The Fuzion Pro Series

by Krista A. May 23, 2019

The Fuzion Pro Series

Built for people with demanding lifestyles, Rokform Fuzion Pro phone cases package superior protection into a durable, sleek design. The case has recently undergone a redesign so today we’re highlighting the latest features you can enjoy on the all-new Fuzion Pro.


The Fuzion Pro Delivers Ultimate Protection

Fuzion Pro is fused from the finest materials, including CNC-machined aircraft grade aluminium and carbon fiber, plus high quality TPU and tough polycarbonate. The TPU provides shock protection around the entire case, protecting your phone from the most common points of impact. Raised edges offer protection for your screen while the anti-slip grip prevents your case from getting scratched. With a smartphone case that’s stacked with premium materials, you won’t be surprised when your case outlasts the life of your smartphone.

Don’t believe us? We recently shared the story of a Fuzion Pro that fell from sixteen stories off of a hotel balcony and survived—both the case and iPhone!


New Design, Gorgeous Color Options

rokform fuzion pro blackrokform fuzion pro gunmetalrokform fuzion pro red

The quality of the Fuzion Pro is clear not only in its durability, (it exceeds military drop test standard MIL-STD 901G-516.6) but also in its thoughtful design. You don’t need to worry about poor design and functionality with this case. The ultra-responsive buttons and easy access ports help create a seamless iPhone experience. Installation and removal can be done within seconds and don’t require any screws or special instructions.

Depending on your iPhone model, the Fuzion Pro is available in several attractive colors—gunmetal grey, black, aluminum or red. These subtle yet eye-catching anodized aluminium colors frame the phone and deliver protection in the areas that need it most.


Features Magnet & RokLock Mounting Technology

With Rokform’s RokLock quarter-turn mounting system and neodymium magnet built in, Fuzion Pro cases pair perfectly with an assortment of mounts for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and bikes. Effortlessly move from one activity to the next without having to change cases or fidget with clunky installation. Simply line the RokLock “gears” up to a Rokform mounting device, turn, and lock it in. The magnet provides an additional level of safety and security. It’s also super convenient for quick mounting onto any magnetic surface, like toolboxes, refrigerators, heavy equipment and more.

Want to charge your phone wirelessly? Simply pop the magnet out ­of the case to start charging wirelessly within seconds. If you’re looking to charge wirelessly and still maintain magnet functionality, we recommend purchasing the magnetic RokLock plug, which lets you enjoy the best of both worlds (magnet and Qi charging) at the same time.

No matter your style, the Fuzion Pro offers a true trifecta—strong, sleek, and versatile—that is built to bolster your demanding lifestyle.


Purchase a Fuzion Pro Case

Fuzion Pro for iPhone X / iPhone XS

Fuzion Pro for iPhone XS Max

Fuzion Pro for iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus / 6 Plus

Fuzion Pro for iPhone 8 / 7 / 6



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Krista A.
Krista A.


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