Mountain Biker with ROKFORM V4 Pro Series Phone Mount and ROKFORM iPhone Crystal Case

The Best Phone Mount for Bikes: A Cyclist’s Guide

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Bike phone mounts are simple solutions to secure your device that’ll revolutionize your ride. Most cyclists carry their phones with them on rides, but these specialized mounts get phones out of fussy pockets or bags, keeping them accessible at all times. From following ride maps to using your favorite cycling apps on the go, it’s time to find the best bike phone mount for you.

ROKFORM is an industry leader when it comes to phone mounts for bicycles, motorcycles, and cars. Our premium phone cases work with ROKFORM mounts to ensure your device stays right where you want it, even at high speeds and over rough terrain. The wide range of rugged products are built tough so you can enjoy your active lifestyle with peace of mind.

What is a Bike Phone Mount?

A bike phone mount is an accessory that securely holds your device while riding, typically positioned somewhere along the handlebars or stem. They clamp securely onto the bike, and the strong attachment to the phone prevents it from rattling around on bumpy terrain.

What is the Difference Between ROKFORM Bike Mounts?

The main difference between ROKFORM’s phone bike mounts is where they mount to the bike. The V4 Pro Series screws directly into the stem, whereas the Sport Series straps anywhere along the handlebars.

Compare ROKFORM  Bike Phone Mounts

  V4 Pro Series Bike Mount Sport Series Bike Mount
Placement on bike Replaces headset cap on stem Straps to handlebar or stem
Retention system Twist-lock and magnet Twist-lock
Construction All T6 aircraft-grade aluminum Aluminum body and lock lever, reinforced polymer
Key benefits Slim profile, directly bolted to the bike Flexible placement, easy installation

What are the Benefits of Using a Bike Phone Mount?

The benefits of using a bike phone mount include easy access to maps and apps as well as keeping your phone secure while riding. A bicycle phone mount is an essential piece of equipment for every bike ride, enhancing how you ride your bike and keeping you safe when exploring new territory.

Here is a list of the advantages of riding your bike with a phone mount:

  • Maps at a glance
  • Access to favorite cycling apps
  • See incoming messages
  • Safest place for a phone


Taking a new cycle route or tracking traffic on your bike commutes? Mounts provide easy access to maps as you ride. Simply plug your destination address into Google Maps before taking off and view the route every turn of the way, all without taking your hands off the handlebars.

Cycling Apps

Apps like Strava and Kamoot are popular ways to track your ride and discover new routes. You’ll need to carry your phone on your ride but instead of weighing down your jersey pocket or stuffing it into a bag, bike mounts are the best way to bring your mobile device with you.

Messages and Media

A smartphone mount for your bike facilitates using your device’s various functions while on the go. While it’s not recommended to take your hands off the handlebars, bike mounts are an easy way to quickly toggle through music or see important messages coming through.

Even while stopped and using your phone, mounts avoid having to fuss with taking it out of an unsecure pocket or backpack. And at the very least, you can see at a glance while pedaling whether whoever is calling is really worth interrupting your peaceful bike ride.

Safe and Secure

While it may seem counterintuitive, one of the safest places for your phone is out in the open. Bike phone mounts give a secure alternative to riding with a phone in your pocket where it’s easy for the device to wriggle its way out as you move your legs and pedal. Hiding your phone deep inside your bag or backpack can keep it safe but it’s far less accessible.

What Should I Look For in a Bike Phone Mount?

Riders should look for excellent durability, phone grip, and ease of use in a bike mount. The best smartphone mounts are constructed from high-quality materials and provide a secure connection with the phone. Many mounts are also compatible with a specially designed phone case and additional accessories.

The most important features of a bike phone mount include:

  • Durable construction
  • Secure phone grip
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Compatible accessories

Sturdy Construction

Just like the rest of the components on a bike, phone mounts need to be durable and made from high-quality materials. There are serious forces that travel through the bike while riding— the handlebar area receives much of the vibrations originating from the front wheel rolling over cracks and bumps. Some mounts use premium straps or ties to stay on the handlebars, while others bolt directly onto the bike.

The most secure mounts are made from strong, lightweight metals like aluminum that can withstand heavy everyday use. The ROKFORM V4 Pro Series Phone Bike Mount is built entirely from CNC-machined 6061 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum and bolts directly into the bike stem. This sleek, trail-ready mount is so secure that it can handle even the roughest mountain biking out there.

Get an inside look and see how the ROKFORM V4 Pro Series Phone Mount works below!

Phone Attachment

It’s one thing for the mount itself to stay on the bike and another for it to also hold the phone securely. Rattling and shakiness are enemies of bike phone mounts, so they have customized methods for maintaining a solid grip on the device. Universal mounts with adjustable clamps or silicone webbing to hold onto almost any phone, regardless of model.

The most secure option is using a mount that’s designed specifically for a compatible phone case. Typically, there’s some type of twist-lock retention system to guarantee the phone stays in place and can’t be accidentally released from the mount.

Each ROKFORM phone mount twist-locks into the back of the case for an ultra-strong connection. And when you’re done riding, the ROKFORM case is still quick and simple to remove.

Installation and Removal

Another important consideration is the mount’s ease of use. The accessory should have an easy installation and be straightforward to remove when needed. The ROKFORM Sport Series Bike Phone Mount attaches to the handlebars or stem in a flash with a strong hook-and-loop strap. With no tools necessary, the mount comes with three straps of different lengths to match any bar circumference and achieve a proper fit.

Removable mounts are super convenient if you switch between multiple bikes— or use your local bike-share system— and want to have your phone secured on the handlebars. This makes the Sport Series Mount a great option for daily commuters in the city. Remember that if the mount is quick to remove, it may be best to take it with you when your bike is left unattended.

