Rokform Announces the Custom Shop for iPhone 5

by Allie Decker August 05, 2013

Rokform Announces the Custom Shop for iPhone 5

After receiving excellent feedback for our previous Custom Shops, we are happy to offer customers the same unique shopping experience for the RokShield v3 for iPhone 5. The experience starts with our original RokShield v3, which is an injection molded high-impact polycarbonate frame.

Boasting six-sided protection, the RokShield even utilizes a removable, rubber outer bumper for extra aggressive bumps and bruises. It takes the beating, so your iPhone doesn’t receive the brutality of accidents. To make things safer, a thermoplastic elastomer non-slip grip is inserted into the back of the polycarbonate, preventing it from sliding off the dashboard, kitchen counter, or your workbench.

If you are looking to keep your iPhone in a specific location, the easy-stick Remote Mounting System provides a durable locking mechanism that clicks into place on a separate puck accessory. The puck can be placed anywhere a 3M adhesive strip will hold steadfast and help provide you the best viewing angle. In fact, the optional magnetic mounting kit adds that extra level of operability, safety, and ultimate convenience.

Okay, okay, what makes the Custom Shop so special? It provides you the ability to completely design your RokShield v3 experience to match your favorite color, sports team, motorcycle, outfit, or lifestyle. Each of the four pieces used to make the RokShield can be custom tailored to your color specifications. With up to 11 color choices, your selection is completely up to you.

There is nothing cooler than matching your iPhone case for the big game. Many other manufacturers that allow customization, do so in a cheap and unrefined way. However, Rokform prides itself on quality and attention to detail. Because of this dedication, the customization options do not devalue the overall product or change the materials we use for cases.

Each Rokform RokShield v3 Custom is not simply a case, but a complete hardware system to help protect your iPhone, offer convenient mountable options and provide a full line of accessories, tailored to your preferences. Love hopping to the pub for a drink with the guys? Check out the compatible v3 Rokmeister clip and bottle opener. If you are a road worrier, a v3 Suction Mount is the perfect companion. Maybe biking is your pleasure. The BikeMount is an excellent handlebar solution.

The point being, we have you covered, from the backwood trails to the golf course. The RokShield v3 Custom will be your tool for success and, thanks to our color pallet, can look even better. 

What’s your favorite color combination and how do you ROK your RokShield? Meet us in the comments below.

Allie Decker
Allie Decker


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