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Testimonial Tuesday: Daniel aka DanDanTheFireman

by Krista A. March 17, 2020

Testimonial Tuesday: Daniel aka DanDanTheFireman

We just dropped an article on gearing up for motorcycle season featuring Content Creator DanDanTheFireman. We loved hearing his insights so much that we wanted to share more about him and his motorcycle love. 

Daniel (also known as DanDanTheFireman on his popular YouTube channel), is more than a firefighter. In fact, he is a Firefighter/EMT, MSF Rider Coach, and Accident Scene Management Instructor. This is on top of being a Motorcycle Safety Content Creator on YouTube! Read on to learn more.


When does motorcycle riding season start [for you]?

The beautiful aspect of Tucson, AZ is that you can ride year-round with the proper riding equipment. So for me, I get to ride anytime I truly want! If you want to check out Tucson, AZ for some riding, then I suggest a nice leisurely ride up Mt. Lemmon. It has the best views and is beyond enjoyable. 

If you want to see the beauty of this mountain, I do have a video series of myself riding up and down it. During the video, I am instructing the viewer on how to avoid potentially dangerous situations like gravel in the road and blind corner management. 

Is there any motorcycle gear that’s come out recently that you are excited about?

As a motorcycle coach, there is been a lot of interesting technology in the motorcycle safety gear industry. A few items are really interesting, but one has really piqued my interest going into 2020. 

Airbag jackets are becoming more and more inexpensive while making the use of them friendlier. I believe this is the future of motorcycle safety gear and I cannot wait to try one out. 

What’s your favorite motorcycle to take out for a long cruise?

I am far too much in love with my Indian FTR1200s, and I don’t think I can choose anything else. Buuut...If I had to, I would choose the Indian Challenger. I had a great time demo riding the Indian Challenger, and I know that will be my cruiser of choice.


Why do you choose Rokform?

I've had many phone cases over the years but none of them have a utility to them. I care a lot about the protection, but the phone does nothing for me sitting in my pocket. The magnet makes a huge difference in usability. I can mount it ANYWHERE a magnet can attach to. The possibilities are endless. On top of that, the accessories and mounts for a motorcycle are impressive. Since the mount is so secure on my motorcycle, I never have to worry about it when riding. If I have to swerve to avoid danger, I know my phone will be there. 


Last (but not least!), what’s your current Rokform setup?

I currently have the black motorcycle handlebar mount on my 2019 Indian FTR1200s. It fits very cleanly in the small amount of space my handlebars allow. Here is the thing though, I use my Rokform phone mount everywhere. My favorite spot is the Swivel Dash Mount in the shower. After a long day at the range coaching new riders, I like to relax and have my phone in the corner so I can catch up on my favorite YouTube videos.


DanDan the Fireman's set up

Rugged Phone Case (Galaxy S9)
Pop Twist - PopSockets Adapter
PopSockets Grip
Super Grip Vent Mount
Swivel Dash Mount

Learn the core fundamentals with DanDanTheFireman

On my YouTube channel, I focus on keeping these skills sharp by focusing on the core fundamentals.

  • Predict The Hazard Through Situational Awareness
  • Avoid The Hazard Through Emergency Evasive Skills
  • Minimize Injury By Wearing Safety Gear If You Crash
  • Treat The Injury Through Bystander Medical Training

If you would like to learn these core fundamentals, swing by the YouTube channel and receive FREE motorcycle training.  

Krista A.
Krista A.


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