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Choosing the Best iPhone 12 for Your Lifestyle

by Jessica Petyo December 25, 2020

Choosing the Best iPhone 12 for Your Lifestyle

For those of us who suffer from paralysis of choice, Apple is certainly not making it any easier. Their newest model, the iPhone 12, now comes in four different variations – 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, and 12 Mini. While all four offerings received a boost of blazing-fast speed courtesy of the new A14 Bionic processor, there are some significant differences between them that match the lifestyle of some users better than the rest. Is shooting and editing high-quality photography your biggest deciding factor? Or are you seeking powerful minimalism strictly for business? Is the standard 12 best for most users? Read on for the full breakdown of which iPhone 12 is best for your lifestyle.

Minimalists Rejoice - Full Power, Less Bulk

Weighing in at nearly 100 grams less than the iPhone 12 Max, the iPhone 12 Mini shaves an inch in length and half an inch in width off of the largest iPhone offering. However, the only performance metric that size decrease reduces is battery life – by a mere two hours of video playback. The biggest sacrifices with the Mini version are the deletion of the telephoto camera and Lidar scanning capabilities, which aren’t deal-breakers for most minimalists and business users.

For those trying to decide between the basic 12 and the Mini, the choice mostly comes down to size, as the battery life is the same, along with all other features, and the weight difference is a negligible 29 grams. Oh, and there is the price difference to think about, with the Mini coming in at $100 less than the iPhone 12 while just as capable of performing the same tasks.

Value and Usability Over Photos - iPhone 12

How much will you really use the telephoto shooting capability of the iPhone 12 Pro? How about the Lidar scanner? Suppose you aren’t someone who regularly takes long-distance photos, super low-light photos, nor cares about seeing a fake dinosaur come to life in your living room (on a phone screen). In that case, these features found on the Pro version might not be worth the $120 price premium between the respective 256GB models.

However, if you’re someone who plans on spending a lot of time on battery-intensive tasks like watching video or editing photos, the extra two hours of battery life of the Pro might be worth considering. And if you’re someone who likes keeping those storage-capacity consuming files local on your device, the ability to upgrade to 512GB of space (for another $200) is a huge benefit.

Screen sizes remain the same between 12 and 12 Pro versions, but there’s about an ounce more heft inside of the Pro, presumably from the extra camera-tech packed inside. Most will find this difference trivial, but if you’re someone who pocket-carries their phone in less-supportive clothing, the added weight might be important and worth sticking to the lower-cost offering.

Full-Featured, Slimmer Figured - iPhone 12 Pro

Coming in half an inch shorter and a mere quarter-inch slimmer than the iPhone 12 Max, the 12 Pro delivers all of the same features and performance as the monster-sized model. It’s also nearly 40 grams lighter, a noticeable difference that may matter to those carrying their phone in baggy workout clothes. Battery life is the same at 17 hours of video playback, and the price is $100 less while still providing the same high-performance camera tasks that the Lidar and telephoto features make possible.

The iPhone 12 Pro can also be had with 512GB of storage, making this model ideal for those who enjoy taking epic photos and videos while venturing to far-flung places for trail runs, day-long hikes, and mountain bike rides. With the Pro, you get all the photography perks of the Max without being hampered by more awkwardly-sized weight in your pack or hydration vest. (Our bike mounts help remedy this!)

Maximum Features for Screen Mavens

If your phone serves the role of primary screen in your life, the iPhone 12 Max is here to relieve the strain on both your reading eyes and typing fingers. With a diagonal screen measurement that’s 0.6” larger than the Pro and a whopping 1.3” larger than the iPhone 12 Mini, this phone certainly lives up to its title.

Viewing movies, editing videos, or even reading e-books books is less cumbersome and far more immersive on the Max’s screen. GPS maps are easier to read and add an extra degree of safety for those road-warriors logging big miles on the regular. From a UI standpoint, the keyboard is way less cramped for typing, reducing frustrations for folks with thicker fingers or who frequently need to tap the screen in shaky conditions like bumpy subway cars or crazy taxi rides.

New Shapes Call for New Cases

When you’re dropping nearly a grand (or much more) on what’s essentially a supercomputer with more photo-features than a full-frame camera, it’s crucial to keep that investment protected. More screen area means more risk, making a case with superior drop-protection an absolute must. Our Rugged Case, combined with our tempered glass screen protector, keeps your iPhone 12 Max looking and working its best. Plus, you can safely and securely view those beautiful screens hands-free with the magnetic backing or RokLock mounting options all of our cases feature. Come check out our full lineup of iPhone 12 cases!

Jessica Petyo
Jessica Petyo


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