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2022 iPhone Rumor Roundup

by Krista A. June 08, 2022

2022 iPhone Rumor Roundup

Summer’s official start is still two weeks away, but we’re already thinking about Apple's keynote address in September. Hosted each September, Apple’s keynote event in Cupertino, California faithfully acts as the launching platform for the company’s latest iPhones. Until then, Apple fans and tech gurus can only speculate about what to expect from the new phones. We’ve been pouring over all of the rumors to share everything we know (and don’t know) about the new iPhones coming this fall.


Launch and release dates

We expect Apple to follow its usual schedule and launch the new iPhones in conjunction with their keynote. the first half of September 2021. While the date hasn’t been set just yet, it will probably be on a Tuesday, either September 6 or September 13. Last year’s event was held on Tuesday, September 14 which leads us to believe the more likely date of the 2022 keynote will be Tuesday, September 13.

As for release dates, we expect pre-order to begin a few days after the keynote with in-store availability beginning the following Friday. If the keynote is on September 13, we imagine availability to start Friday, September 23.


A mini change to the 2022 iPhone lineup

With sales for the 5.4-inch iPhone mini proven to be smaller than expected, rumor has it the iPhone mini will be dropped in the 2022 lineup, leaving the standard 6.1-inch smartphone and its Max big brother at 6.7 inches. That said, iPhone names will follow a similar pattern as years past, albeit dropping the mini and replacing it with the 2022 iPhone Max. The series will increase in number, going from 2021’s iPhone 13 to 2022’s iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 - 6.1 inches

iPhone 14 Pro - 6.1 inches

iPhone 14 Max - 6.7 inches

iPhone 14 Pro Max - 6.7 inches


iPhone 14 Prices

We’re reading different reports about the 2022 iPhone pricing. The discussion is split with about half of the writers predicting pricing to stay the same and the other half expecting prices of the larger Max iPhones to be increased by $100. Assuming the prices do not increase, we’ve included the starting prices for each model below. It’s important to note that prices will increase depending on storage space.

  • iPhone 14 - $799 and up

  • iPhone 14 Pro - $999 and up

  • iPhone 14 Max - $999 and up

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max - $1099 and up


Expect design changes on both 2022 iPhone Pro phones

Everything we’re seeing expects the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max to be quite similar to last year’s iPhone 13s. The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max may switch from a notch to a punch-hole camera alongside a pill-shaped cutout.

Some rumors believe the iPhone 14 sides will stick to flat edges but will have a materials change on the sides, which may be made out of titanium. 


Tech specs and battery life

In a blow to any iPhone fan thinking about getting the iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Max, only the iPhone 14 Pros are expected to include the new and powerful A16 chipset. The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will use the same chipset as 2021, the A15 Bionic chipset.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but the battery for all 2022 iPhones is expected to be larger, which means extended battery life across the board. As noted above, this also means that the iPhone models will be slightly heavier than models past.


Camera upgrades, maybe

Matching what we found above, some camera upgrades will only be seen if you purchase an iPhone Pro. Their front-facing photo cameras are expected to be improved - expect an upgraded lens with wider aperture and sharper autofocus capabilities.

According to some well-known Apple analysts, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max could get a big upgrade to 48MP main cameras, which would be an increase from the 12MP on current models 12MP. This would allow for 8K video recording capability, which would be a welcome upgrade for many.


The Lightning cable lives another lineup

While it’s true that we’ve mentioned the potential demise of the lightning cable (and the rise of the USB-C) in the past, most rumors expect the 2022 Apple iPhone lineup to be the final lineup to use the lightning cable.


New 2022 iPhones, New Rokform cases for iPhone 14

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Krista A.
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