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Great Case -Rugged

I had this case for my Samsung S22 Ultra, now that I upgraded to three S23 Ultra I bought the new case with magsafe. This is a beast. Very powerful magnets. I also purchased the MagSafe magnetic mount for my vehicle. My only complain is that having a newer model Jeep there is very little real-estate to put the mount, mostly due to the round base. If they had a oval shaped base it would give more options. The tape did not hold cause the darn phone case attached so well in order to get it off, you have to pull so hard. I replaced the original adhesive with some automotive grade 3M tape and so far it holding, even though not all of the base is level. However if you have the right spot on a vehicle, motorcycle or Jeep, this holder will definitely give you confidence that you will not lose your phone unless the Base come off. Jeepers will like this on the trails as most magnetic holders just don't grip enough when on the trails. Overall the new Magsafe case and holder are a cut above the rest. Highly recommended. Bought the wife one for her S22, just wish it had the magsafe disk in it.

Great Bluetooth Speaker for My New Cart

I received my G-Rok speaker last week and I couldn’t be happier. Super Strong magnet, easy to set up, and plenty of volume. Thanks!

S-pen fix

Great case for motorcycle mount. The magnetic case messed with my S-pen performance. I put a ferromagnetic piece between phone and case which fixed a dead spot for my S-pen. Still need to remove the sport ring to use S-pen.

Swivel Dash Mount
Patricia L.
Swivel mount

Follow-up message
This swivel mount is a God send.

Just rode four days a little over 1000 miles of adventure riding and the amount was awesome


I had last year's model phone. So glad they fix the s pen problem. now the magnet doesn't get effects at all. Plus the magsafe addition is the best. this is the best case for all type of users

Great product

I purchased the suction cup mount with wireless charger and I absolutely love it. It keeps phone in place and not rattles at all. I use in my work truck. I am going to purchase another set up for my personal vehicle too. Thanks for making great products.

The one that fits!

This is a perfect fit for my 2007 Harley Davidson Nightrod Special VRSCDX. There is very little room on the handle bars and most companies just have cheap bulky alternatives, not Rokform. They really give you a good looking heaving METAL product. Customer service was polite and professional, none of that arrogance that most places give you. Definitely happy with the service and products. Thank you all at Rokform!

Great mount!

Really loving this mount. Easy install on my Moto Guzzi MGX-21. Positioning is great & my phone quickly mounts & unmounts with one hand. Simplicity engineered with high craftsmanship/machining equals a great product!

I will never buy any other case or accessories for my phone!

I’m a devout Rokform fanatic! I have a had a case on my past two phones, and just recently got an iPhone 14pro, my old rokform doesn’t fit, like most new iPhones, you need a new case, so I ordered a new one. The week that I had to wait was agony, the magnet that was in the case that I literally STUCK TO EVERYTHING, was so engrained my everyday actions that the weeks wait on the new one was like I had lost an appendage, I was useless and so was my $20 BS case I had to use for that week!!!!
RocForm, 👁️🫶🏼 🫵🏼
Don’t ever stop making your products and when you make new items, tells me all about them because there is probably something y’all figured out and now I have to have it, Love you RocForm!
This was not a paid for by ANYTHING review, response, boost, nada!!! Whoever is thinking about getting a case, do yourself a favor, buy the case and the magnet for your car vent, I literally fought my husband over the fact that he misplaced my phone holder vent car magnet but I forgave him, he found it! Seriously, but the case, and the magnet, this is one purchase you will be thanking yourself for months down the road when you accidentally roll over your phone with your car, don’t ask, and your phone is FINE!!! DoIT!!!!

Rock Form - Smart tool for working

The a super Grip Vent Mount that I recently purchased with the iPhone Case I got months ago are the perfect match to place my cellphone on my vehicle console. I have no worries to navigate, receive and make phone calls hand free when I am driving and delivering packages to my customers. I am super happy to have my Rock Form devices.

