Rokform Universal Adapter

Rokform Universal Adapter

For anyone that wants to be part of the Rokform ecosystem of mounts and accessories but doesn’t own a Rokform case.

For anyone that wants to be part of the Rokform ecosystem of mounts and accessories but doesn’t own a Rokform case.

Thinking about purchasing a Rokform mount but don’t have a Rokform-supported device? Or, are you a Rokform customer that just updated your device to a non-supported model? No worries! The Universal Adapter is the perfect solution to stay connected to the Rokform ecosystem.


About the Universal Adapter

The Universal Adapter is the perfect solution to connect to the Rokform ecosystem for devices without a Rokform case.universal adapter specs


Universal Fit

The Universal Adapter uses 3M VHB to adhere to your devices, which means that the powerful adhesive will stick to almost any smooth, flat surface. This includes phone and tablet cases, and you can even install it directly onto your devices.


Mounting Technology

Like other Rokform products, the Universal Adapter adds magnetic technology to your devices, which makes for easy mounting onto Rokform accessories for car, bike, motorcycles and more, as well any metal surfaces. If you’re wondering what metal surfaces you could possibly mount your device to, think toolboxes, refrigerators, gym equipment, golf carts, cars…and the list goes on.

 The Universal Adapter features Rokform's signature RokLock mounting technology for safe and secure use with mounts.



Installing the Universal Adapter is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Use the wipe provided in the box to clean the surface of your device. This ensures a strong hold that isn’t obstructed or weakened by dust or debris.

  2. Next, peel off the liner that is protecting the adhesive from the Universal Adapter.

  3. Finally, stick the Universal Adapter onto your device in the area you’ve just cleaned. We recommend centering the magnet on the device or higher, with the RokLock positioned above it.


universal adapter

Rokform mounts that work with Universal Adapter


  • Fork Clamp Mount

  • Handlebar Mount

  • Perch Mount


  • V4 Pro Series Bike Mount

  • Bike Handlebar Mount


  • Windshield Suction Mount

  • RokLock Dash Mount


  • UTV Mount



Mounts that don’t require adapter

Our Super Grip Vent Mount and Swivel Dash Mount are universal and do not require the adapter since they rely solely on magnetic hold for mounting. All the products listed in the previous section require both magnet and RokLock for mounting.


Customer testimonial

Worked great for Google Pixel 3

I was heartbroken when I found out that Rokform did not make a case for my Google Pixel 3. It is a work phone and I also have an iPhone for a personal phone. I had Rokform cases on my last 4 iPhones. I love them. They make it convenient to mount the phone everywhere in my car and house, especially the bathroom/shower. 
I was perusing the website, staring forlornly at all of the beautiful cases that weren’t made for my new phone, when I came across the universal mount. I ordered on the spot. It was easy to stick on and works almost as well as the Rokform iPhone cases that are designed and built specifically for the phone. 
The fingerprint scanner on the Pixel 3 forces the mount lower but preferred mount style, Roklock or magnet, can be placed toward the top of the phone and will be at the perfect height. The other style will be low but will still function. Overall, I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has a Rokform case, but switches to an unsupported phone style.

TL:DR If you love Rokform, but they don’t support your new phone, this is a great option.

- Paul K

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