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7 Best Golf Speakers to Look for in 2024

A day on the green is great regardless, but it can be made even better with the right music on blast. Whether you're playing a casual round with some friends or have very specific game time tunes in mind, there's no limit to what can be enjoyed through a good sound system either. 

 With that in mind, we've done some thorough research to help you find a great one. Read below to see what combination of factors and high scores have come together to define our winners for the title of best golf speaker of 2024. 

What Makes the Best Golf Speaker?

It goes without saying that the words 'best golf cart speaker' are extremely subjective. Everyone has their preferences, while some buying factors matter more to certain people than others. Across the board, though, regular players and tech experts alike will point out a few key traits that are essential to any good sound system. These, as outlined below, are the criteria for our review today.

  • Sound quality: Far distances and open-air environments make the need for clear and quality sound when golfing essential.

  • Battery life: Golf games are known to get long, so it can be beneficial to have a speaker capable of making it through.

  • Water and weather resistance: The tumultuous outdoor, and often unpredictable weather conditions on golf courses call for a speaker that's resistant to water and cold.

  • Portability and size: Convenience is everything when it comes to a golf course speaker, which should be compact enough to follow you all over the course.

  • Mounting options: Magnetic attachments offer a strong hold on metal surfaces, while carabiner clips can attach to various points on bags and carts.

  • Connection range: You'll always want the ability to control the speaker remotely from a distance. The farther, the better!

The 7 Best Golf Speakers You Should Be Looking At This Year

1. G-Rok Wireless Golf Speaker

Before you call us biased, rest assured that we've done our research. The G-Rok Wireless Golf Speaker is at the top of this list for plenty of good reasons - and at only $99, it's an absolute steal.

4/5 Sound quality: This system's crisp sound tops all our other contenders for the best Bluetooth speaker for golf cart use.

5/5 Battery life: It's hard to find a phone with 24-hour battery life, let alone a powerful speaker.

5/5 Water and weather resistance: Waterproof and dustproof design make this speaker well-equipped to weather the elements.

4/5 Portability and size: The G-Rok is the best golf cart speaker for its portability alone.

5/5 Mounting options: This system comes with magnets strong enough to instantly glue to any golf cart or other metal surface.

4/5 Connection range: A range of up to 30 feet makes the G-Rok the best golf cart speaker for casual games.

best bluetooth speaker for golf

2. Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3

Next up on our list of best golf cart speakers, coming in at roughly $250, is the Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3. We consider it a great choice for anyone in the market for convenient and accessible sound.

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3
Ultimate Ears
Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3

4/5 Sound quality: People love this speaker's bass but argue its range comes at the expense of sound quality. 

3/5 Battery life: The MEGABOOM 3 is advertised to have a 20-hour battery life, although some customers report it only lasts seven to eight hours on a full charge. 

5/5 Water and weather resistance: IPX7-rated protection always proves valuable for buyers who need a tough speaker for outdoor use. 

4/5 Portability and size: The MEGABOOM 3 has been designed in a tubular fashion to fit seamlessly inside regular sized cup holders. It may fall over or roll away without one, though. 

2/5 Mounting options: There aren't any real mounting options aside from the speaker's compatibility with cup holders. 

5/5 Connection range: This sound system boasts 150 feet of connection range. 

Let's take a look at some of the most prominent pros of purchasing this speaker: 

  • Excellent sound quality with a robust bass 
  • Durable and waterproof design 
  • Reasonably long battery life

The MEGABOOM 3 isn't short of disadvantages, the most notable being: 

  • No mounting features like magnets or hooks 
  • Non-golf-specific features and characteristics may make it harder to play with 
  • Larger, heavier, and harder to position design 
  • Higher price for limited features on the course

3. Bushnell Wingman View

Tactical and practical, albeit just as expensive, is the Bushnell Golf Wingman View. We consider it a completely worthwhile consideration with respect to sound systems that are specifically built for the game.

Bushnell Wingman View
Bushnell Golf
Bushnell Wingman View

5/5 Sound quality: Buyers have nothing but good things to say about this speaker's sound quality. 

3/5 Battery life: 10 hours of battery life is dismal compared to the much longer-lasting options out there today. 

