Thank You To Our Troops!

Thank You To Our Troops!


If you’re currently serving in the Armed Forces, you’re a veteran, or you have a friend or family member who is serving, we just want to say thank you! Thank you for your service.

As we all look forward to the bar-b-ques, sporting events, and traditional Memorial Day Weekend celebrations, we want to take a moment to thank all of the brave men and women who serve in our country’s Armed Forces.

Rokform is an all-American company–from design to manufacturing–and we’re very proud of that. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to hear from our service men and women who are using Rokform cases. Here’s a great story from an email we recently received:

“I’m active duty military and one of our engineers bought the magnet for his case as I had. Well, standing out on the quarterdeck, he accidentally dropped his phone and he tried to kick it back onboard before it went in the drink. He only succeeded in kicking it overboard…only to have it catch itself to the side of the ship! Several others saw what happened and were surprised when he was able to retrieve his phone from its watery grave! I had to share that story as you had to be there to believe it.”

Can’t you just imagine the faces on the other engineers?!

We love hearing from all of our fans about how their Rokform cases are being used, but this one in particular, makes us really happy. Knowing that we make cases that can make life easier for our troops makes us so proud!

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