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iPhone X Features Cyclists Will Love

by Krista A. November 09, 2017

iPhone X Features Cyclists Will Love

The Rokform team was excited to get our hands on some new iPhone X cases when they were released last week and we can’t get enough of the new features. While the iPhone X is already being touted as the phone of the future, there are plenty of cool new features that cyclists can enjoy right now. 


All-New Design that's dust and water resistant to keep up with your adventures

The all-new design features the most durable glass ever in an iPhone, both on the front and the back. Pair that splash, water, and dust resistance and you have an iPhone that can finally weather any storm with you, road or trail.

The iPhone X, like its latest predecessors (iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, and 8 Plus), has an IP67 resistance rating under IEC standard 60529. What does that mean in layman’s terms? The “6” is referring to the phone’s dust protection rating, where “6” means it is entirely dustproof. Great! The “7” is referring to the water resistance rating. This means that the phone can be fully submerged in water as deep as 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. While we don’t recommend testing this out (Apple’s warranty doesn’t cover water or dust damage), you can feel a lot better riding in inclement weather with your iPhone X.


Intuitive Gestures for quicker navigation

Most people with older iPhone models would agree—the home button’s location can be super awkward, especially when the phone isn’t in your hand. Apple took this into account when designing the iPhone X user experience—“Familiar gestures make navigation more natural and intuitive. Instead of pressing a button, a single swipe takes you home from anywhere.” This is great for cyclists who need quick access to GPS, apps, or phone calls while on a ride.


Face ID for easy, safe access

If Face ID doesn’t make you think the future is now, I don’t know what will. Facial Mapping uses a TrueDepth camera to create a depth map of your face. It projects and analyses more than 30,000 invisible dots to create the map and even uses machine learning to adapt to physical changes in your appearance over time. Early tests conducted by new iPhone users have shown that Face ID does work with a helmet on, too. So go on, grow that mustache for Movember. You’ll still be able to use your Face ID for easy, safe access while riding.


Improved Cameras to capture your impressive rides

bike mount for iphone x rokform

What’s an iPhone without an amazing camera? Well, the improved technology for the iPhone X camera really captures some stunning photos. The camera features a larger and faster 12MP sensor, new color filter, and deeper pixels. The front-facing camera is also upgraded with Portrait Mode, which helps create the perfect selfie by capturing sharp foregrounds and “artfully blurred” backgrounds. Both rear cameras also have optical image stabilization and fast sensor to get great photos even while you’re on the move. With an iPhone X, cyclists can take high quality pictures of their rides and themselves without having to lug around a DSLR. 

With a Rokform bike mount (pictured above), you can have your phone securely mounted to capture crisp video footage while you ride. 


OLED screen to show off your photos

If you capture a stunning photo but view it on a bad display screen, is it really a stunning photo? With the iPhone X’s 5.8 inch OLED Super Retina screen, the photos you share with friends will look as good as they should. The 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio promises accurate, deeper hues of colors and true blacks.


Compatible with Rokform bike mounts

iPhone X Bike Mount Rokform

If you’ve upgraded to the iPhone X and are ready to make the most out of it while road cycling or mountain biking, Rokform’s iPhone X bike mounts are available now. The mount easily replaces the top cap of your bike’s threadless steer tube or can be attached to your handlebar (separate mount). Rokform bike mounts for iPhone X come with the same RokLock mounting technology as our other bike mounts so if you already have the mount, you’ll just need to upgrade your case. iPhone X Rugged cases start at just 49.99 and include the Super Grip Vent Mount for easy mounting to your car vent when driving.


Krista A.
Krista A.


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