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Great product! Well protected!

I am more excited with the case than my new iPhone 15 pro, the case is premium quality! Rugged and 100% money worth! I love it!

Great case

I’ve used your cases for the past 3 years and I can say without a doubt, I am a lifetime customer. With that said, The crystal clear case for the 15 pro max is a great case and for the price point to protect my investment is phenomenal. The only thing stopping me from calling it the “perfect” case is the fact that there’s still an opening on the side for where the action button is. I feel like it should have been covers like the volume buttons. If you ever go back to the drawing board and decide to make it where there’s a button on the case for the action button, I would love to have one. Other than that, it’s a great case, good job to you all.

Unbeatable protection

Had the same case on my Iphone 13 and was unfortunate enough to have a accident and my motorcycle was totaled, woke up in the hospital and had no idea what happened to my phone. Used "find my phone" app to track my phone and it was at the tow yard still in its mount on my motorcycle even after the bike tumbled a few times, phone was not broken and still works a year later. Great protection and superb mount that won't let go, just ordered a new one for my new Iphone 15 pro

10/10 would recommend!

This case is truly the best case on the market! I drop my phone all the time from various heights and never once have i had a crack or a problem with the case. This case is super durable and the magnet is so strong. One time I was using my phone flashlight to do work on the bottom of my truck i had stuck my phone to the gas tank and forgot about it i drove around for 20 mins wondering where my phone was and then i realized where i had left it stuck on the bottom of my truck and yes it was still holding on. I was mind blown on how it didn't fall off when i hit speed bumps or dips. I also love the weight this case adds to the phone. If i could complain about one thing it would be that the bottom magnet isn't centered to where its cut out to be, its slightly off but I’ll get over it. Again this is truly the best case on the market. Plus they have great accessories like car mounts, motorcycle mounts, etc. If you are debating on getting one I say do it pull the trigger on one before they sell out. Thank you Rokform!

Best case on the market!

This truly is the best case ever! I drop my phone constantly and never had a crack or anything happen to the phone itself. I wish Rokform came out with a privacy screen protector. The only flaw on my case is the back bottom magnet is off center from where its cut out to be and it bugs me but ill get over it. Once again this is truly the best phone case on the market super strong magnet durable case and i love the weight it adds to the phone. Thank you Rokform!

Seems better built in version 2

I’ve had and gone through 4 of the original V4 mount, with each of them breaking right in the center where the magnet rests. Also, the diamond cut pattern for the grip of position tended to strip easily.

This version seems like it’s been reworked much stronger and the position uses instead a raised line that the mount flushed into. Also, the shape seems to be better suited for MTB’rs who actually rip through trails and aren’t on chat-pace rides.

Looking forward to putting this one through the Florida race scene and season.

Great product

I bought other magsafe wallets from other company and could on fit 3 cards but clams it hold 6 plus cash but didn't.. so rokform came out with one and I jumped on it and this wallet is awesome and I love it... it's well made with heavy duty products just like all there other pdocts

Worth the hype!

I only bought this case for my iPhone 14 pro max because of Damon & Dave with DDE. They swear by these cases that they are the best! So of course I had to order one, using DDE’s Discounts, and I will say I’m very happy with it! Excellent quality case, strong magnets I won’t use anything other than Rokform from here on out


Bought the crystal case and love it. Can see my blue phone so I’m not picking up my husbands phone. Protective without the bulkiness!!
Also bought a screensaver-it was very easy to install and no bubbles or lint. Crisp, clear and no glare viewing. Very happy!

Good attachment

This is a great attachment if you have a phone that doesn't have a rokform case, I want to convert it. My last phone had a rokform case and I had a motorcycle mount for it. My new phone they don't make a rokform case for, so I needed to convert my new case to be able to keep my rokform motorcycle mount.

Great addition to the windshield suction mount

The setup is complete for long road-trips. I love it. It works great in my Escalade.

Amazing products!

We’ve have numerous Rokform cases over the years, and they never disappoint! I would highly recommend these cases to anyone!

Calling all you Android people!

