Golf course etiquette in 2020

Golf course etiquette in 2020

Written by: Krista A.



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As of May 11, golf courses have reopened in all fifty states, albeit with some restrictions. In fact, the National Golf Foundation is estimating that more than 90 percent of courses will be open across the country by May 17. 

National golf groups have been gearing up for the reopen for quite some time, and have established three phases of golf’s return in order to help prevent any spread of the virus. This includes a range of measures that are meant to limit contact on many points, such as limited or no usage of golf carts, closed clubhouses, no bunker rakes, and suspended leagues or camps. 

Even with greater gaps in between tee times, general golf course etiquette still applies. With the help of some of the biggest golf resources around, we’ve put together a list of the top etiquette rules that are relevant now more than ever. 


Be mindful of where you place your bag

For those walking, before you put your bag down and walk to the green, take a couple extra seconds to put your bag in the most logical place for you to pick it up and move onto the next hole. This can save a lot of time after you're done holing out -- so the group behind you isn't waiting longer than they need to be.

Via GolfDigest

Watch where you stand

When looking at the ball at address, movements or positions of other golfers can sneak into your peripheral vision and this distracts most golfers. There are some places you can always stand that won't offend anyone:

  • Stand 90° to the chest of the golfer at least 2 yards away from his ball
  • Stand between 90° and 45° to the chest of the golfer at least 2 or 3 yards from the ball

Via Golf Sidekick

Walking in a player’s “through line”

Many amateurs are unaware that a putter’s line extends two-three feet past the hole. This is essential, as if a putt misses long, the through line is where the ball will end up, and it is the path for a golfer to finish the hole out. Next time you watch a tour event, keep an eye on Phil Mickelson. He'll routinely practice a putt on the through line side of the cup.

Via GolfDigest

Maintain a good pace

The number one problem in golf today, as evidenced by the overwhelming golfer complaint, is Slow Play. Always try to keep pace with the group ahead of you. If space opens in front of you, allow a faster group to play through.

Via LiveAbout

Avoid unnecessary noise

Golf is hard. It is harder when you can’t concentrate because there are inconsiderate people making noises during your swing...It is important that you as a golfer be aware of not only your own group, but others. 

Via Frogger Golf


Learn the little things

There are a hundred bits of etiquette I haven't mentioned, like laying the flagstick down carefully, tamping down spike marks when you're walking off a green, letting faster groups play through, and so on. All of these things are learned by observing, with a sharp eye and a considerate heart. Just know that golf has a way of returning favors, and every piece of etiquette you practice will be repaid tenfold.

Via GolfDigest’s Arnie’s Rules

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