10 Tips to Captivate Your Audience at Your Next Presentation

by Ashley Schiermeyer October 22, 2012

10 Tips to Captivate Your Audience at Your Next Presentation

Some people are natural born speakers and have no problem getting up before an audience of any size while others will do anything possible to avoid public speaking. Regardless of your love or hate with presentations, below are some simple tips to help nail that next sales call or presentation!

  • #1 – Own your entrance. Walk in with a smile, chin up, and with purpose and confidence.
  • #2 – Eye contact. Look directly at people, but no so long that it becomes awkward. Make sure to “move” your eye contact around the room as well.
  • #3 – Body language. Speak with your whole body and hands which will help draw more empathy. Avoid too many gestures, it will become distracting.
  • #4 – Variety & humor. Humor will help you connect with your audience and variety will make it more memorable. Don’t be afraid to reveal a little of your own personality, it will make you more authentic.
  • #5 – The buildup, pause and release. Create some drama in your presentation to keep your audience interested. Allow moments to verbally pause and give the audience time to let it soak in. Create times to ask for questions or experiences.
  • #6 – Bling. Don’t forget your stories, anecdotes and graphics to add some color into your presentation. Make sure your tools are professional looking and clean. Simple things like an iPad stand for presentations will help build your presence.
  • #7 – Practice. Practice. Practice.
  • #8 – Improvise. Keep your eyes open and look for cues when your audience becomes more engaged. Stay on that topic a little while longer if you’ve piqued an interest.
  • #9 – Connect the dots. You are the expert in your industry. If your presentation is not clear, then your audience will lose focus and become uninterested.
  • #10 – Know your audience! Take the time to do your research and know who you’re speaking to.

Ashley Schiermeyer
Ashley Schiermeyer


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