5/5 Water and weather resistance: Another IPX6 grade product, there's no questioning whether this speaker will hold up outdoors. 

4/5 Portability and size: The Bushnell Golf Wingman View is compact, but as a three-sided unit, we'd have to dock it a point for being harder to fit into tight spaces. 

5/5 Mounting options: We won't go as far as to say that it's the best magnetic golf speaker, but there's certainly no sneezing at this sound system's integrated mount. 

4/5 Connection range: audible distance measurements aside, some players report that this system's connection will begin to go out from 30 to 40 feet away.

What makes the Bushnell Golf Wingman View number three on our list? Here are the top reasons: 

  • Specifically designed for golfers with golf-related features 
  • Attachable to a golf cart - Provides distance information 
  • Rated IPX6 for water resistance 
  • Good battery life for extended outdoor use

You might be making a few concessions by going with this speaker, including: 

  • Lower sound quality than non-golf-specific speakers 
  • More expensive price range 
  • Less versatility outside of golfing
best golf speakers for the course

4. Sony SRS-XB100

Built by a revered name in the world of sound systems, we have high expectations for the Sony SRS-XB100. Take a look at the ratings below to see if they meet yours.

XB100 Compact Bluetooth® Wireless Speaker | Black
XB100 Compact Bluetooth® Wireless Speaker | Black

4/5 Sound quality: This speaker emits great sound overall. The only thing buyers note it's missing is some deep bass. 

4/5 Battery life: Up to 16 hours of battery life place the Sony SRS-XB100 within the middle ground of golf speakers. 

4/5 Water and weather resistance: The Sony SRS-XB100 is designed to be durable, dustproof, and water resistant up to IP67 ratings. 

4/5 Portability and size: A smaller size is great portability-wise, but it's worth noting that it may come at the expense of volume. 

5/5 Mounting options: A built-in carrying strap makes fixing the Sony SRS-XB100 to various posts and 

4/5 Connection range: With a maximum connection range of 98 feet, this sound system is best suited for use in backyards.

Seriously considering the Sony SRS-XB100? Here are the top reasons why buyers love it: 

  • Decent sound quality 
  • Ultra-compact and portable design 
  • Affordable price under $100

Positives aside, we should warn you of a few potential drawbacks that come with a purchase of this speaker. They include: 

  • No golf-specific features like other speakers on our list 
  • Lack of outdoor sound quality means this isn't the best portable speaker for golf in particular

5. JBL Flip 6

The JBL Flip 6 won't be found topping any lists of best golf speakers, but its general value is worth recognizing.

JBL Flip 6
JBL Flip 6

5/5 Sound quality: This system's two-way design works well in outdoor environments. 

3/5 Battery life: 12 hours of battery life looks reasonable on paper, but it may not be enough for regular, all-day golf players. 

4/5 Water and weather resistance: Also IP67 waterproof and dustproof, buyers can expect this speaker to hold up well. 

4/5 Portability and size: Cylindrical design and lightweight construction make this system extremely portable, albeit slightly difficult to keep in one place. 

2/5 Mounting options: The JBL Flip 6 doesn't really come with any mounting options other than a very small wrist strap. 

3/5 Connection range: The actual connection range of this device seems up in the air, with little information to be found online. We'd say it's safe to expect roughly 100 feet of distance on the course.

While everyone has their own reasons for buying a speaker, most JBL customers choose the Flip 6 for one of two reasons. These are: 

  • Various color options 
  • Two-way output generates far-reaching sound

What might make you want to second guess a purchase of the JBL Flip 6? We want to highlight two main concerns: 

  • Buyers report the battery to last for less than 12 hours, or in some cases, not charge well within weeks of purchase 
  • $170 purchase price can be considered high for lack of golf-specific features and mounts
golf speaker roundup

6. Bose SoundLink Flex

Got $190 to spare? Then you might consider the Bose SoundLink Flex. One of many portable Bluetooth speakers made by this brand, it rates reasonably well - although not above - the best speakers for golf cart use we're covering today.

Bose SoundLink Flex
Bose SoundLink Flex

5/5 Sound quality: Buyers praise the Bose SoundLink Flex's sound as crystal clear. 