Best ever!

I have struggled with many different devices for my cars , trucks, and my Harley-Davidson to mount my phones, and my wifes also. ROKFORM definitely has the right solution 👌, tired if spending money on cheap plastic and overseas devices, we are 💯 % satisfied and content with my Phones cases, motorcycle phones mount , my cars mount with a charger so awesome!
Good job ROKFORM 👏 .

Sick Case!

I love the rugged minimalistic look. Very nice how it looks from the front and this is my favorite aesthetic. Feels and looks like a premium heavy duty case.

Very Good

I love how the stand is. We can watch it tilted layed down, etc..

Iphone 14 pro case + ring review

Phone case is rugged and built with quality materials, bought the ring with it, extremely happy and satisfied with the product. However, the ring is too big and as a photographer and videographer where the ring is the mane grip for me while shooting, it gets in the frame of the camera 📸 i will upload a sample

Awesome case

I just received my new Rokform iPad Pro 11 case and am extremely happy with it. The screen protector sent with unit can be a little challenging to put on however after that it goes together great. This case will work out great out on the construction site. Awesome job to Rokform.

Just like a rock

If you’re thinking about wanting to secure your phone to your bike then this is the solution. Rokform includes the tool to install the mount you just have to remove the existing headset cap and bolt. It took me five minutes to remove the factory bolt and install the mount and cap from Rokform. The phone is held firmly in place and not moving. Cannot wait for warmer weather to go riding and I want to record video from my phone.

I f-ing love it

Starting off it was the most easy motorcycle mount to install every!! Second it came with three different types of mounting plugs which made it super easy to install so he’ll yeah I love it!!!

Clean Look

I like this mount with the vibration damper. Putting phone in mount is easy and secure. The mount is made from high quality material and has a clean look with and without phone mounted.

850 HP

I have to say these windshield magnetic holders are amazing !! Held on with zero issues while racing my car with 850 wheel horsepower. Great work guys !!

Another Home Run

I've been buying RokForm products for years and this purchased ...yet again was 100% on point. Highly recommended and will continue to buy for years to come.

Love RokForm Products

I always shop around for slightly cheaper alternatives, but keep coming back to Rokform. Can't beat the quality and craftsmanship. This is my 3rd case from them. I also have the bike mount. Love the new IPhone 14 Pro Max with the Rugged Case, mounted on the magsafe swivel mount. Not so obtrusive like other mounts.

By far, best case and phone mount ever bought !!!!

I was extremely leery about buying anything other than an Otterbox case for my IPhone 12 Pro Max. I am very particular about cases for protection. I went ahead and ordered a case, screen protector, window phone mount, and the wireless charger mount adapter.”BEST” decision and money I’ve ever spent !!!!! The case is way more sturdier and protective than I thought it would be. The phone mount is definitely way better quality than the other 10+ mounts that I have previously bought. Will most definitely be buying more products from this company in the future.

Adhesive for mount

I also got the car mount, (which I love!) but I need a replacement adhesive because this one isn't sticking. I followed the directions, but it's like the set up is too heavy and it breaks loose in the back.

Exactly what I was looking for!!

This is the case I was looking for. I was using a magbak case for my 12 pro and I loved it but wanted to try something new. I owned a few of these cases back when I had an iPhone 7 and like them. I was looking for something stylish, comfortable in the hand, and with the magnetic capability to hook up to a mount in my truck. The magback only cases just weren’t strong enough. When I got the phone I got a speck and a Belkin vent mount. The phone held on fine but several times it came off while hitting a bump or the phone turned when I was going around a corner. I also wanted something that was grippy enough to hold in one hand and not feel like I was going to drop it. I decided on this case and the vent mount for rhe magback. What a combo!! I now want the all black one just to switch it up a little bit! I’ve been recommending this case to everyone that I’ve talked to about it. And received lots of compliments in the one day I’ve owned it.