Rugged iPhone 15 Pro Max Case
Rugged iPhone 15 Pro Max Case
Rugged iPhone 15 Pro Max Case
Rugged iPhone 15 Pro Max Case
Rugged iPhone 15 Pro Max Case
Rugged iPhone 15 Pro Max Case
Rugged iPhone 15 Pro Max Case
Rugged iPhone 15 Pro Max Case

Rugged iPhone 15 Pro Max Case

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SKU: 312001P

Our best-selling rugged iPhone 15 Pro Max case, refined, updated, and better than ever.

• Refined and updated for 2024
• Rugged military-grade drop protection
• Patented Twist Lock and magnetic mounting
• MAGMAX™ magnets for attachment to MagSafe® accessories.

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    iPhone 15 Pro Max Tempered Glass Screen Protector (2 Pack)

Looking for a phone case that offers more protection for your iPhone 15? Look no further than ROKFORM's all-new Rugged iPhone 15 Pro Max case. We've never stopped refining and improving our products, and this latest offering boasts even more camera protection, easier-to-press buttons, and the strongest magnets available. Plus, it features our patented RokLock™ twist-lock mounting system.

  • A MAGNETIC ATTRACTION: our industrial-grade, multi-magnet arrangement offers a 3x stronger hold on all magnetic surfaces.
  • COMPATIBLE MagSafe® ACCESSORIES: Compatible with Apple MagSafe® accessories (excludes MagSafe® Battery Pack).
  • MILITARY-GRADE PROTECTION: Our cases pass military-grade drop test standards with flying colors. The Rugged Cases absorb shocks and drops up to 4x better than our competitors.
  • ROKLOCK™ TWIST LOCK: Use your iPhone as you’ve never imagined. Access twist lock bike mounts, motorcycle mounts, car mounts, and more!
  • SLIM BUT STURDY: 6-sided, 360° protection – while still fitting perfectly into your pocket. All the brawn, none of the bulk.
  • 60-DAY MONEY BACK AND 2-YEAR ROKFORM GUARANTEE: 2-year limited warranty and a 5-star customer service team based in Irvine, California.
  • WIRELESS CHARGING COMPATIBLE*: Designed to work with ROKFORM magnetic charging products (*Compatibility with MagSafe® wireless charging products outside of ROKFORM may vary).

Not only is the all-new Rugged iPhone 15 Pro Max case compatible with all our twist-lock and magnetic mounts, providing secure mounting on cars, bikes, motorcycles, golf carts, and any magnetic surface. It's the perfect solution for anyone who needs extra protection for their phone. Try it out today and see why it's the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to phone cases.

Attaches to Virtually Any Surface Instantly

Three strategically placed magnet systems in our iPhone 15 Pro Max Rugged case will hold securely to magnetic mounts, providing secure mounting on cars, bikes, motorcycles, golf carts,or any magnetic surface. Our N52 Neodymium magnets are the highest grade of magnet available, and provide 3x more holding power than the magnets typically used on phone cases.

Military-Grade Protection

Our durable iPhone 15 Pro Max case is engineered to provide 360° of military grade protection for your screen, corners, and camera. No matter which way your phone lands, our durable case is there to cushion the fall and protect your iPhone 15 from scratches and other impacts.

Smooth, Stylish, and Slim

We use high quality light but impact-resistant polycarbonate protective materials to make the best rugged case for iPhone 15 Pro Max so it won't feel heavy in your pocket. The smooth and slim design makes our Rugged cases comfortable to hold and easy to slide in and out of your pocket. You get more stylish protection with less bulk and weight.

Ideal for the Golf Course

Every Rokform case is compatible with our patented RokLock™ twist-lock mounting system. No matter the model, our iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max case rugged collections will keep you covered both on and off the course - chosen by golfing pros since 2012. Mount your phone on your cart and you can enjoy 18 holes with no fear your iPhone will be jarred loose and damaged. You can even add our G-ROK speaker for a great soundtrack on the links.

Customizable & MAGSAFE® Compatible*

Maximum protection for your phone while giving you adventures in style! Our iPhone 15 Pro Max case rugged line works perfectly with ROKFORM wireless charging MagSafe® products for secure, fast wireless charging. Compatibility with MagSafe® charging outside of ROKFORM may vary.

Accessories like MagSafe® holsters, belt clips, straps, lanyards, and RokLock™ tech are also compatible with our rugged, heavy duty iPhone 15 Pro Max case.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Mark F.
Unbeatable protection

Had the same case on my Iphone 13 and was unfortunate enough to have a accident and my motorcycle was totaled, woke up in the hospital and had no idea what happened to my phone. Used "find my phone" app to track my phone and it was at the tow yard still in its mount on my motorcycle even after the bike tumbled a few times, phone was not broken and still works a year later. Great protection and superb mount that won't let go, just ordered a new one for my new Iphone 15 pro

10/10 would recommend!

This case is truly the best case on the market! I drop my phone all the time from various heights and never once have i had a crack or a problem with the case. This case is super durable and the magnet is so strong. One time I was using my phone flashlight to do work on the bottom of my truck i had stuck my phone to the gas tank and forgot about it i drove around for 20 mins wondering where my phone was and then i realized where i had left it stuck on the bottom of my truck and yes it was still holding on. I was mind blown on how it didn't fall off when i hit speed bumps or dips. I also love the weight this case adds to the phone. If i could complain about one thing it would be that the bottom magnet isn't centered to where its cut out to be, its slightly off but I’ll get over it. Again this is truly the best case on the market. Plus they have great accessories like car mounts, motorcycle mounts, etc. If you are debating on getting one I say do it pull the trigger on one before they sell out. Thank you Rokform!

Russell S.
fits perfect

works as promises. full wireless charging. this is my 3rd case i have orders.

Samuel N.I.
Incredible products

So back in 2014 a friend and I packed up from a job that was about 6 miles away or so so we get the car ready his phone always connects to the car so in the car driving on the highway blah blah blah blah blah blah he couldn’t find a phone so we’re taking it somewhere between the seats he panicked a little bit but you know it’s probably somewhere so we get back to the studio and Manju drove about six or so miles because of your phone case his iPhone was stuck on the side of the car for 6+ miles. We both looked at each other and laughed hysterically, and I knew then I had to invest in one of your impressive, well, protective, magnetize cases, thank you….since then I’ve purchased 6 different iPhones (including the 13 Pro max) and your case has always been the first thought to use to protect my iPhone. Thank you.

James R.
Great protection

I haven’t got my new phone yet but the MagSafe ring seems to be stronger which is great. I always trust my iPhone to RokForm cases.