Trail Running with your Phone

Trail Running with your Phone

It may seem like a hassle or extra worry initially, but trail runners will find many advantages to bringing their phones while running. 

To carry your phone or not to carry? It may seem like a hassle or extra worry initially, but trail runners will find many advantages to bringing their phones while running. In our opinion, the safety aspect alone makes the pros of carrying your phone far outweigh the cons. To explore our top reasons to carry your phone with you, read on.


Benefits of bringing your phone trail running 

 1. Use GPS to navigate your way around

You should always review maps before running through an unknown area to familiarize yourself with critical points along the trail. However, in the event that you find yourself lost (some people have a weaker sense of direction than others :smile:), having your phone with you also means having your GPS. 

Tip: Download maps while you’re still in an area with service so that in the event you lose reception, you can still access your maps offline.


2. Snap photos to capture the moment

One of the best parts about trail running is the varied, rugged, and often beautiful landscapes you encounter. With your phone in tow, it’s easy to snap photos and videos of whatever you come across on your run.

 trail running

    The view while running the trail at San Dieguito River Park.


    3. Track your run

      Whether you’re running purely for fun or training for an upcoming event, you can use your phone on the trail to track you exercises. Popular apps like Strava and Runkeeper help you keep track of your runs and share your progress with friends. With the GPS built into your phone, you can see your time splits, distance, and event altitude change.


      4. Illuminate your running path 

      I was exploring a new trail run recently and was pleasantly surprised when the path quickly transitioned from open forest to narrow rock crevices. The path got so narrow at certain points that you had to walk. At some points it was almost too dark to see. Luckily, it was nothing my mini flashlight, aka iPhone XS, couldn’t handle.

      Your phone’s torch feature is just another important reason the carry your phone on your trail runs. You never know when you’ll come across dark spaces and will need a light to guide you back to the roads.


      5. Make phone calls 

        Tracking your trail run on your phone, checking your map, and taking pictures are all great reasons to carry your phone on the trail, but the most important reason you should carry your phone when trail running is for it's main purpose - making phone calls. If you happen to find yourself or others hurt, or if you need to contact someone for any reason, your smartphone is your direct line of communication to the outside world. 


        Things to look for in a trail running phone case

        So, you’ve decided to run with your phone and are on the hunt for the best case? There are a two key things to look for – durability and responsiveness.

        Durability is a no brainer. If you’re trail running and generally live an active lifestyle, it’s important to protect your phone with a durable case. It should be shockproof and able to withstand accidental drops and bumps.

        Responsiveness is something you might not think about right off the bat. If you need quick access to your phone while on the move, the responsiveness of the buttons and the case design are critical to performance. That’s why you should look for a case with accessible, easy to push buttons.  


        Best phone case for trail running

        So, what’s the best case for trail running? We recommend our Crystal Collection.

        This case is slim and lightweight, so running with your phone doesn’t feel like running with a brick in your pocket. The case hits all the points discussed above, it’s ultra-durable and super responsive.

        You don’t have to take our word for it! Running and outdoor adventure blog Trail & Kale recently completed a 2019 Buyer’s Guide for Runners and named Rokform Crystal Case best case for running “because of how slim and lightweight the design is.”

        If you just purchased a new iPhone, don’t fret! Crystal Cases are available for the new iPhones, tool.

        rokform crystal case

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