Best Apps For Running Your Landscaping Business

Best Apps For Running Your Landscaping Business

Running a landscaping business requires staying organized for a wide variety of tasks. Landscaping company owners must manage the details for everything from finances to plant dimensions to coordinating with other contractors. Aside from the office operations that need to be carefully tracked, job sites have a vast assortment of critical elements that must be attended to precisely as the clients have requested. One way landscaping business owners keep everything working smoothly is by using a selection of apps that save time and money. Let’s take a look at some of the apps that might help your landscaping business succeed!

Best Apps for Small to Medium-Sized Landscape Contractors

Landscaper's Companion - Plant & Gardening Guide 3.1 Stars – 15 Ratings

If your company ever does landscape installation projects or landscape maintenance, being able to quickly identify plants and visualize the best plantings for new flower beds makes this app an invaluable tool to have in your pocket. 

Key App Features:

  • Search plants by alphabetical order and name
  • View pictures of plants and common dimensions of varietals
  • Find plants that will thrive in the amount of sun you have to work with


Base App - $9.99
Pro Upgrade - $4.99
Online Subscription for 1 Month - $9.99
Online Subscription for 1 Year - $49.99

LeafSnap-Plant Identification 4.7 Stars – 2.2k Ratings

If you’re an arborist or run a landscape company that frequently plants and trims trees, being able to quickly identify the type of trees you’re working with can save costly mistakes due to mix-ups about which trees require what care. Some varieties of trees will die if given chemical treatments intended for another variety, costing hundreds if not thousands in replacement costs. This app prevents these issues by using the camera and machine learning to identify trees viewed through your phone’s camera. Simply point and identify!

Key App Features:

  • Identify trees quickly and accurately
  • Learn what care needs the tree has to prevent costly care mistakes


LeafSnap Premium 1 month - $4.99
LeafSnap Premium 3 months - $14.99
LeafSnap Premium 6 months - $24.99

Planimeter 4.6 Stars – 680 Ratings

Once your landscape business grows to a significant size, providing estimates by measuring the client’s property in person can become overwhelming, meaning some deals inevitably get left on the table. With this handy app, you can quickly measure just about any aspect of a property from a bird’s-eye view. Simply type in the address and select what you want to measure in the viewing window.

Key App Features:

  • Measure distance and area for lawn and flower bed estimates
  • Get a total area calculation by measuring multiple areas within the same property
  • Includes linear foot, square foot, and acre units of measurement



Jobber 4.3 Stars – 267 Ratings

Want an app that can handle nearly every aspect of your landscaping business, including sales, operations, and the customer service side of your landscaping business? Then Jobber is the app for you! As one of the leading apps available today for service-based businesses, Jobber is designed for contractors with up to 50 employees who service homeowners and commercial clients.

The core tasks of running a landscape company are covered by this app—quoting, selling, and converting jobs into short-term or recurring projects. Lawn technicians, managers, and owners are able to update and track one-off or recurring projects from anywhere.

Key App Features:

  • Customer work requests can be made on the company website or Facebook page.
  • Track employee time by individual job or use the time clock to track the whole day.
  • Service workers can collect customer approval signatures from their phones.
  • Add notes and share photos from the job site for better team communication.
  • Share custom forms and checklists with clients for instant progress updates.
  • Collect invoice payments with online and in-app payment processing.
  • 20+ detailed reports for business performance insights anytime.
  • Text customers from the app when workers are on their way.
  • Keep teams on time with fast, flexible scheduling.
  • Collect job site information for accurate quotes.
  • Optimize service routes and navigate to job sites.
  • Tracking of customer records and history.
  • View your team’s progress and location.
  • Expense and receipt tracking.


Free app

Subscriptions start at $29/mo when paid annually.

Best App for Managing Large Landscape Projects

Procore 4.6 Stars – 10.5K Ratings

For large landscape companies that manage major landscape installation projects, the Procore app is one of the most robust platforms available. Procore connects owners, project managers, subcontractors, and team members so they can collaborate on job site information anytime, anywhere.

Over 8,500 companies use Procore, and the app maker claims they provide average increases of 30% more work capacity, 12 hours saved each week, and 84% greater project visibility.

Managers and workers on landscape installation projects can access Procore’s tools on both iPhones and iPads, making it easy to view detailed plans. Everything automatically syncs in real-time to everyone on the team.

Key Features:

  • Daily Log - Detailed tracking of labor, communication, equipment, materials, and events.
  • Scheduling - Link with popular scheduling software to create, edit, and share schedules.
  • Jobsite Status - Track, assign, and report site status and suggested actions on the fly.
  • Time and Materials Tickets - Document every minute of work to get paid for everything.
  • Timecards - Team members can enter labor time directly from their iPhones.
  • Photos - Add job progress photos and link them to project drawings by location.
  • Specifications - Access specs and plans anytime for faster decisions.
  • Punch List - Create and assign punch list items while on site.
  • Drawings - Review site drawings, even while offline.
  • BIM - View and navigate 3D renderings anywhere.


Subscriptions start at $677/mo when billed annually.

While all of these apps can be game-changers for today’s modern landscaping companies, using your phone on a landscape project job site means a higher likelihood of damaging your high-tech investment. From dirt to mud to grass clippings, not to mention hardscaping surfaces, your iPhone 12 or Samsung S21 Ultra can be endlessly exposed to potential damage when you’re running a landscaping business.

Rokform’s Rugged Phone Case lineup keeps your phone safe and operating like new, from riding on the lawnmower to digging at the landscape install. No matter where you’re working, you can rely on the MIL-STD 801G-516.6 drop protection and charger opening dust covers that the Rugged Case delivers every day. Check out the entire lineup HERE!

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