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iPhone 15 Pro Max強化ガラススクリーンプロテクター(2パック)

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Rokform's iPhone 15 Pro Max tempered glass screen protector shields your new phone's screen against scuffs, scratches, and dirt, but still preserves 3D touch sensitivity.

Pair With A Case

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    iPhone 15 Pro Max クリスタルケース

世界最高の携帯電話を所有するなら、それをダメージから守りたいものです。当社のスマホケースは落下や転倒による衝撃を和らげますが、完全に保護するには当社のiPhone 15 Pro Maxガラススクリーンプロテクター.


究極の耐傷性: 最も硬い強化ガラスを使用しているため、傷や擦れに強い。
日本製の高品質強化ガラス 日本製の9H強化ガラスは、落下にも耐える強度があり、あなたの携帯電話を汚れ、指紋、よごれから守ります。
超薄型: 厚さわずか0.33mmのスクリーンプロテクターは、かさばりや重量を増やすことなく画面を保護します。
3D TOUCH対応:当社のプロテクターは画面を保護しますが、他の多くのスクリーンプロテクターのように3Dタッチやその他のタッチ機能を妨げません。

Remarkable Screen Protection

Our super sturdy iPhone 15 Pro Max tempered glass screen protector is rated at 9H hardness for the toughest screen protection available. Not only does it protect your screen against accidental bumps and drops. It also shields it against dirt and scratches and protects it from smudges and fingerprints.

Original Touch Screen Sensitivity

At just 0.33mm in thickness, our iPhone 15 Pro Max screen protector doesn't add unwanted bulk to your iPhone or reduce touch sensitivity. Thin tempered glass conducts your touches more efficiently than thicker plastic protectors, so when you swipe and tap it's like you're touching the unprotected screen.

3D Touch Compatibility

Our screen protector for iPhone 15 Pro Max is compatible with all 3D touch features. You'll be able to access shortcuts, select text, and preview content without worrying about interference from your screen protector or from a wet or dirty iPhone screen.

Comes in a Handy Kit

Rokform's iPhone Pro Max 15 screen protector comes with an easy to follow installation template. Simply clean the front of your new phone with the alcohol wipes we provide, align the screen protector, and stick it to your phone. Remove any air bubbles with the included squeegee, and your iPhone 15 Pro Max screen is fully protected.

警告:がんと生殖への害 -https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov


Apple may argue that screen protectors are not necessary, thanks to the tough Ceramic Shield glass they use for screens. But under the right circumstances even the toughest phone screen can get damaged, scratched or even cracked. That's why it's a good idea to get an iPhone 15 Pro Max screen protector to protect your expensive new phone from scuffs, scratches, fingerprints, and cracks.

Yes, a screen protector can potentially impact the touch sensitivity of a smartphone. That's why you need to consider thickness, material, and touch technology compatibility when choosing an iPhone 15 Pro Max glass screen protector. Our screen protector is ultra-thin and made of tempered glass, so it offers a feel closer to the original screen. It's also compatible with Apple's 3D Touch.

Because they have different screen dimensions, the iPhone 15 Pro will require a different screen protector. iPhone 15 Pro Max phones have a 6.7 inch screen, while the iPhone 15 Pro screen is 6.1 inches. Fortunately, Rokform also offers an iPhone 15 Pro screen protector, as well as screen protectors for many other iPhone models.

Tempered glass is the iPhone 15 Pro Max best screen protector quality. Rokform screen protectors use the highest quality Japanese-manufactured tempered glass to protect your phone from the tiniest scratches without weighing down your screen or interfering with your touch sensitivity like plastic screen protectors.

At Rokform, we stand behind all our products. Our iPhone 15 Pro Max screen protector comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and a 2 year warranty against any defects in our screen protector's materials or workmanship.

Yes! Your iPhone 15 pro max screen protector comes with a handy guide and install kit.

It doesn't get much thinner than this! 0.33mm thick screen protector that's scratch resistant, ability to withstand drops, and protects your new iPhone from smears, fingerprints, and smudges.