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Top Five Things to Know About the iPhone 7

by Ashley Schiermeyer March 22, 2016

Top Five Things to Know About the iPhone 7

After releasing the iPhone 6S in 2015, Apple fans can reasonably expect 2016 to be the year of the 7. As usual, the technology giant has kept details about the next generation phone close to the chest, but through the many blogs and Apple fan sites, we have a few good ideas about anticipated new features. Although the official announcement is still several months away, we have put together the most likely rumors regarding the iPhone 7 for you.

Say Goodbye to the Headphone Jack


According to 9to5Mac, the iPhone 7 will drop the headphone jack in favor of Bluetooth or Lightning headphones. Leaked photos of case prototypes show the phone featuring the usual Lightning port, with only speaker grilles on each side. In addition to dropping the headphone jack, this could potentially mean the phone will feature some sort of stereo sound output. Although this is a longstanding rumor, it appears as though it has been all but officially confirmed, and brings up several interesting questions. If headphones have to plug in through the Lightning port, Apple will need to include these new headphones with the phone. This could also mean exclusivity possibilities for Beats headphones, which was purchased by Apple in 2014. Other sources have claimed Apple will move to wireless headphones instead, but the majority consensus at this point in time seems to point towards Lightning headphones.

Dual-Lens Camera on the Horizon?


In January 2016, Apple submitted a patent application for a dual-lens camera design. According to the application, the iPhone 7 would retain a standard wide-angle lens like the current iPhone, as well as a second lens capable of capturing zoomed-in photos and videos. Both lenses would be able to be used simultaneously and separately, with software allowing for the images to be merged later. Although current iPhones allow for zoom, adding the second lens will have a longer focal length, allowing for less loss of detail when zooming in. CNET recently produced a video of what the concept might look like in practice. Speaking of the camera, most sources are indicating that the iPhone 7 will feature a camera that sits flush with the rear casing. Previous versions of the iPhone had a camera that protruded slightly.

More iPhones for Everyone


In 2013, Apple introduced a second version of the standard iPhone for the first time with the iPhone 5C, a lower cost version of the iPhone. A year later, the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus, a larger version of the standard iPhone, was introduced alongside the 4.7 inch iPhone 6. In March 2016, we can expect another version of the iPhone to be introduced with the iPhone SE. This phone will feature a slightly smaller 4-inch display, and be modeled as a second-generation iPhone 5S. Other than size, the SE isn’t expected to have much difference from Apple’s other offerings, with an expected entry-level price of around $400-500. Some sources have even rumored a gigantic 5.8-inch iPhone, although this may not hit the market until 2017.

Getting Rid of the Antenna Line and What Does It Mean


The previously mentioned flush camera will likely be accompanied by Apple hiding the antenna line on the back of the iPhone 7. These aesthetic changes to the back of the phone could be foreshadowing an even bigger change- a ceramic back to the iPhone 7. This could mean the iPhone 7 will be waterproof, a huge relief for pranksters everywhere, as pushing friends into pools will no longer be cruel and unusual.

When Will This Hit the Market?


As mentioned previously, we can expect the iPhone SE in March 2016. When the other models will be released is a bit less clear. Past iPhone announcements have typically occurred in the fall, and if that tradition holds true, we can expect the preview of the new software in June 2016 and the release of the iPhone 7 to be sometime in September or October 2016.

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Ashley Schiermeyer
Ashley Schiermeyer


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