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iPhone 15 Pro強化ガラススクリーンプロテクター(2パック)

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Click HereRokform's iPhone 15 Pro screen protector offers durable tempered glass protection against damage in an ultra-thin design.

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新しいiPhone 15 Proを手に入れたからには、落下や衝撃、傷から保護したいものです。私たちの iPhone 15 Pro強化ガラス スクリーンプロテクターは、あなたの携帯電話の傷つきやすい画面を損傷から保護し、高価な修理の費用と手間を節約します。しかも、とても薄いので、スワイプしたりクリックしたりするときに、そのことに気づくことさえありません。

究極の耐傷性: 当社の iPhone 15 Proガラススクリーンプロテクター は、傷や擦れからあなたの新しい携帯電話を安全に保ちます。
日本で製造された高品質の強化ガラス: 日本製の9Hガラスを使用しており、落下にも耐え、汚れ、シミ、指紋がつきにくくなっています。
超薄型: この iPhone 15 Proスクリーンプロテクターは厚さわずか0.33mmなので、お使いの携帯電話にかさや重さを追加することはありません。
3D touch対応: 非常に薄いため、3Dタッチやその他のタッチ機能を、多くの厚いプラスチック製スクリーンプロテクターに見られるようなラグによる干渉なしに使用することができます。


Our iPhone 15 Pro glass protector is made with super strong 9H hardness Japanese tempered glass to protect against accidental bumps or drops. We've ensured that our iPhone 15 pro screen protector is super thin and crystal clear, so you can enjoy seamless touch functionality.


Because it's only 0.33mm thick, our iPhone 15 Pro glass screen protector doesn't add extra bulk to the iPhone or reduce touch sensitivity. You won't even know it's there when you're using your phone, but you'll appreciate it when it protects your screen from damage.


Another benefit to our Apple 15 Pro screen protector! So thin it's compatible with all 3D touch features. You can click, swipe, and tap just like you do on the unprotected screen without any difficulty or scratches to your phone. No iPhone 15 should be tainted with anything less!


Our iPhone 15 Pro glass screen protector comes with everything you need for an easy installation process. You get an installation template that shows you exactly how to put the iPhone 15 Pro protector in place and alcohol wipes to clean the screen and protector before and after you complete the process.

警告:がんと生殖への害 -https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov


You should definitely get a screen protector for your new iPhone 15 Pro. The Ceramic Shield glass Apple uses for its new screens is tough, but it's still vulnerable to scratches, scuffs, and cracks. An iPhone 15 Pro screen protector will help to protect the screen from costly damage and unsightly fingerprints.

Phone 14 screen protectors won't fit the iPhone 15. The iPhone 15 Pro has slightly different dimensions than the iPhone 14 Pro, and so iPhone 14 Pro screen protectors and cases won't fit. For best results, you need to purchase an iPhone 15 Pro screen protector to ensure that your new iPhone is properly protected.

Tempered glass screen protectors are the best option for iPhones. Our iPhone 15 Pro tempered glass screen protectors are made from strengthened glass and are designed to be tougher than regular plastic screen protectors. They're designed to be scratch-resistant and provide the best protection against accidental damage.

Rokform's iPhone 15 Pro screen protectors are made of military-grade tempered glass. They are scratch-resistant, and provide maximum protection for your device. They are also ultra-thin and optically clear, making them an ideal choice for anyone looking for maximum protection without compromising visibility.

100% - we stand behind all of our products and our iPhone 15 Pro screen protector is no different. We have a 60 day money back guarantee and 2 year warranty for any defects in our screen protector's manufacturing.

Yes! We provide a handy install kit so you get the perfect fit with our iPhone 15 Pro screen protector. You'll also receive 2 screen protectors so you can save one for future use.

It's not thick - our tempered glass screen protectors for iPhone 15 Pro sit at just 0.33mm thin. No bulk, super protective, and with 3D touch sensitivity.