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iPhone 5 Rumors: Fact or Fiction?

by Ashley Schiermeyer August 23, 2012

iPhone 5 Rumors: Fact or Fiction?

The date for the iPhone 5 release has been announced! Well, sort of.

Tentatively mark your calendars (with pencil, please) for the unofficial release of the iPhone 5 on September 12, 2012. Hundreds of iPhone 5 rumor articles have surfaced that speculates what is to be included in the new “must-have” smart phone. So how do you sort through what’s fact and fiction?

Never fear, noble iPhone lovers! We’ve gathered the most discussed iPhone 5 rumors and break down the potential specs and functionality.

The actual name of the iPhone 5 is the iPhone. Rumors continue swirling around the name of the coveted device. Will it be the iPhone 5 or merely the iPhone? According to a CNET article, Apple has filed a complaint for ownership rights of the web address. Contradictory, much?

The iPhone 5 will have a 4-inch display screen and 16:9 aspect ratio. Other competitor’s smart phones now have larger display screens, and Apple will follow suit, according to the rumor mill. Multiple sources confirm that the new iPhone will have more space for application icons, meaning an even larger screen for playing your favorite games, shopping and watching movies!

The iPhone 5 will sport LTE Connectivity. It’s likely that Long-Term Evolution network (LTE) will be included in the next iPhone 5 as Apple has already released the high-speed network within their latest iPad. According to sources, LTE chips were supposed to be included in the iPhone 4S but they were simply too large. Today the chips are much smaller in size, hence the possibility of their inclusion within the new iPhone. Say hello to faster browsing with 4G!

The iPhone 5 will include crack-proof glass and shock mount. This is a great possibility for all the phone droppers. On November 15, 2011, Apple was granted a patent for crack-resistant glass, which should play nicely with the shock mount in between the body and glass of the iPhone foradded protection. When the device senses it’s falling, it sucks in the glass towards the body of the phone to protect it from internal damage. Granted, that still doesn’t mean the outside of the new iPhone doesn’t need some solid protection. Good thing there are durable cases from RokForm! (Wink)

RokForm will release an iPhone 5 case. Now this is a rumor we can preach as truth! RokForm has already leaked the case design for the iPhone 5 last month. Can you tell we’re eager?

Make sure to check our Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and updates on our iPhone 5 case!

Have you heard of any other iPhone 5 rumors? Let us know in the comment section below!

Ashley Schiermeyer
Ashley Schiermeyer


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