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2018 iPhone Rumors: What We Know (and Don't Know)

by Krista A. July 08, 2018

2018 iphone rumors

It’s been over eight months since Apple released the iPhone X. With Memorial Day and the 4th of July already passed, summer will quickly turn to fall, and Apple’s newest lineup of iPhones will be revealed soon after. A lot more leaks have swirled around since our last iPhone rumor post in May. Here’s everything we know and don’t know about the 2018 iPhone lineup.

Rumor: Three iPhones will be released in 2018

Most analysts believe there will be three iPhone models introduced in 2018. What to call each one is a whole different rumor, so for clarity we’ll assign the most commonly used names.

  • iPhone X successor – This is the upgraded version of Apple’s iPhone X, which first debuted last September. Word on the Interweb is that the next generation iPhone X will be quite similar to the existing model, but will have some cool hardware upgrades.
  • Larger iPhone – Currently dubbed by most analysts and leakers as the iPhone X+, this phone is expected to have a 6.5-inch screen.
  • Cheaper iPhone – There have been many rumors circulating that Apple will release a cheaper iPhone that lets the coveted Apple brand be accessible at a lower price point. A more economical version of the iPhone X with some key features. In our previous SE 2 Rumor post, we believed that this may also be the newest iPhone SE model, although it is still possible that a new SE could be a completely different iPhone altogether.


Rumor: How big is each iPhone?

  • iPhone X successor – 5.8 inches, which is the same size as the current iPhone X.
  • Larger iPhone – At 6.5 inches, the largest iPhone will actually be smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus, but because of edge-to-edge design, will boast a larger screen.
  • Cheaper iPhone – 6.1-inch screen LCD


Rumor: What kind of screens will they have?

  • iPhone X successor – True Tone OLED, which is the same screen as the current iPhone X.
  • Larger iPhone – Most likely will continue with the True Tone OLED technology that is being used by the current iPhone X.
  • Cheaper iPhone – Most likely will have an LCD screen. Some believe that the LCD screen may be swapped in favor of MLCD+, which is currently being used by the LG G7 ThinkQ.


Rumor: Edge-to-edge is the new standard

When Apple released the iPhone X last year, the edge-to-edge screen display created tons of excitement for all smartphone users. Now, less than a year, after the iPhone X's release, it's become standard. It is rumored that all three 2018 iPhones will feature edge-to-edge display.


Rumor: All-glass back design is not

iphone 2018 glass back

While the all-glass backing that was introduced last year in the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X, there is much speculation that it is not the new norm. One of the ways to cut down on costs for the cheaper iPhone is by switching the back to aluminum. 

  • iPhone successor – All-glass back
  • Larger iPhone – All-glass back
  • Cheaper iPhone – Reintroduces the aluminum backing. Not wireless charging compatible.

Rumor: Goodbye Home button :(

Some will love this and others will miss it, but the beloved Home button is rumored to be out in the new 2018 lineup. With its departure, Touch ID will also say goodbye. The TrueDepth camera that supports FaceID is expected to be included for iPhone X's successor, larger iPhone, and cheaper iPhone, too! 


Rumor: More [battery] life

  • iPhone successor – With analysts believing the OLED screens will offer a batter with 3300 to 3400 mAh, battery capacity should have 25% more battery than the iPhone X.
  • Larger iPhone – 25% more battery than current iPhone X. See above!
  • Cheaper iPhone – Analysts believe that the models with LCD screens will have 2850 to 2950 mAh battery, which adds up to 8% more battery than what the iPhone X.

    Rumor: Apple is boosting fast charging capabilities

    fast charging iphone 2018

    We already know that the iPhone X offers fast wired charging. But, fast charging is only as fast as your charger. Enter 18 watt USB-C lightning fast charger. According to rumors, the new charger will be included in the 2018 phone models. 


    Rumor: Apple is switching up its iPhone naming scheme

    Experts just can’t decide on this one. Will the larger iPhone be called the X Plus? Will Apple revert back to naming phones numerically with the iPhone 11? Or has it switched over to using roman numerals only (iPhone XI).


    Rumor: Release date will be September 2018

    The new iPhones are rumored to be announced during Apple’s annual keynote event, which has always been held in September. With the exception of iPhone SE, every iPhone to date was announced during the annual keynote, so this rumor is very likely to be true.




    Krista A.
    Krista A.


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