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"One thing that sets this case apart is the RMS, or remote mounting system, that allows you to mount your phone most anywhere."

"My iPad 3 feels sturdier and I feel like I've got a much better grip on it when I'm holding it while reading. I give it a solid A for how well it works and feels."

"Rokform had quite a showing here at CES 2013, unveiling four new products that add to its already impressive assortment of gadget goodies."

"The mount is interesting as it can be used on a wall or as I would use it, in a car. This is one of the first iPhone 5 car mount systems we've seen so far."

"New iPad Case from Rokform has more mounting options than the Kama Sutra."

"The Roklock v3 system is for the rugged iPad user or the casual user that is hard on his gadgets.
If you are looking for a case that is going to take a beating and keep on moving,
the RokLock is your case."

Just wanted to let you guys know your cases are all but bullet proof. I was working on my car last week and had my G S3 magnetized to my fender. After I finished, I closed the hood and took it for a test drive. Yep, I left my phone on the fender. The magnet held up to 60 MPH and when it fell off, it landed face down and skidded across the highway, hit a steel guard rail and came to a stop. After I found it, I was thinking the glass was busted and the case was destroyed. To my surprise, the glass was still intact, and the case was still intact as well. It has a little road rash, and the bottom of the case broke just above the charging port, but other than that, it took a 60 MPH fall and skid like a champ!

Bobby Stone

Ok so I work as a solar installer at Triple Line Solar and today I was on a two story roof top ( about 30 feet hight) and my iPhone 4S with a rokform Rokbed v3 case on it slides out of my pocket and goes flying off the roof on the a concrete slab and as I prep myself to go pick up the parts I come to find a fully together phone with not a scratch or crack on it


Jerad Wilson

Being a tour professional, you are away from home a lot, which means you can't always have your coach by your side correcting your swing. The rokform golf shooter allows you to video your swing easily and analyse it yourself to correct any errors in your swing and provides you with a perfectly positioned video to send away to your coach.

Thanks again,

Darren Tan

I was recently given an iPhone 4S for my job. I figured since they were spending the money on the phone, I should look for a case to protect it. After researching cases, bumpers and protectors, I found your site and reviews, and bought your Rokbed v3. All I can say is "Amazing!" This is a great case! The comments from co-workers are great and, after dropping the phone onto the concrete floor in our warehouse, my manager was happily suprised to see there was no damage to either the phone or the case. My manager commented to me that when he upgrades from his Blackberry to the iPhone, he's getting one of your iphone cases. Keep up the great work!

Charles Piper

To whom this may concern,

I received a letter from you today thanking me for my purchase and sending in feedback. Enclosed with the letter was a set of Rokgard screen protectors. I just wanted to write y'all to thank you for them! That was a pleasant surprise, and really nice of you to do. I appreciate it! I love my V2 phone case, have gotten compliments on it, and have been sending friends your way when they're looking for one.

I would've been a returning customer anyway based on my experience so far, but your kind gesture reassured it.


Justin Norris

"Thank you very much for your prompt reply and your response to this. 

If this is an example of your normal customer service, you will be in business for a loooong time!"

James Greene

"Just got my case, this thing is badass! Heard about you guys on Lex and Terry on XM165. Now I know why they talk so much about your product!"

Eric Picl

Thank you for the lanyard. Most of all I am loving my case! It allows me to show of my white iphone while giving it the highest level of protection!!! Ii have told all my friends and family to look into these when they are looking for new cases!!! TY

Brian Skarbek

The case just arrived and is insanely cool! Amazed at the weight and craftmanship. It fits like a GLOVE. Just tweeted about it and FB too. Keep in touch. I am in the design space myself and appreciate what it is.


I just received the digital camo iphone 4 case today, and all I can say is WOW, this thing is a piece of Art Work I will never put another case on my phone, fits perfectly, feels great, and looks amazing. I have already had 6 people ask me where I got it. I am pointing them directly to your website. Please keep up the good work, I will be ordering the Night Camo as soon is I can. Thank for the fast shipment and all of the updates on where the shipment was at. I am truly impressed with your company! PLUS it is made in the USA, you can't say that to often. Thank you once again from Kentucky!

Eric Munson

This is the finest quality case bar non for the iphone4. I have tried them all and the quality of your case goes beyond expectations. They are as beautiful and functional as the phone it protects. This is american design at it best glad tidings!

Jim Glazer

I am so glad I kept this!  The flat black is nice, and completely different from everyone else!  The case itself is the whole reason I even bought an iphone4. I loved the looks of the iphone4 but did not like the fact that all of the cases out there covered it up and made it look ugly. Your cases actually look BETTER than the phones!

The Apple Store employee had never seen a case like this (I put the case on in the Apple Store after purchase) and said he too doesn't use a case for the same reasons, but after seeing my case he wants one!

I love your product and sincerely hope with every upgrade of the iPhone, you continue to make new cases for them. I think it would also be amazing if you guys partnered with Apple to have these cases in stock in the store. I'm cc'ing Steve Jobs on the chance that he agrees after seeing your product. 

Thanks again!

Chris McVay

Hello guys (you two at the Mac World Expo in SF)

I purchased the green case for iPhone 4 and just love it! It´s a great success here in Sweden. Also in front of me is my iPad stand V.1. Stunning!

Well I just liked to tell you that I´m glad that I bumped in to you at the expo. Maybe you should sell your killer Rok Bed and Rok Stand here in Scandinavia.

All the best,


I received my case Monday. It is extremely well crafted. The pictures online do not do it justice. I am very pleased with the case. The packaging was well thought out also. Thank you for the Starbucks gift card.

Thank you for making such an excellent case for my Verizon iPhone.

Ivan Matos - "Super nice, as I said earlier in the post, the Rokbed case simple made my iPhone 4 look nicer. In the end, this is one that I would gladly purchase for myself and not hesitate to recommend." - Another amazing RokBed Cover review by Robert Nelson of!

Got mine today, best case out there...period. Fit and finish is superb. The stand is awesome as well. Couldn't ask for anything better. You guys need to get on and hit up the guys on the iphone forum.

Posted on Facebook by Shane Swails
- RokBed Cover review with video!

Dear Rokform,

I am an original iPhone owner and have been through many cases and covers the past few years.  I recently upgraded to the iPhone 4 and wanted to make sure I had something that really protected my investment.  Not only does the Rokbed protect my phone, but it also looks very sleek and sturdy while still being lightweight.  It also allows me to plug into my various docks and chargers without having to remove any pieces which is very convenient.  I take a lot of pictures as well and the flash is never affected. 

I appreciate your friendly customer service, speedy delivery, and look forward to more products in the future!

Sent from Jessica's iPhone - California

"My new pink Rokbed cover arrived today and I could not be more thrilled! I love the appearance, shape, and feel of the cover. It was easy to put on, well made and worth every penny! Thanks for a great product... Not sure what I will do with my old covers- I won't need them anymore:) Thanks!"

Ashley from California

“I have an appreciation for unique well made and well thought out items and your case and stand really fit the bill. I can't wait to get that bad boy on my phone and when people ask where I got it, you know that I will be sending them to your web site to order their own!!!”

Ken from California

“Thank you Rokform for creating the best iPhone cover I have ever used! I am a klutz who drops my phone a lot and have a one year old who loves to run around the house holding (more like dropping) the phone….needless to say my phone takes a beating but it’s perfectly safe inside the Rokbed cover. I also love the metallic feel and it’s much easier to grip than without a cover. The pink iPhone case is awesome ;-) “

Angela from California