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Learn more about our Socket Series

by Krista A. March 27, 2018

Learn more about our Socket Series

A few months ago, we introduced the Socket Series—a slim case with a fresh take on Rokform’s classic magnet design. People were curious to learn how Socket stacks up, so we’ve created some videos to help you learn more about the Socket Series. 

Watch the videos below and, if you still have questions, contact our Customer Support team at 1.855.765.3676.

What’s included

Every Socket purchase includes a case, which is available in six different color options. Made with a tough polycarbonate shell, the Socket is one of our slimmest cases while still providing drop protection that meets Military Drop Test standards.

Two inserts come inside the box, one with our patent-pending magnetic mesh technology, and a second one for wireless charging. The inserts are accompanied by an instruction sheet, but we also include a quick video on how to switch out the inserts below. The Super Grip Vent Mount, one of Rokform’s magnetic car mounts, is included for easy navigation and hands-free use in the car.


How to mount your Socket case

The Socket Series is one of the slimmest cases in our updated lineup. It has been specially engineered for easy and secure mounting onto the Super Grip Vent Mount, which is included with the case. The magnet built into the Socket case easily grips onto the BAM Mount or Lil' Rok Mount, too. In the video below, we'll show you how the Socket and Vent Mount work together.


How to change the inserts

As we noted above, the Socket comes with two inserts—one made of magnetic mesh for easy use with any of our magnetic mounts (Super Grip Vent Mount is included with a Socket case purchase), and another insert that's perfect for use with wireless charging docks. Switching from one insert to the other takes just a few seconds, opening up tons of possibilities for your iPhone X. Check it out for yourself in the video below.


The Socket passes the speed bump test

Are you curious to see if the mesh magnet technology can hold up during bumps? Check out the speed bump test we did with the Socket case to see for yourself! Not only does the Socket pass the test with flying colors, it truly adapts to your needs by adjusting functioning in landscape or portrait mode.

Additional information

Socket Series is available for the iPhone X in 6 cool colors—Flo Yellow, Clear, Blue, Gun Metal, Black, Racing Red. You can purchase the Socket Case on for $39.99.

Do you own a Socket case? If so, we'd love to hear from you! Tell us if you're enjoying your new case in the comments below. :)

Krista A.
Krista A.


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