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Rokform Plants Trees with American Forests

by Jessica Petyo April 17, 2013

Rokform Plants Trees with American Forests

Earlier this year we announced our partnership with American Forests to plant one tree through theAmerican Forests Global ReLeaf program for every Rokbed™ and Roklock™ case sold through July 31, 2013. As of today, we are proud to have planted thousands of trees in California for the Browns Fire Restoration and in Montana for the Kraft Springs Fire Rehabilitation.

“Rokform cases have been protecting iPhones against the environment and its potential hazards, and now it’s time to do our part to start protecting the environment as well,” says Vice President Jeff Whitten . “Working with American Forests is a great way for us to make an impact.”
Since 1990, American Forests’ Global ReLeaf program has planted more than 40 million trees to restore forest ecosystems in every state across the U.S. and more than 38 countries around the world. Through local partnerships, Global ReLeaf is able to involve individuals, organizations, agencies and corporations in tree-planting projects that restore local and global ecosystems.
“Our forests protect us every day by cleaning our air and water,” says Lea Sloan , VP of Communications for American Forests. “We’re pleased to be partnering with Rokform to help increase the number of trees and the benefits they provide around the country.”
Did you know?
  • A mature tree can reduce peak summer temperatures by 2° to 9° Fahrenheit through the evapotranspiration of roughly 40 gallons of water per day. If planted near a building, the cooling effects of evapotranspiration and shading can reduce energy bills by 7% to 40%. (source: American Forests)
  • Forests are the largest forms of carbon storage, or sinks, in the United States. Currently, carbon sequestration by plants offset 15% of total U.S. carbon dioxide emissions from the transportation and energy sectors. (source: American Forests)
  • Over a year, an acre of forest can consume the amount of carbon dioxide created by driving a car 26,000 miles, about twice the annual mileage for an average driver. (source: American Forests)
To find our more about American Forests and how you can help with the Global ReLeaf program, please visit their website at

Jessica Petyo
Jessica Petyo


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