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How to Clean your Gadgets

by Jessica Petyo June 13, 2013

How to Clean your Gadgets

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We’re all pretty attached to our gadgets. They’re always with us! They’re mounted to our bikes, or stuck to the refrigerator door, or even just tucked into our pockets. It’s no wonder that they get so dirty. Cleaning can be a hassle though, especially when you’re afraid to damage them with water or cleaning supplies! Never fear. With these tips, you’ll have no excuse not to have a squeaky-clean gadget and screen. (Hey, that rhymed!)

  • Find the “OFF” button. Before starting the cleaning process, be sure to turn your phone off. You’ll also want to take your phone case and screen protector off for a deeper clean.
  • Vinegar- the secret ingredient. To clean fingerprints and trouble areas on your touchscreen device, try using a 50/50 mix of distilled water and vinegar. Spray a microfiber cloth with a very small amount of liquid. You can then wipe the cloth in a circular motion over your screen to remove the majority of dirt and grime. Keep in mind that touchscreens are a little more resilient than computer monitors, so don’t be afraid to press down a little harder for stubborn spots.
  • Use household items. To get in cracks and crevices, you can use wooden toothpicks or old toothbrushes. A slightly dampened cotton swab can also be used in a circular motion to clean the camera lens.
  • Pulling dirt out. In some areas, you have to take extra care not to push the dirt further into your gadget, like in the case of mic/speaker grilles. It’s best to lay a strip of scotch tape over the problem area, run your fingers over it a few times, and then pull it off. You can even upgrade your scotch tape to duct tape, but be wary about leaving adhesives on your device!
  • Be careful! Whether you’re wiping down your screen or cleaning between the crevices, just remember to handle it with care. It really is possible to clean your gadgets quickly and efficiently without harming your device. Just be careful. Give the phone plenty of time to dry before you re-assemble it or turn it back on.

Now that you’re armed with this plethora of pro-cleaning tips, you no longer have to be afraid to get your phone or iPad dirty. Go forth! And take your Golf Shooter and Bike Mount with you on your next outdoor adventure !

When’s the last time you cleaned your phone? Tell us in the comments section below. (Be honest.)

Jessica Petyo
Jessica Petyo


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