A Beginner’s Guide to Filming Motorcycle Trips

A Beginner’s Guide to Filming Motorcycle Trips

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Sharing your motorcycle adventure has never been easier. With Facebook, Instagram Stories, and YouTube, there are now tons of ways you can share a great motorcycle ride with friends, family, and like-minded individuals around the world.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how you can make the best videos with a motorcycle phone mount

Your Starting Guide to Filming Your Motorcycle Trips

Gear You Need

In order to film your motorcycle adventure, you’ll want to get the required gear. Luckily, you’ll only need two items:  


Your smartphone is the first piece of equipment you need. Yes, most cell phones nowadays deliver professional camera quality, which means you don’t need an expensive camera to get the job done.

A GoPro may also be a great tool if you want to attach your camera to your head or motorcycle for amazing road shots, but it isn’t necessary. While you won’t get great audio on your phone as you ride around, worry not! Many people prefer to add music to their videos later through editing. 

Phone Mount

Your phone mount will ensure that your phone stays in position while you film your ride.

Phone mounts are designed to ensure your phone's safety so that you can use navigation apps or change the song through Bluetooth quickly without having to pull over. However, people don’t realize that it also makes a great tool for filming rides.

You don’t need expensive camera equipment as long as you have a quality, durable phone mount that can adjust the viewing angle and allows you to film the experience without worry. 

Choosing the Best Mount for Filming

Not all motorcycle phone mounts are created equal. There are a lot of options for motorcycle and bike mounts available on the market — but don’t let this overwhelm you. Instead, look for the following essential criteria when deciding which motorcycle mount is right for filming your next motorcycle adventure.

With this list of important features, you can find the best motorcycle mount that suits your needs:


Most people attach their motorcycle phone mounts in a place where it’s the easiest to see, especially if they use it for navigation or to see who is calling. Depending on its intended purpose, you’ll have to experiment to find the right angle where you can see what you’re recording and have the ability to use GPS in case of an emergency. 

If you’re going to use your mount to film your ride, the angle needs to be perfect. In order to get the perfect angle, you may want to consider a mount that has flexibility to enable you to move it to any angle.

Depending on your scenery and whether it's day or night, you may also want to film more of the sky or more of the road. That said, the ability to move the mount after it’s already been attached to your bike would be beneficial for your videos.

Ease of Use

Your motorcycle mount should be easy to adjust. In cases where you’ve accidentally picked a bad angle, you’ll want something that offers adjustability and versatility.

There are a variety of mounts available, all of which can be installed onto your motorcycle in different ways. To ensure the sturdiness of the mount and your phone, some mounts may be more complex to install than others.

This might not be a problem if you’re putting your mount on your bike to be a more permanent fixture. However, in the case of filming, you’ll want to get a mount that you can easily adjust so that you can record in the best positions possible. 

Camera Accessibility

Camera accessibility is especially important and needs to be tested before you record. If you don’t get the right mount for your phone make and model, you might accidentally cover your ports or camera lens.

Your mount should hold your phone without covering up any of these crucial areas, especially if you’re using it for filming. You could ruin an entire shot and get unusable videos with one shadow of a mount covering up the camera lens.

This is also true for the charging port. A rider looking to film a video while on the road should typically have their phone plugged in and charging during the entirety of the ride to ensure that the adventure is recorded properly. There is nothing more frustrating for a rider than making a great video only to find that their phone has died in the middle of a trip.

You’ll always need to ensure that the correct ports are accessible. In this way, you'll get to charge your phone throughout your entire motorcycle trip easily and never miss a shot.


No matter where you are, you’ll want a motorcycle phone mount that can ensure the safety of your phone and  film every moment of your ride. For rugged terrain, you’ll want a motorcycle mount that’s heavy-duty and secure.

Motorcycle Fit

Your motorcycle mount should be able to be installed on a variety of bikes. If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, you're going to want a mount that fits on all of your bikes.

Your mount should have the ability to attach to a number of motorcycles so that you don’t have to purchase a different mount for each bike. Not only that, you should ensure that the mount fits tightly enough so that it stays in position no matter which motorcycle you’re riding. 

Creative Ideas

When it comes to filming your motorcycle rides, many people would be happy to film the entire thing. However, if you’re filming for a purpose, like trying to get the best shots or show off your camera skills, you should consider a few things:

Using Different Angles

The best way to make an enthralling motorcycle video is to switch up your phone camera angles so that your audience can see your surroundings.  You can try to record the sky or the rocky road as you ride. You may also want to get some longshots using a tripod or another stand so that people can see you on your bike.

A selfie angle may also work in your favor if you’re going to tell a story from another perspective. 


If you’re going to capture every moment of your motorcycle travel, consider shortening some of the videos so that you can share it with people around the world. If you caught a beautiful sunrise or a beach scene, make sure to include it so that people see more than just pavement. 

During the editing process, you can also mute the video and replace the audio with music to further enhance the audience's experience. Choose a great background song that fits the mood of your ride so that your friends and family can feel like they were going on your trip with you. 

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