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Football season is here. Now your phone can sport your team’s colors, too!

by Ashley Schiermeyer September 05, 2012

Football season is here. Now your phone can sport your team’s colors, too!

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(Cue John Madden voice) Are you ready for some football? Even though NCAA season has already started, the NFL season is gearing up for kickoff tonight at 8:30 p.m. EDT! We couldn’t be more pumped to see the headlining matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants.

Think you’re the biggest football fan around? We challenge you to a duel! Do you abide by these rules when partaking in the football frenzy?

Suit up. You are what you wear. Be sure to buy your favorite player’s jersey before the start of the season. Granted, the garb may run a little pricey, so be sure to check out online dealers before purchasing to save some cash.

Tailgate, tailgate, tailgate! Nothing says “team spirit” more than attending a tailgating party prior to the big game. Grab a few of your fellow fans and head out to the stands. Don’t forget a cold beverage and that ready-to-go bottle opener.

Grab a Custom iPhone Case. Switch out that worn out iPhone case with a RokBed v3 Custom team case. RokForm has over 300 different team color combinations to choose from, so you’ll be sure to find one or more high-spirited cases to match the teams you love.

Know your fight song. Warm up those vocal cords, it’s time to belt out your team’s tune! If you really want to be part of the football crew, make sure to know your team’s fight song. And please, make sure to have it memorized. Nobody likes a fan poster.

If you still need more tips, HowCast gives a foolproof guide on “How to Be a Rabid Football Fan.” (Our favorite tip? Always disagree with the radio host. We do it all the time!)

How do you prep for the big game? Let us know in the comment section below!

Ashley Schiermeyer
Ashley Schiermeyer


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