I wanted to start off by saying that Rokform supports military and first responders by providing discounts! So, take advantage and get a product that protects your phone and lasts. I have heavily relied on Rokform products for the better part of 15 years. Their warranty is amazing, they have the best customer service staff in the business and they will always take care of their customers. I switch back and forth from Android and Apple. I would love for Rokform to make Google Pixel products but understand supply and demand:) Bottom line if you need a case that tops them all with a plethora of case accessories then Rokform is the brand to go with.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Rugged Case in Tactical
Torrie S.
Limited edition case

The perfect fit, stronger magnets and durability are the best by far. This is my second one only because I tried modifying the first one and messed it up, LOL. I highly recommend these cases above all others. Thank you.

A ring for every occasion

I like the ring because it's convenient to have a multitasking moments that you need when you are in running for customer's at home and for constant viewing. And when you need a photo, and you wanna leave it? On any surface, a h
ook the ring, either or a metal will stick on.

26’ Drop

I work on cranes and I love case because of the magnet, although for some reason the case isn’t magsafe charger compatible. The phone will connect to the charger but won’t charge through the case. Anyways I was working on a crane and I stuck the magnet onto an electrical panel so I could have both hands free while looking at a wiring diagram. When I pulled the phone of the case my butter fingers took affect, my phone landed in the scissor lift then bounced out and fell 26 feet onto concrete. I was worried but when I picked my phone up off the ground the only damaged my phone sustained was a tiny little crack in the screen protector. Due to this I will never buy another type of case other than Rokform.

One of the best cases I have owned

The iPhone 14 Pro Max Crystal Case offers a superior level of protection. Just after a few days I have found myself using the magnets to secure my phone very conveniently. The magnets are very strong and will give you peace of mind when securing it to a metal surface. It is a little bit of a thicker case, but not overwhelmingly uncomfortable. The side by side photo is of the Apple crystal clear case.

Rokform 14 pro max

I love my case, it’s the twist to charge my phone while it’s connected, it’s a slim case not heavy .

Perfect for Me

It is perfect for what I use it for. Love this case and it's the second one I've ordered. The first one was for an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Thank you all very much!

I bought into the rockform system

As a pro photographer, I know why gadgets work and why they fail. You can waste a lot of money on gadgets that fail. Spend it once, buy the right gear… for mounting to car (windshield suction mount, bikes, and metal surfaces - plus the stand is handy in many ways - for video handholding, extra magnetic strength, and positioning your phone on an angle…

MagSafe Sport Ring

Once again delivering me a must have add on to my Rugged IPhone 13 ProMax case. Literally attaches effortlessly to back of case with magnet which adds another super powerful magnet to back of phone case and ring is sturdy and provides a perfect way to position my phone in either landscape or reg mode for business or pleaseure. I watch tons of streaming services on my phone so my only question to myself is why I didn’t purchase this addition sooner! Thanks again Rockford for delivering yet another cutting edge product, you guys really are the best in the business

Best phone Case second to none

I have been a loyal Rokform customer twice (iPhone X and 12 pro) I had the crystal version and this time (iPhone 14 pro)changed it to Eagle 3, it’s also great… just missing the Crystal version.

Strongest Mount Ever!!

I had been using my Rokform mount for almost a year leading up to September 15, 2022. On that morning while riding to work, someone crossed over 2 lanes and hit me head on with their full size pick up. We were both traveling around 40 MPH.
Through all of that, my phone didn't budge or get damaged. Although I no longer have the motorcycle, I still have the case on my phone.
This is a great mount & case combination.
Thanks for making such a great product.
(mounted on the right handle bar)

Not sure of the quality

I’m not sure if mine was a fluke but I had the case for about 2 months before I changed phones due to not having the vibration damper. Anyway.
About a week ago it started jiggling In place on the bike. After a close look it seems the grooves on the back have started to wear (they’re plastic) and was allowing for some play while locked in place. Not sure how bad it may have I said I changed phones and cases so we’ll see.

2nd one

I bought one a couple years ago for my other bike. Had to get one for this bike. If you're looking for anything near Chrome with quality, this is it.