“The case and the bicycle mount are great! It makes it super easy to look at your phone to follow directions or pick up a call while riding!”

—Cathy G. 07/21/2022

Compatible Accessories

Most bike mounts require a compatible phone case to work, so users want to make sure they like the cases, too. All ROKFORM cases are made from premium materials with reinforced corners to protect your mobile phone from 6-foot drops. The rugged design and sleek look are the perfect complement to an active lifestyle. From campsite to job site, a ROKFORM phone case has got you and your device covered.

Brands like ROKFORM, however, don’t just stop at making phone cases and bike mounts. Our cases also hook up to car and motorcycle mounts. When ROKFORM first started building bike mounts years ago, we set out to create a more seamless and enjoyable user experience. Imagine moving from home to car to bike with your smartphone within reach, no matter what you’re doing. Not only is it possible with the right setup, it’s also incredibly easy.

Our top-rated cases are compatible with additional accessories like the MagSafe Sport Ring and FUZION MagSafe Wallet. The ROKFORM ecosystem is highly customizable depending on your needs and can be easily swapped out on the fly. New ROKFORM products are all designed to be MagSafe and compatible with the newest models on the market— keep an eye out for the iPhone 15 phone case launching this fall!

How to Choose the Best Phone Mount for Bikes

With smartphones easily costing over $1,000 these days, riders should do their research to ensure they’re purchasing a safe mount that’ll hold their precious device tight. There are plenty of different mounts available but you should check that it’s compatible with your specific bike and phone model.

Riding Style

Some smartphone mounts offer a stronger grip on your precious device than others, so you should consider how bumpy your rides will be. Cruising along the boardwalk won’t rattle your phone around too much compared to, say, aggressive mountain biking. Mountain bikers will opt for more secure mounts that are built with metal parts rather than plastic and attach directly onto the phone case.

Mountain Biker with ROKFORM V4 Pro Series Mount Getting Some Air

Mount Type

Bike mounts vary in design, with some attaching to the handlebars and others onto the stem. The phone retention system also changes across models, including specific cases or universal adapters that fit on any phone. I would recommend steering clear from mounts that use an adjustable cradle or stretchy plastic webbing to hold your phone— these are less secure than specially designed phone cases.

ROKFORM’s Best Bike Phone Mounts

Our two bike mounts cover the needs of every type of cyclist, regardless of their riding level or style. The mounts are the strongest, lightest, and most secure options on the market. Read on to learn about each bike mount’s features and find out which mount from the ROKFORM collection is best for you.

Sport Series Bike Phone Mount

The ROKFORM Sport Series Phone Mount can be mounted onto most bike handlebars, making it our most versatile phone mount. Utilizing our RokLock technology, the Sport Series Mount allows you to take your phone on and off your bike within seconds.

Unlike the V4 Pro Series mount, the simple adjustment strap allows you to easily move the mount from one bike to the next. The Sport Series Handlebar Mount works on any bar size between 7/8” and 1 ¼”. We include three different sizes of Velcro straps so you can get the perfect fit on your bars. The mount is so universal you can even use it to mount your phone onto other items, such as grocery carts, golf carts, and strollers! A detachable lanyard is also included.

Best suited for: The recreational or multi-purpose person. If you’re on the go often and like having your smartphone within reach as you move from one spot to the next, the easy phone mounting system is for you.

Fit: Any handlebar size 7/8” to 1 ¼”

V4 Pro Series Phone Bike Mount

The V4 Pro Series Bike Mount is made from CNC-machined aircraft grade aluminum, so you know it’s built to withstand heavy use. The mount is lightweight, coming in at just 64 grams. Our dual retention locking system makes sure your phone won’t budge, even on the bumpiest rides.

The V4 Stem Mount can be easily installed within seconds, with just one screw needed to secure it. It replaces the bike’s standard stem cap and bolts directly into the headset. This screw also has a unique head that requires a special allen key (included in the box) so passersby can’t snag the mount when your bike is parked outside.

This is the most adjustable bike mount in our collection, allowing you to alter the viewing angle and keep your phone’s screen visible while riding. The V4 Stem Mount also comes with a lanyard to add an extra layer of protection and security.

Best suited for: Dedicated cyclists looking for a streamlined mount with an emphasis on sturdiness, ideal for mountain biking or riding over bumpy terrain.

Fit: Installs onto any steer tube size 1-1/8”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ROKFORM make cases for all phone models?

ROKFORM sells phone cases built for all iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S models in both Rugged and Crystal versions. If you have a different phone or want to use your own case, we recently released our updated MagSafe Universal Adapter. This stick-on adapter is slim and compatible with all our mounts so any phone can join the ROKFORM family.

Should I mount your phone to my bike?

Absolutely! Mounting your phone to your bike is more secure than carrying your device in a pocket and way more convenient than storing it in a bag. Access your smartphone at any time and rest assured it won’t accidently drop as you browse maps or other functions.

What’s the difference between the V4 Pro Series and Sport Series mounts?

The V4 Pro Series Mount attaches directly to the stem of your bike while the Sport Series Mount straps to your handlebars. Many riders enjoy the extra security and slim profile of the all-aluminum stem mount. The Sport Series mount can be positioned anywhere along the handlebars and is easily removable for on the go use.

ROKFORM: Quality Accessories for Cyclists

ROKFORM is the best choice for high-quality phone accessories and bike mounts.Our brand specializes in rugged products designed for cyclists, golfers, drivers, and more. Whether you’re a recreational rider or a daily commuter, having your phone safely secured and easily accessible will enhance the way you ride.

Have questions about which products are right for you or the best phone mount for bikes? We are available for online chat or in-person at our Irvine, California showroom. Call us toll-free at 855-765-3676, or email us at, or visit us at

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