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Customer Testimonial: RokBed Takes Grand Slam

by Allie Decker October 16, 2013

Customer Testimonial: RokBed Takes Grand Slam

We like to think: we make tough products. The injection molding and intently designed chassis help protect smartphones on a daily basis. However, we can only toot our own horn so many times before people get suspicious. Naturally, we have positive things to say about our cases. After all, we spend our lives thinking, designing, and creating our products. It is a passion, a lust, a desire to be the best.

Thankfully, our hard work does pay off. Receiving positive feedback from our customers about experiences with Rokform products makes the sweat worth it. It helps us sit down at the end of a long day and feel like the work is fulfilled. This post relates a story from one of our satisfied customers.

Brian Stamp, whose name is changed for privacy, ensured he was in disbelief and instant satisfaction with his Samsung Galaxy S3 RokBed v3 case, even surprised he could be both at the same time. Brian purchased his case, along with the corresponding BikeMount and loved the combination for a full year. However, one haphazard move at his son’s baseball game further enhanced his perception of the case.

On a sunny summer California afternoon, Brian watched from the bleachers as his son played ball. He chose the top corner seat in the temporary bleachers for the best view of the field. Like all tall bleachers, a metal rail ran the length and down the corners of the bleachers for spectator safety…

Since [the bleacher] was made of metal, I considered the top of it to be a good, safe place to let my RokBed case magnet snap up against it to keep secure for the duration of the game. It worked fabulously!

As anyone knows, the bleacher railing is made of rounded metal tubing, which is not the best place for a magnet. Without a flat surface for the RokBed, just a slight tap moved the magnet around the curved surface and broke the bond.

Immediately, upon inadvertently dislodging my beloved GS3, I began to hold my breath — and I had a relatively long time to do so, given the phone’s 12-foot free fall — while nervously expecting to hear whatever sound of shatter that GS3’s make when crash landing on the blacktop. But my GS3 was completely protected!
To my amazement (I know… I really shouldn’t be amazed at how well the RokBed protects), I didn’t hear any shattering noises. Rather, I heard only a “clack/slap” noise, followed by a slight rattle. I looked down at the crash scene and saw my GS3 safely snug within the RokBed case… and in one piece!

Brian happily reported to us, his GS3 remained perfectly in-tact with no damage, even to the screen. A small dimple in the polycarbonate case is the only noticeable damage in the incident, which proves the case absorbed the shock during landing. Brian finished his correspondence praising Rokform, as he declared, “I couldn’t be happier with my case… thank you for offering such incredible products. Rokform has me hooked.”

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Allie Decker
Allie Decker


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