Will the case work with MagSafe Accessories?

  • The Rugged case has a built-in MAGMAX™ magnet array and will work with all Rokform wireless chargers. Compatibility may vary with MagSafe wireless charging products not affiliated with Rokform. Although we cannot guarantee that the case will work on ALL Qi chargers and in ALL vehicles due to the nearly infinite combinations, (vehicle type, charging area, power output, etc.) we can guarantee it will work with all Rokform Wireless chargers. You can learn more about wireless charging here

    Will the magnet affect my phone?

    • No. ROKFORM Pioneered magnetic technology in the Mobile Electronics Accessory Space back in 2011, and now even Apple® has adopted magnetic technology in their phones and accessories, even cases. Our specially designed rare earth magnets are proven safe for all smartphones and tablets. The center magnet will block wireless charging, so please remove the center magnet if you want to wireless charge using a MagSafe® compatible charger or standard Qi Wireless charger. Keep loose magnets away from children under 16 years of age. Magnets are safe for your phone and your credit cards, but direct contact can damage other magnetically sensitive products or devices such as floppy discs, hotel keys, and spinning hard drives. Do not use if you have an implanted device.

      What is the purpose of the magnet?

      • The magnet is powerful enough to be used for a variety of everyday tasks like sticking it to a fridge, toolbox, corner bead of a wall for family photos, side of your car when loading groceries, golf cart, and much more. 

      Does the magnet affect my phone signal?

      • No. The magnet does not affect the wireless communications of the phone in any way. 

      Is the inside hard plastic or soft? What are the corners made of?

      • The case's interior is constructed from polycarbonate and TPU rubber that is semi-soft and won't scratch or harm your phone. The corners are made from the same soft material and offer excellent shock and drop protection.

      What is the twist lock for?

      • Our patented RokLock® twist lock is designed to be mounted to our ecosystem of RokLock™ mounts. 

        What grade of magnet do you use?

        • N52 Neodymium. The highest grade available.

        What are the dimensions of the iPhone cases?

        1. iPhone 15 Dimensions: Rugged – 152.9mm x 77.4mm x 14.1mm, Crystal – 152.9mm x 77.4mm x 14.1mm
        2. iPhone 15 Plus Dimensions: Rugged - 165.9mm x 83.5mm x 14.1mm, Crystal - 166.7mm x 83.6mm x 14.1mm
        3. iPhone 15 Pro Dimensions: Rugged - 152.2mm x 76.1mm x 14.5mm, Crystal - 152.4mm x 76.4mm x 14.5mm
        4. iPhone 15 Pro Max Dimensions: Rugged - 165mm x 82.2mm x 14.5mm, Crystal - 165.7 mm x 82.5mm x 14.5mm

        Does this case come with a screen protector?

        Are holsters and belt clips available for the iPhone case?

        • Yes. We have a belt clip that twists on and off using the Roklock twist lock.

        Is the phone slippery in your hand with this case?

        • No, the ergonomic shape and blend of Polycarbonate, and soft TPU provide a firm grip and feel in your hand.

        Do the speakers work well with this case?

        • Yes, our oversize ports provide full sound from the iPhone speakers. If you want even more sound to work with our cases on and off the golf course, try our G-ROK golf speaker.

        Are the buttons hard to push?

        • The buttons are very easy to push, thanks to specially designed cutouts for both the volume and the sleep buttons. They are feathery light.

        Does this case show fingerprints?

        • No, the Rugged case does not show any fingerprints. The Crystal case can show some fingerprints, but the polycarbonate is set slightly below the TPU, so fingerprints are minimal.

        Is it easy to swipe up while using this case?

        • Yes. The protective lip around the screen does not hinder a swipe up, down, or in any direction.

        Can a strap or lanyard be attached?

        • Yes. All ROKFORM cases include holes that will fit virtually any standard size lanyard for added security.

        Does the camera lens touch the surface when you put it down?

        • No. We provide extra protection around the cameras to protect during everyday use, accidental drops, and daily use and abuse.

        Does it lay flat when you lie it down, or does it wobble?

        • It lays flat to allow for easy typing, swiping, and daily use without the wobble.

        Does it cover the flashlight, or is the opening large enough for all the cameras and the flash?

        • There are extra wide openings for the perfect operation of the flash and camera.

        How much protection is around the camera area?

        • 2.5mm of protection at the camera.

        What is your warranty?

        • We have a two-year warranty and a 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. Our 5-Star Customer Service Team, based at our headquarters in Orange County, California, is always ready to help. If it's a warranty replacement, spare part, question, or anything in between, our goal is to make every customer a customer for life. If you are the original purchaser of our product and have a problem, call us, and we will fix it. Give us a try and see or run on over and visit us in our showroom!