync between both devices 

  4. Use the app to view and download them easily from either phone

Method #2 - Low Storage Use, But More Work 

  1. Select the photos you want to transfer between phones

  2. Click Share and select your other phone as the recipient and hit Send

Samsung Smart Switch

This technique is most useful for new Samsung owners who need to transfer photos from their old iPhone to their new device. The Smart Switch service comes pre-installed on the latest Galaxy models so users can transfer data from their previous device directly to their new phone via USB cable or Wi-Fi. Users can also restore an iPhone backup from their computer to the Galaxy device.

Easiest ways to transfer photos from iPhone to Android infographic

If you’ve just made the switch from iPhone to the recently released Samsung Galaxy S23, for example, this method is for you. Protect your precious device right out of the box with one of ROKFORM’s rugged phone cases designed specifically for the Galaxy S23 models. Custom tweaks to the newest generation of cases include a non-magnetic plug that easily allows for S-Pen compatibility while using the S23.  

QR Code Syncing Via The Zapya App

The Zapya app is unique in that it uses a QR code system to transfer photos and videos between iPhones and Androids without quality loss and without the need for an Internet connection. It’s kind of like Airdrop, but with QR codes. Here’s how the app works:

  • Enable receiving on your Android

    • Open Zapya on your Android

    • Click on the Transfer icon at the bottom 

    • Click Allow Permissions and then tap Receive

    • The app will create a Wifi hotspot network, so no internet is required

    • A QR Code will display when it’s ready

  • Connect the iPhone and transfer to your Android

    • Open Zapya on your iPhone device

    • Tap Scan at the top right

    • Scan the QR Code that’s displayed on your Android

    • Tap Allow Connection (you may need to open Wifi settings and connect to the hotspot manually)

    • Once both phones are connected, you can start transferring

  • Transfer iPhone Photos and Videos 

    • Select the Files tab on your iPhone, select your photos and videos to transfer 

    • Click Send

Woman in the gym browsing through photos with ROKFORM iPhone Rugged Case

You can also transfer photos and videos from your Android smartphone the same way.

Pictures and videos are sent in original quality, compression-free. If you’re interested in Zapya but want to check out other apps, Send Anywhere and MobileTrans do the same job.

SanDisk Wireless USB Drive + SanDisk Connect Drive App

Pairing a SanDisk Connect Wireless USB Drive with the SanDisk Connect Drive App allows you to automatically upload photos and videos from your camera roll to the drive when the thumb drive is connected. 

What’s really useful is that it allows wireless syncing across three devices simultaneously, which is for Wifi-enabled DSLR owners who want a quick transfer process between an iOS device and non-Apple devices after a photoshoot, or vice versa. As an added bonus, you can even stream music or video to up to three smartphones, tablets, or computers!

Mountain biker taking photo of friend riding past with ROKFORM iPhone Case

Taking your phone out to snap a photo is a common cause of accidental drops. Keep your Android or iPhone safe from drops and impacts with one of ROKFORM’s Rugged Series Cases, so your photo sessions are limited only by your imagination. Each case provides shock protection that exceeds military standards and is MagSafe compatible for convenient wireless charging.

Check out ROKFORM’s newest Rugged Series phone case built for the recently released Samsung Galaxy S23!

The SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick comes in multiple capacities:

  • 32GB

  • 64GB

  • 128GB

  • 200GB

  • 256GB

Where the system really shines is using the app with the drive. You connect to the drive with your phone like any Wi-fi network. Once connected, the app displays how much storage is left and what devices are connected to the drive. It's well-organized, and navigating files and folders is straightforward.

Even better than Airdrop, the drive’s Wifi connection reaches up to 150 feet in a direct line and slightly less if indoors and blocked by walls. You won’t need internet access or an internet connection during the transfer process so you can work from anywhere!

The drive’s rechargeable battery provides a whopping 4.5 hours of continuous video streaming and only takes about two hours to recharge via the USB port. Just plug it in after use, and battery life should never be an issue.

ROKFORM Sport Utility Belt Clip on suede belt with ROKFORM Crystal Case

Today’s smartphones are giving traditional DSLR cameras a run for their money, empowering anyone with a phone to create professional-quality images. Shooting on a phone, however, means taking it in and out of your pocket frequently and putting it at risk of being dropped. 

Free up your pockets and safeguard your phone with the ROKFORM Sport Utility Belt Clip that twists into your phone case securely. Its stainless steel spring clip fits belts, bags, backpacks that’s perfect for photographers on the go. Users can also add a detachable lanyard to minimize the chance of an accidental drop.

“The belt clip is a must buy, you don’t realize that you need it until you got it.” —Maya

Old-school Methods (not recommended)

There are some quick-and-dirty methods to share photos across devices but they aren’t great for moving many photos or preserving high resolution. In a pinch, users can send themselves text messages via SMS or other social media apps— typically, though, those services will lower the resolution automatically. 

And while using a Windows PC or desktop computer isn’t a bodge, it’s a more cumbersome way to transfer photos directly from one phone to another. We recommend sticking to the techniques described above to keep your workflow as fast as possible and avoid any tech-caused headaches.

Table showing Ways to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android

Frequently Asked Questions

Do ROKFORM magnetic cases work with Samsung and iPhone phones?

ROKFORM magnetic phone cases feature a MAGMAX magnet system that’s safe to use on any iPhone or Samsung device. The protective cases are MagSafe compatible and securely connect to any magnetic surface. The integrated magnets will not affect GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, payments, or data transfer.

How can I best protect my smartphone?

The most reliable way to protect your phone from damage is by using a high-quality case. All ROKFORM phone cases are made from premium materials with reinforced corners that pass military-grade drop tests. For an additional layer of security, use a screen shield protector to prevent scratches.

Do ROKFORM products allow for wireless charging?

Yes, ROKFORM iPhone and Samsung cases are designed to be compatible with most wireless chargers. Even better, ROKFORM offers the RokLock Wireless Charger to charge your phone fast inside a car. The strong TwistLok retention system lets users securely attach any model of iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone, ideal for families with multiple drivers.

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ROKFORM: Protective Cases for iPhone and Android

Whether you have an iPhone or Android, ROKFORM defends your precious device with a wide range of durable cases. Compatible ROKFORM mounts work seamlessly between both Apple and Samsung Galaxy phones so you can protect your multiple devices.

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