10 Cell Phone Etiquette Tips for Work

10 Cell Phone Etiquette Tips for Work

In this article, Ashley shares 10 tips for good cell phone etiquette when you’re using your phone at work. Rokform products not only protect your mobile device, but also keep them visible at your desk. 

Cell phones have become as important to work life as computers. You need your phones to help you keep track of your busy schedule! Even though you basically have to rely on your phone at work, it’s important to be polite when you use it. We’ve gathered 10 tips for good cell phone etiquette when you’re using your phone at work.

  1. Lower your voice if you’re talking on the phone where other colleagues can hear and be distracted by your call.
  2. If possible, find a private room to make calls, especially personal phone calls.
  3. Set your phone on vibrate or silent at work to avoid disrupting others.
  4. Don’t answer the phone if you’re already talking face-to-face with someone. If it’s an important call, excuse yourself and step away to answer the phone.
  5. Avoid looking at your phone during conversations. Looking at your phone sends the message you’re distracted and not fully focused on the conversation.
  6. Don’t talk on the phone in small or private areas, such as elevators or bathrooms.
  7. Avoid texting or using your phone for other reasons during group meetings and client calls.
  8. Use your laptop, tablet, or pen and paper to take notes during meetings instead of your cell phone – which can make it look like you’re not paying attention at all.
  9. When you answer a call from a client, co-worker, or even a private number, answer politely and focus on the conversation you’re having, not on any other distractions at work.
  10. At business dinners, turn off your cell phone if possible so that you’re not tempted to check your messages or emails. Your client will appreciate that you’re giving them your full attention.

Another good tip?

Keep your cell phone visible at your desk (and fully charged) with our aluminum phone stand. The RokDock keeps your phone in plain sight where you’ll be able to easily glance over and see if you have any messages or important meetings scheduled. It will help you stay on top of your game while still minding your manners!

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