3/5 Battery life: This speaker offers up to 12 hours of music on a single charge, meaning you may come up short in some cases or need to plug it in more frequently. 

4/5 Water and weather resistance: The IP67 water-resistant rating is a great insurance policy should rain ruin your day on the green. 

5/5 Portability and size: Bose built this sound system with a unique flat design that's perfect for slipping in bags, pockets, and other small spaces. 

2/5 Mounting options: You will definitely have a harder time finding a reliable way to mount the SoundLink Flex, as it only comes with a small nylon loop. 

2/5 Connection range: Less than 30 feet of connection range may be short for some golf players.

This sound system has plenty of good things going for it, including: 

  • Crisp, clear sound 
  • Flat design for greater portability

We won't lie by saying that the Bose SoundLink Flex definitely has some weak spots. Golfers should be aware of a few potential downsides, including: 

  • Little to no mounting options - Short connection range doesn't work well for golf courses 
  • Average battery life

7. Marshall Emberton II

Lastly, we have the Marshall Emberton II. It's on the higher end of the pricing spectrum at $250, although you may find that cost worthwhile if things like battery life are at the top of your priority list.

Marshall Emberton II
Marshall Emberton II

4/5 Sound quality: The Emberton II's only exception with regard to sound quality is volume-connected compression. 

5/5 Battery life: This Bluetooth speaker boasts 30 hours of battery life on a single charge, making it one of, if not the longest-lasting one on our list of best golf speakers. 

4/5 Water and weather resistance: IP67 dust and water resistance mean this speaker can withstand a bit of wetness. 

3/5 Portability and size: The Marshall Emberton II's brick-like shape isn't convenient to carry around the golf course. 

1/5 Mounting options: The Marshall Emberton II is more of a mini boombox than anything else. 

2/5 Connection range: Is less than 30 feet of distance enough for your needs? Most golfers would say no.

Delving a little deeper into prospective benefits, there are certainly some to note in the Marshall Emberton II. These include: 

  • Balanced mid-range sound 
  • EQ presets make customizing your listening experience easy 
  • 30 hours of battery life on a single charge

Like everything in life, this sound system comes with its fair share of drawbacks. Our biggest concerns: 

  • It's hard to not notice the Marshall Emberton II speaker's sound compression at louder volumes 
  • It's a bit bulky for golfers who want something more compact 
  • Limited connection range

And the Best Golf Speaker Is...

Now for the final verdict: which, out of the seven options that we've reviewed today, is the best speaker for golf cart adventures? Our answer is multifaceted depending on what features matter most to you. See a condensed summary below. 

Best golf-assisting features: There's no beating the Bushnell Wingman View with respect to golf-specific perks. Its rangefinder feature is a literal game-changer for regular players. 

Best value for money: A combination of waterproof design, long battery life, strong magnetic hold, and extended wireless range, easily make G-ROK the winner of the value category. We highly recommend this one if you're on a budget. 

Best for the driving range: The MEGABOOM 3 boasts exceptional sound quality that can travel long distances, making it perfect for the driving range. It doesn't come with a mount, but that tradeoff is more than acceptable given everything else this speaker brings to the table.

results of the best golf speaker to look out for in 2024

Other Rokform Accessories for Keen Golfers

Now that you have an answer to the burning question of what the best golf cart bluetooth speaker for your needs is, you're ready to hit the course. Well, maybe not just yet. Having the best golf speaker money can buy is great, but any playing experience can be made better with a few extra accessories. 

ROKFORM offers plenty in this regard - all of which pair excellently with our top-of-the-line G-ROK sound system. 

Bring convenience onto the green with a wireless charging stand, and keep that repository playing your tunes safe with the robust Eagle 3 case series for iPhone 15

Like everything from ROKFORM, all of these products are designed and manufactured with the utmost quality in mind.

Get the Best Golf Cart Speaker Today!

There you have it, an end-to-end rundown of what you need to know when looking to buy the best golf speaker in 2024. There are plenty of options out there, but the key to making a good decision is taking your time. Well, that, and choosing a ROKFORM product. Rated highly across the board, our speakers and accessories never disappoint. Invest in the enjoyability of your golf games by starting your shopping journey with us today!

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