Nerds Rejoice—it’s National Techie’s Day!

by Jessica Petyo October 03, 2012

Nerds Rejoice—it’s National Techie’s Day!

Techie [tek-ee] noun – A general occupational title for people involved in jobs like Information Technology (IT) or a person who displays an interest in technology and/or high-tech devices.

Today marks the highly anticipated national holiday – Techie’s Day! You know what that means, Gates: It’s time to dust off those double-framed glasses, pull out that protected-iPad and stream your favorite Star Wars movie. Not sure if you’re truly worthy of the “techie” title? Check out these top 10 signs, courtesy of

  1. You are addicted to some type of caffeinated product
  2. The most exercise you get is when you’re Geo-Caching
  3. You have a minimum of 3 email addresses
  4. You’ve replaced paper with the Google Search Bar
  5. Your pets have websites
  6. You have the ability to fix anything that is broken within 20 feet of you
  7. When you think of a cookie, it doesn’t involve food
  8. You haven’t personally met any of your friends
  9. You suffer from IWS (Internet Withdrawal Syndrome) when offline for more than 4 hours.
  10. Your girlfriend/boyfriend has nightmares of you running away with your PC

If you’ve found commonality with one or more of these points then congratulations, you’re a certifiable techie!

Now that your title if official, make sure you are protecting your most valuable assets – your electronics! Protect your techiey items with sturdy cases and tough screen protectors from Rokform.

How are you celebrating National Techie’s Day? Post a picture of your celebration on the Rokform Facebook page.

Jessica Petyo
Jessica Petyo


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