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Rokform Brand Ambassador Profile: Johnny O’Mara

by Jessica Petyo July 25, 2014

Rokform Brand Ambassador Profile: Johnny O’Mara

We’ve been fortunate to have one brand ambassador with us from the beginning. For those who don’t know Johnny O’Mara, he has claimed championships in both motocross and supercross competition, along with victories at the Motocross of Nations, and is a member of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

After his time with motorcycle racing was finished, he made the jump to mountain bikes. Winning championships continued and he is still racing competitively today. Here we asked him a little bit about coming on board with Rokform and what else he does when he’s not battling for another mountain bike win.

Q: You’ve been one of Rokform’s brand ambassadors from the start. How did you come along side the team?

Johnny O’Mara: Well I’ve known Craig Erion (Rokform and Two Brothers Racing founder) and Joel Albrecht for quite some time through the motorcycle industry and have always known Craig as a perfectionist in the products he produces! I’m the same way as Craig so I knew it would be a good relationship to be part of!

Johnny O’Mara always ready for a ride!

Q: We’ve seen you use both the Pro Series Mount and the Handlebar Mount. Do you have a preference based on what type of riding you’ll be doing?

J.O.: Not really. Both systems are fully functional, I just get a little bored and change it up once in a while! I do like the handlebar mount a lot due to I’m always switching from one bike to the other and that’s the easiest to swap back and forth.

Johnny using the handlebar mount

Q: You just returned from the USA Cycling Cross Country Mountain Bike National Championship in Pennsylvania. Talk a little bit about your time there.

J.O.: Well that’s a sensitive issue right now because I just got home from PA and I do put a lot of focus on that one event and I just didn’t hit it on the nail this season. I finished 8th and I just didn’t feel good from the start and now I have to regroup for next years event in Bend, Oregon in mid July.

Lining up before Nationals

Q: We still see you around the motocross races from time to time. Who are you working with nowadays and how often do you throw a leg over a bike?

J.O.: The last year and a half I have worked for Thomas Covington, an up and coming top amateur racer. Thomas went to Europe to contest the MX2 class so my duties changed a lot this summer.

Q: What are your plans for the rest of the 2014 mountain bike season?

J.O.: Well at the moment I’m looking forward to some nice rest and recovery on my body that’s really needed at the moment!

Ready to ride!

Q: We saw that you came up on a bobcat while out on a trail ride not too long ago. Have you ever needed to use your Rokform case to protect yourself from a bobcats or other animals on the trails?!

J.O.: Haha I love seeing wildlife out on the trails, so when I saw those couple bob cats lately I just love grabbing my iPhone off my Rokform bike mount and snap a picture to share with others what I encounter on a daily basis!

Johnny has many friends out on the trail, including this guy!

Thanks Johnny! Have fun taking some time off!

All photos provided by Johnny O’Mara’s Instagram. Follow him here!

Jessica Petyo
Jessica Petyo


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